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КВН на английском языке (5 класс)

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К В Н (5 КЛ.)

  1. Представление команд. ( 6 человек). Название, эмблема, девиз

( 3 балла)

  1. Конкурс капитанов «Знакомство»

Капитаны задают друг другу вопросы

( 3 вопроса + 3 ответа = 3 балла)


What is your hobby?

Do you like to play computer games?

Who is your favourite football player?

What is your favourite season?

Why do you like to learn English?

Have you got many toys?

Is your family big? и т.д.

  1. «Составь слово»

Слова разрезаны пополам и розданы участникам.

(5 слов = 5 баллов)

black board friend ship

copy book pencil box

table spoon Teddy bear

home work book shelf

class room arm chair

4. Эстафета: «Кто быстрее напишет алфавит?»

(1 балл за скорость + 5 за правильность)

5. Конкурс «Будь внимательным!»

Ответить на вопросы по прослушанным текстам.

( 2 ответа = 2 балла)

  1. Today is Sunday. Father goes to the library. Mother goes to the shop.

Mary goes to her friend. Peter goes to the park. And Kate goes to the cinema.

Where does Mary go?

  1. The family is at home. Father is at the table. John is playing on the sports ground. Mother is sitting on the sofa and reading a book. Kate is standing

at the window.

Where is John?

  1. This is a classroom. The teacher is sitting on the chair. Kate is reading a

book. Nick is writing an exercise. Pete is standing at the blackboard. And

Mary is translating the text.

What is Nick doing?

  1. There are many things on the table. The pencil is blue. The exercise-book

is yellow. The pen is red. The ruler is orange. The pencil – box is green.

What colour is the pen?

6. Конкурс «Побеждает последний»:

Команда, которая скажет последнее слово, получит один балл.

( 2 ответа = 2 балла)

Ведущий: 1 This is Pete. He is counting. How is he counting?

Ответ: He is counting quickly, correctly, loudly, fast, well, badly,

slowly, excellently, quietly.

2. This is Ann. She is writing. How is she writing?

( cleanly, correctly, English, Russian, badly, well, nicely, fast,

slowly, dirtily, excellently)

3. This is Mary. She is speaking. How is she speaking?

( quickly, well, English, Russian, badly, slowly, fluently,

loudly, silently, correctly, nicely)

4. This is Nick. He is drawing. How is he drawing?

(well, badly, quickly, slowly, excellently, beautifully, nicely)

  1. Найди и назови числа. На доске 2 больших листа, разделенных на квадраты, в которых вразброс написаны числа от 1 до 20.

( 1 балл за скорость + 2 балла за правильность)





















  1. Конкурс болельщиков. «Ловкий теннисист»

По 3 болельщика получают ракетку и теннисный шарик ( считают по – английски).

Каждые 10 ударов = 1 баллу.

  1. Домашнее задание. Сценка по произведениям английских или американских писателей или по сказкам.

( 5 – 10 баллов)

  1. Подведение итогов конкурса болельщиков. На доске - зашифрованное слово или предложение.

(за 1 слово – 1 балл, за предложение – 3 балла)

  1. Конкурс капитанов. Нарисовать на доске с закрытыми глазами

эмблему своей команды и написать название.

( 1 – 2 балла)

  1. Конкурс «Угадай». Участники по очереди задают вопрос, пытаясь

угадать, что изображено на рисунке (подсказка - тема )

( 1 ответ = 1 балл)

Is it an apple? - No, it isn’t.

Is it a pear? - Yes, it is.

Жюри подводит итоги, вручает призы и подарки.

Сценка “The Turnip” 3 кл.


The Turnip The Dog

Grandfather The Cat

Grandmother The Mouse


(Grandfather sees a big turnip)

Grandfather: Oh, what a big turnip we have in our kitchen – garden. I want to

pull it out. (pulls the turnip) One, two, three. It is too big for me!

Granny, come here! Help me, please!

Grandmother: All right, Grandfather. I’m coming.

Grandfather and Grandmother (pulling together) One, two, three. One, two, three.

(no result) Oh, it’s too big for us.

Grandmother: Granddaughter, granddaughter, help us, please!

Granddaughter: All right, Granny. I’m coming.

Grandfather, Grandmother, Granddaughter (pulling together) One, two, three.

One, two, three. One, two, three. (No result) Oh, it’s too big

for us!

Granddaughter: Dog, Dog, help us, please!

The Dog : All right, Granddaughter. I’m coming.

Together: (pulling) One, two, three. (3 times.) Oh, it’s too big for us!

The Dog: Cat, Cat, help us, please!

The Cat: All right, Dog. I’m coming.

Together: (pulling) One, two, three. – 3 times. (No result) Oh, it’s too big

for us!

The Cat: Mouse, Mouse, come here! Help us, please!

The Mouse: All right , Cat. I’m coming.

Together: One, two, three. – 3 times. (fall down)

The Turnip: (standing up) Here I am!

All together: Oh, what a big turnip we have!


5. Песня. ”How are you?”

How are you? I’m well!

How are you? I’m fine!

How are you, I’m OK!

My dear friend? I am all right!

Let us sing and

Let us dance!

Let us run and play!

Let’s turn around

And touch the ground!

Let’s have fun all the day!

How are you? We are well!

How are you? We are fine!

How are you, We are OK!

My dear friends? We are all right!

  1. Песня “What do you like to do?”

I like to sing songs. We like to sing songs.

I like to read. We like to read.

I like to play games. We like to play games.

I like to eat. We like to eat.

I like to count. We like to count.

I like to run. We like to run.

And turn around. And turn around.

Oh, this is fun! Oh, this is fun!

Сценка “ The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

Characters: Tom Sawyer boys (Billy, Johnny)

Aunt Polly the Author. Ben Rogers

Author: Mark Twain. “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

A small town called Saint Petersburg on the Mississippi River.

Tom Sawyer and his younger brother Sid went to live in the house

of their Aunt Polly when their mother died. Aunt Polly was a kind

woman and loved the boys very much.

Scene 1. A room (a table, a bed and a cupboard).

Aunt Polly: Tom!...Tom!...Where can that boy be? Tom! (a pause)

If I catch you, Tom, I’ll…(looks under the bed, takes the mop, but

there is only a cat. She opens the door, looks out). Tom!

(Tom is near the cupboard. He has a stick in his hand and is getting jam out of the


Aunt Polly What? At the cupboard again?

Tom: No, Aunt Polly.

Aunt Polly: No? Look at your mouth. Look at your hands. What is that on them?

Tom: I don’t know, Aunt.

Aunt Polly: But I know. It’s jam. I have told you so many times not to take jam

in the cupboard. Give me that stick.

Tom: (gives the stick to his Aunt, she wants to strike him)

Look behind you, Aunt! (runs away)

Aunt Polly: What a boy!

Scene 2. Saturday. A beautiful warm morning. A long fence,

a bucket of whitewash, a brush, a box)

Aunt Polly: It’s Saturday today – a holiday. But no holiday for you, my boy.

You will work.

Tom: How terrible life is! (begins to work, then sits down on the box )

The boys will come soon. They will laugh at me.

(takes toys, little stones, pieces of glass out of his pockets)

I have very little to pay the boys if I ask them to help me.

Ben Rogers: (comes up, eating an apple). Tom, what are you doing?

(Tom does not stop working) Hello, Tom! Why are you working today?

Tom: Oh, it’s you, Ben! I didn’t see you.

Ben: I am going to the river, don’t you want to go too? But you must work, I see.

Tom: Work? You think this is work?

Ben: Why isn’t this work?

Tom: You may think so, but Tom Sawyer likes it.

Ben: You say you like it , Tom?

Tom: Why not? Does a boy whitewash a fence every day?

Ben: (stops eating) Tom, let me whitewash a little.

Tom: Oh, no, Ben. Aunt Polly asked me to do it very well.

Ben: Oh, please, Tom, let me do it. I’ll give you my apple.

( Tom gives Ben the brush, sits down on the box and eats the apple..

Some boys come up, help Tom and give him a knife, a dead cat etc.

He looks at his riches.)

Tom: After all, life isn’t so terrible.

The end.

К В Н.

  1. Представление команд (6 человек. Название, эмблема, девиз)

  1. Конкурс капитанов «Знакомство». (Задать по 3 вопроса и ответить):

Where are you from? – I am from the Crimea, Ukraine.

What is your hobby? – My hobby is … (sports, music, dancing)

Who is your favourite sportsman (singer, dancer)? – N is my favourite sportsman.

Do you like active games? – Yes, I do. I like them very much.

What is your favourite season? – I like spring best of all.

What is your favourite colour? – I like pink.

What is your favourite animal? – I like dogs very much.

Why do you like to learn English? – Because it is interesting (to speak a foreign language.

What countries would you like to visit? – I’d like to visit England and France.

  1. Эстафета «Кто быстрее напишет алфавит»

  1. Конкурс «Побеждает последний»

How is he writing (speaking, counting, reading…)

quickly – быстро Russian - по-русски dirtily - грязно

fast - быстро English - по-английски beautifully - красиво

slowly - медленно correctly - правильно silently - тихо

badly - плохо wrong - неправильно fluently - быстро

well - хорошо excellently - отлично quietly - тихо

loudly - громко neatly - аккуратно nicely - красиво

  1. « Найди и назови число» и «Ловкий теннисист» (для болельщиков ,

10 ударов = 1 балл своей команде)

6. Конкурс «Угадай»

Is it a pen? - No, it isn’t.

Is it a pencil – box? – Yes, it is…..

7. Сценка . Jerome K. Jerome.

Three Men in a Boat.





The Author.

Author: Three men, Jerome, George and Harris , decided to go on a trip down

the Thames in a boat.

(комната со столом, стульями, на столе – карта)

George: Gentlemen, look at the map, please. This is London. This is the Thames. We shall go there, down the Thames.

Harris: Let’s start on Saturday.

George: Yes, great! We must pack now.

Harris: This is the bag for clothes.

George And two baskets for food and dishes.

Harris: Oh, this is a big job. Let us have a rest. (сели на стулья, посередине -

чемодан и корзины).

Jerome: I can pack everything myself. I am proud of my packing. I know more

about packing than any other man in the world.

George and Harris: Yes, please.

( Джером укладывает все, кроме ботинок)

Harris: Aren’t you going to put the boots in?

Jerome: Oh, sorry. (вытряхивает все из чемодана и складывает снова)

Where is my tooth-brush? Did I put it in? I always forget to put my

tooth-brush in.

Harris: It is like you. Stop it. I’ll pack the food.

George: This is a pie, meat, butter, tomatoes…(кладет масло на стул, Гаррис садится на него).

Harris: A pie, meat, butter….Where is the butter? (все ищут масло)

George: Here it is . Look!

Harris: Packing is such a difficult thing!

The end.

День Европы.

Каждый класс представляет одну из стран Европы: Францию,

Англию, Польшу, Италию, Испанию, Германию, Венгрию, Румынию….

Условия конкурса: 1). Представление страны (карта, герб, основные

сведения, достопримечательности страны)

  1. Национальный костюм (описание)

  2. Национальное блюдо (рецепт).

  3. Номер художественной самодеятельности (стихотворение, песня или танец)

  4. Стенгазета.


Действующие лица :

Goldilocks Big Bad Wolf

3 поросенка : Singer Children: Dan

Dancer Ann


Goldilocks: Hello! My name is Goldilocks. Everybody calls me Goldilocks

because I’ve got golden hair. How are you? I’m well. I’m OK.

(песня “ How are you?”)

How are you? I’m well! Let us sing and Let’s turn around

How are you? I’m fine! Let us dance! And touch the ground!

How are you, I’m O.K! Let us run and play! Let’s have fun all the day!

My dear friend? I’m all right!

Singer : Hello! I’m a little pig. My name is Singer. I like to sing songs.

Dancer: Hi! I’m a little pig. My name is Dancer. I like to dance.

Jumper: Hi! I’m a little pig. My name is Jumper. I like to jump.

Singer : Do you like to sing songs ?

Dancer: Do you like to dance?

Jumper: Do you like to jump?

Together: What do you like to do?

(песня “What do you like to do?” )

I like to sing songs, We like to sing songs,

I like to read. We like to read.

I like to play games. We like to play games.

I like to eat. We like to eat.

I like to count. We like to count.

I like to run. We like to run.

And turn around. And turn around.

Oh, this is fun! Oh, this is fun!

Dan: Hello! My name is Dan. I’m from England. I speak English.

Ann: Hi! My name is Ann. I’m from America. I speak English too.

Dan: Hey! Little pig! Are you Singer?

Dancer: No, I’m not. I’m Dancer.

Ann: Are you Singer?

Jumper: No, I’m not. I’m Jumper.

Dan: Which is Singer? Which is Dancer? Which is Jumper? I don’t know.

Goldilocks: Oh, I see! Singer has a yellow suit on. Jumper has a violet suit on.

Dancer has a blue suit on.

1 and 2, 2 and 3,

Come and sing with me! (dance, jump)

Sing, sing with me!

3 and 2, 2 and 1

Hey, hey! This is fun!

Say! This is fun!

Wolf: Hi! I’m Big Bad Wolf. I don’t like to play. I like little pigs.

Dan: Run away, little pigs! Hide in your houses!

Ann: The Big Bad Wolf is coming. Quick!

Goldilocks: Go away, Big Bad Wolf and never come back again!

Wolf: Oh, I must go away! I am sad.

Pigs: And we are glad. We are happy!

песня “Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

The Big Bad Wolf? The Big Bad Wolf?

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Tra – la – la – la – la !

Goldilocks: Children, look! Winter has come! Everything is white. It’s beautiful!

(песня “Merry Holiday”)

Merry holiday! Merry holiday! Happy New Year!

Merry holiday! Merry holiday! Happy New Year!

Let’s all laugh and play games and sing!

Let’s all jump and dance in a ring!

Merry holiday! Merry holiday! Happy New Year!

Merry holiday! Merry holiday! Happy New Year!

( песня “We wish you a Merry Christmas”)

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

And a Happy New Year!

Good tidings to you

Wherever you are.

Good tidings for Christmas

And a Happy New Year!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

And a Happy New Year!

Together: Merry Christmas! A Happy New Year!

Фрагмент урока по теме : «Экология» в 11 классе.

Тема: “The Ecological Problems of Our Region”.

Цели урока: контроль навыка аудирования и говорения по теме.

Оснащение урока: фильм по экологии г.Симферополя с песней М.Джексона.

Высказывания известных людей по теме.

План урока:

1). Вступление. Сообщение темы и плана работы.

The theme of our lesson today is … .

Literally, the word “ecology” means “ a study of home”. We are going to speak about the ecology of the Crimea and Simferopol. But first we shall watch a short

film and listen to the song of M. Jackson. You’ll get the words of this song.

Look them through, first.

2). Просмотр фрагмента фильма и работа с текстом песни с пропущенными словами. Проверка - чтение.

3). Обсуждение темы.

I think everything you have just seen is familiar to you but when you see it on the screen it shocks you. Am I right? What’s your opinion? What must we do to save the Crimea for the next generations?

(каждый выступающий делает вывод и записывает его на доске)

We should: I We shouldn’t:

- grow green products, use plastic bags,

- use our cars less or buy cars… burn down trees

4). Подведение итогов.

Mother Planet is showing us the red warning light – “be careful” - she is saying. To take care of the planet is to take care of our own house”.

The Dalai Lama.

(зачитать выводы на доске) I hope that our words will become our deeds. We are a part of environment and everyone must take care of its protection.

Примерные образцы высказываний учащихся:

1). At the beginning of the film we can see many people coming to Simferopol. They want to improve their health and to have a good rest. Our task is to make their rest safe and comfortable. First of all we must feed them.

Considering the expected increase in population, scientists are looking for new ways to feed people. GM crops sound like a great idea. They don’t get diseases. They produce strong plants. They are cheap too. But nobody knows the consequences. Some scientists say they can encourage cancer. So people are nervous. I think we should grow green products. They are produced naturally without the use of chemicals that have a bad effect on the environment and are harmful to humans.

2) I “ve paid attention to many cars in the film. I think the biggest pollution today is from cars. Exhaust fumes make people feel ill. This problem is especially bad in cities. The number of cars is increasing every year. To improve the situation we should use our cars less or buy cars that do not use as much fuel.

3). I think people should use environmentally friendly forms of transport. Busses and trains carry large numbers of people while cars often carry only one person. If people used public transport, pollution could be reduced. Cycling is also a much healthier alternative to driving a car.

4). It is clear that not only the nature is influenced by the changes of the modern world , but people’s health as well. Smoking chimneys, burning forests are putting tons of rubbish into the air and we breathe it in. So the air in large cities is very much polluted. Holes appear in the ozone layer and the sun becomes an enemy rather than a friend because it can cause different diseases like skin cancer. I think people should stop producing greenhouse gases and use alternative sources of energy.

5). People nowadays are concerned about the energy they use to light and heat homes. Burning fossil fuels to produce energy causes a lot of pollution. But there are renewable sources of energy such as sun, wind, water and even sea waves that would help preserve our region. Besides, they are much cleaner. People should also reduce the amount of energy they use. A lot of electricity is wasted on lights, televisions when they are not used. There are several ways that you can use less power in your home. First of all, if you are cold, you can put on a sweater instead of turning up the heating. If you are hot, you can turn down the heating but not open the window. You should switch off the TV when you are not watching it. You can also buy low - energy light bulbs.

6). I’d like to say that climate change is one of the biggest problems facing the world today. The Earth is kept warm by greenhouse gases. Without these the world would be extremely cold. But man’s activities have produced extra greenhouse gases which have increased temperatures. This means that there could be more rain and hot days in one part of the world and less rain in another. We can see such a rainfall in the film. A warmer world will be an unhealthier place because bacteria die in the cold weather. Heat waves can cause more deaths from heart attacks. Dry summers can also destroy crops that need much water. So, we should stop effecting the climate producing extra greenhouse gases.

7). I’d like to say that the trees are being cut down. Any tree cut down is a loss for all of us. People can help by recycling. It’s a great way to reduce waste. Almost everything is being recycled today: aluminum cans, glass bottles, newspapers. Everybody knows that we shouldn’t use plastic bags, but bags made of organic cotton. We have just seen hills of plastic bags in the film.

A lot of what we throw away is still useful. It’s possible to recycle 80% of domestic rubbish. Recycling saves trees, energy, money, cuts pollution.

Фрагмент урока по теме « Евро - 2012» в 6 классе.

Тема урока: «Евро - 2012».

Цели урока: развитие навыков говорения по теме,

использование структур Future Simple в речи.

Оснащение урока: презентация о подготовке к «Евро - 2012» (подготовлена

учениками этого класса),

песня о футболе, бумага и фломастеры для рисования.

План урока:

1). Прослушивание фрагмента песни о футболе и обсуждение темы урока.

-What are we going to speak about? What are your ideas?

-We are going to speak about sports (football, famous football players, our favourite sports, about “Euro – 2012”)

- Yes, you are right. The theme of our lesson is …

2). Аудирование рассказов учащихся о городах, где будет проходить «Евро – 2012» с просмотром презентации.

Now I invite you to the cities where “Euro – 2012” will take place.

3). Обсуждение темы с использованием будущего времени (обратить внимание на таблицу)

- As for me, I’m not a fan of football. But I shall watch the final matches of the championship and support the Ukrainian team.

- What about you? Will you watch football on TV? Why?

-N. is absent today. Do you think he (she) will watch it?

- Will most of the boys (girls) of your form watch football or not? Why?

4). Конкурс на лучшую эмблему.

I see you are football fans. I want you to take part in the competition “The best emblem of our national football team”. Let’s make 2 teams. Your task is to draw and describe your emblem.

5).Защита своей эмблемы.

6). Итог урока.

Примерные сообщения учащихся:

1).We know that Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine, but it is also the city where “Euro – 2012” will take place. Kyiv is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe. It is more than fifteen hundred years old. That’s why it is rich in numerous historical monuments and old buildings. In the centre of the city there is St. Sofia’s Cathedral. Other places of interest in Kyiv are the Golden Gates, St. Andrew’s Church, Bogdan Khmelnitsky Square. I think that many visitors of Kyiv will like to see them. I am sure that foreign tourists will go along Kreshchatik, it is one of the most beautiful streets in our country.

2). Kyiv is also the centre of Ukrainian culture and sports. There are a lot of museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas and stadiums there. The famous football club “Kyiv Dynamo” was established in 1927. Many football players of this team are known all over the world. One of them is Andrei Shevchenko. Lots of boys all over Ukraine want to be like A. Shevchenko. Our national football team will live near Kyiv. I’d like to go to Kyiv and to watch their matches with my own eyes.

3). Lvov is a big and beautiful city in the western part of Ukraine. It is very old too. It was founded in the twelfth century. The famous Prince Danila founded the town and named it after his son Leo. Lvov is the cultural and scientific center of our country. There is a museum where the first book was printed in 1574. Near it there is a monument to the first printer Ivan Fyodorov.

4). In Lvov there is one more very interesting museum - an old pharmacy. There you can see old bottles with medicines, old pictures. The center of Lvov is very beautiful with old houses, monuments, churches and narrow streets. The old town centre is one of the best in Europe. I have not been to Lvov, but I’d like to see it very much.

5). Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine after Kyiv. More than a million people live there. Its streets and squares are green with trees and flowers. Sumskaya Street is very long, it is the main street in Kharkov. For 16 years Kharkov was Ukraine’s capital. It helped the city to become a large cultural centre.

6). Kharkov is not very old. It is about 350 years old. There are a lot of beautiful buildings, big shops, museums, cinemas, theatres, hotels, stadiums in the city. In the streets you can see many cars, buses, trams and taxis. There is also an underground in Kharkov too. It is very quick. I think many tourists will use it during the football championship. I hope they will like the city too.

Earth Song.

What about _____________

What about _____________

What about all the things

That you said you were to gain. What about killing ___________________

Is there a time

What about all the things

That you said was yours and mine…

Did you ever stop to notice

All the blood we’ve shed before

Did you ever stop to notice

The crying ___________ the weeping shores?

Hey, what about yesterday

(what about us)

What about the _____________

(What about us)

The _______________ are falling down

(what about us)

I can’t even __________________

(what about us)

What about the bleeding _________________

(what about us)

Can’t we feel its wounds

(What about us)

What about _______________ worth

(ooo, ooo)

It’s our ________________ womb

(what about us)

What about _____________

(what about it)

We’ve turned kingdoms to dust

(What about us)

What about _______________

(what about us)

Have we lost their trust

(what about us)

What about crying _____________

(What about us)

We’re ravaging the _____________

(what about us)

What about _____________ trails

(ooo, ooo)

Someone tell me ____________

What about babies

What about the ______________

What about all their joy

What about the man

What about the crying __________

What about Abraham

What about death ______________

Do we give a damn?

Краткое описание документа:

  КВН на английском языке разработан для учащихся 5 класса, но может быть взят за основу и в других классах, если изменить его лексическое наполнение.

  Разнообразные задания, рассчитанные на  разный уровень подготовки учащихся, вызывают интерес у детей.

  Желание выступить лучше подводит их к пополнению словарного запаса безо всякого принуждения со стороны учителя.

  Участие болельщиков делает их не просто зрителями, они приносят баллы своей команде.

  Ученики старших классов приглашаются в жюри. Особенно это актуально, если в школе один учитель иностранного языка.

  Очень интересно показать небольшие сценки в качестве домашнего задания.

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