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  • Иностранные языки

КВН: Английский и Американский образ жизни


Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку в 10х классах

КВН: Английский и Американский образ жизни

Масловская В.И.

ГУО “Гимназия № 2 г. Бреста”

Практические цели: Повышение мотивации учащихся в изучении английского языка, совершенствование лексических навыков по данной теме, углубление знаний учащихся по теме, развитие и совершенствование умений монологической диалогической речи с выходом на полилог, развитие умений применять свои знания в нестандартной ситуации и умений пользоваться аутентичными материалами.

Развивающие цели: Развитие навыков и умений анализировать, сравнивать, абстрагировать полученную информацию, развитие быстроты речевой реакции в новой языковой ситуации, развитие и совершенствование долговременной памяти учащихся.

Образовательные цели: Дальнейшее изучение культуры, традиций, истории и географии стран изучаемого языка.

Воспитательные цели: Воспитывать у учащихся уважение к культуре и традициям стран изучаемого языка, воспитывать чувства патриотизма и интернационализма, учить умению сотрудничества и взаимопомощи, учить уважать мнение друг друга.

Ведущий 1: Today we are here to have a quiz: The British and American way of life. So we are going to start just now.

Ведущий 2: We have 2 teams: one is called The British People? The other is the American People. Let me introduce them


The captain of the British team is………

The captain of the American team is………..

Ведущий 1: The first contest will be the presentation of your teams. Oh? I’ve completely forgotten to introduce our respectable judges.

They are the students of the 11th Form:


And I’d also like to mention the fact that every contest will be evaluated in a different way. It means that the highest mark will vary.

Ведущий 2. So the first contest is evaluated like that – the highest mark is 8 points. Please. British People you are welcome.

(Представление британской команды)

Ведущий 1. And now, American people, it’s your turn to present your team.

(Представление американской команды)

I’d like to ask the judges: Are you ready to give marks to the teams?

Ведущий 2 Let’s continue our quiz. Our second contest is Warming-up. The highest mark for this contest is 10 points.

So we start.

The questions to the British People

1 One American President once said: “Business in America is business”. What would David Cameron say about his country.

2 The great English playwright W. Shakespeare once said: “World is Theatre, people are actors ”. What would the famous American humourist Mark Twain say in his place.

3 Characterise a typical Englishman using different parts of speech.

4 One of the famous English characters Prince Hamlet asked “To be or not to be?” Imagine what would Americans answer to this question.

The questions to the American People

  1. Name as many characteristic features of American as possible. You can use different parts of speech and even phrases and sentences.

  2. The USA is called “a melting pot”. How can you call Great Britain? You can use such words as saucepan, pan, jar, plate, cup, glass and so on.

  3. The Constitution of the USA begins like that “We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect nation… If the British People had the Constitution how would it begin?

  4. The 27th President of the USA William Taft weighed more than 135 kg. What was made in the White House especially for him? (The judges give the marks to the teams)

Ведущий 1 Now I want to explain the next contest. It’s advertising. The teams are to make advertisement of some products of their countries. Everybody knows that Hollywood films are famous all over the world. And what concerns Britain it is the mother land of football. The task is to advertise some objects which can be useful for Hollywood or football players. It may be anything for e.g. washing powder, cream, shampoo, toothpaste. You can draw these things.

Ведущий 2 I’d like to add that the teams will be doing this while we are having the captains’ fight. The highest mark is 5 points

The captains’ fight

Ведущий 2 To the American team:

1) When did Elizabeth II become Queen (1952)?

To the British team:

2) When was Abraham Lincoln killed (in 1824, in 1865, in 1870)

To the American team:

3) When was the last successful invasion of Britain? (1066)

To the Britain team:

4) When was the Declaration of Independence admitted? (in 1776 on the 4th of July)

To the American team:

5) In which sport did Britain win the Olympic Games gold medal in 1966 (football)

To the British team:

6) Which 19th century American writer is said to be the founder of detective genre (Edgar A. Poe)

To the American team:

7) What is the Grand National (A world famous horserace)

To the British team:

8) Which American President attended the Potsdam Conference (Hary Trueman)

To the American team:

9) Which British scientist won a Noble Prize for the discovery of penicillin? (A. Fleming)

To the British team:

10) Which American President was the first to live in the White House (John Adams)

Ведущий 1

Thank you, captains. The judges, please, are you ready to evaluate this fight? And, teams, please, get ready to present your ads. The British team will be the first. (Выступление британской команды)

Ведущий 2 The American team, you are welcome now. I’d like to remind you that this contest is not evaluated. But the judges will take into consideration your performance if it is necessary.

Ведущий 1 Now I suggest having another contest. A piece of drama. You will get these envelopes with the tasks. You are to prepare mini-plays out of mixed sentences. The British team your piece is called “At the Bus Stop” The American team will show “One American Family” The highest mark for this contest is 10. And one more remark-you should dramatize your play.

At the Bus Stop

Students 1 When will this school bus come? God knows what the rules of those people are! It’s high time to take us to school!

Students 2 Not school, gymnasium № 2. And we have been waiting here for about 20 minutes already. No bus. And there are crowds of people at the stop on the other side of the road.

Students 1 We can be late for our classes! What punishment can we get? Do you know?

Belorussian students 1 What are you doing here, my friends? It’s time to be at the lessons.

Students 2 We are waiting for the school bus. But we can’t see it anywhere!

Belorussian students 1 School bus? But we don’t have any!

Student 1 How do you get to school then? On foot?

Belorussian student 1 By public transport. Or perhaps if you have money, you can take a route taxi number 18 or 19. It’s faster.

Student 2 Oh, oh. We are really late. Taxi! Taxi! Stop! Stop!

Belorussian Student 2 (appears). What are you doing here, you stupid creatures! Don’t you remember that in Great Britain they drive on the left?!

One American Family.

Mother. My dearest. I wonna tell you some pleasant news. You know I have a friend in Belarus. So her son is coming to visit us next week

Son How wonderful! But where is Belarus? Is it in Africa or in Asia or where?

Father Don’t show your ignorance, sonny. You study geography and you don’t know! How awful!

Son Papa, we don’t study geography this year. We learn history. Mom, who at last will tell me where Belarus is?!

Mother I’m not quite sure, but it seems to me, it’s near Russia.

Daughter Oh, I see. We learned something about it. Wild people live there and bears walk in the streets.

Father Never heard about it, children. Last fall I was in Moscow but didn’t see any bears there and people were hospitable and Kind.

Daughter What is interesting for me – Do they have black people there? Is their president black or white?

Mother I’m sure he is not as black as our president. And there in Belarus white people live.

Son What our guest’s name? Is he a student or what?

Father This is the fact you should begin with.

Ведущий 1 The respected judges please, show us the marks.

Ведущий 2 And now our last contest The Speech Battle. Each team asks questions in turn. These are the questions.

The British Team → The American Team

  1. How much money did the Channel Tunnel cost to build? (About 10 mld. dollars)

  2. Which country in Britain has the lowest population density? (Scotland)

  3. Name three international organizations to which Britain belongs. (The Commonwealth, European Union, United Nations)

  4. Which fortification in Britain dates from the Roman era and is listed in the World Heritage List? (Hadriad’s Wall in the North of England)

  5. What is the most popular leisure time in Britain? (Watching TV)

  6. Name three things the British people like (football, horses, dogs)

  7. Who is the British Prime Minister now? (David Cameron)

The American Team → The British Team.

1. Give the names of the three ships on which Christopher Columbus made his first voyage to America? (Ninja, Pinta, Santa Maria)

2. Name the two political parties in the US and say which animal symbolizes each party. (Democrats – donkey, Republicans - elephant )

3. Name the smallest American State (Rhode Island)

4. Who was the youngest elected president in the history of the US (John F. Kennedy)

5. Which major city in the state of Florida has the same name as a Russian city (St. Petersburg )

6. Give the name of the most famous American chess player of our time (Bobby Fisher)

7. Which American state was the last to acquire “state” status? (Hawail)

Ведущий 1 So it’s time our respected judges give the marks for the last contest.

Ведущий 2 And now let’s sum up everything and name the winner.

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