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КСП " Who is the tallest? " 6th form

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The theme of the lesson: Who is taller?

The aims of the lesson: Pupils know more adjectives, know how to compare adjectives.

Expected results: Writing a word about degree of adjectives. Find mistakes and correct them. Complete the words using adjectives. They can use adjectives with describing people.

Aids: interactive board, posters, cards

The procedure of the lesson

Stages of the lesson

Teacher’s activity

Children’s activity

I. The beginning of the lesson

Good afternoon, pupils! Glad to see you again, dear pupils! How are you?

Nice day, isn’t it?

Dividing into 2 groups. Division into 2 groups named Comparative and Superlative Forms of Adjectives with the help of the words Comparative and Superlative

 Good morning, teacher!

 I’m OK!



II. Warm up









II. New theme: The adjective and degrees comparison





III. Work in pairs

 Talk to your partner. Describe the girls.

Carol 1m 70cm

Asel 1m 65cm

Jennifer 1m 75cm

IV. The Break

V. Match an adjective in A with its opposite in B

Put these words in the correct column Ok, well very bad 

Today we’ll do more exercises according to our theme. We’ll do some tasks on the board.


Today you will learn about the degrees of comparison of Adjectives. Adjective is a part of speech.
a) Omar is tall.
Victor is taller than Omar.
Dmitry is the tallest

Listen and repeat to after me.

Fast – faster – the fastest Clean – cleaner – the cleanest Big – bigger - the biggest Low – lower – the lowest Quiet – quieter – the quietest High – higher – the highest

Stand up Hands up Hands down Sit down!

Fine All right Bad

Well Ok very bad







Carol is tall.

Asel is taller than Carol

Jennifer is the tallest.

Asel is shorter than Jennifer.

Jennifer is shorter than Carol

Carol is the shortest.










1. Fast - slow
2. Small - big
3. Clean - dirty
4. Safe –dangerous
5. Low - high
6. Tall – short
7. Quite – noisy
8. expensive – cheap

VI. The end of the lesson

Home task


Complete the chart

What have we spoken about?


Thank you for your work. Good bye.



We spoke about the degrees of comparison of Adjectives.

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