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"Leader in English" 8 сыныптарға арналған сыныптан тыс шара

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Leader in English

Dear guests and teachers. We are glad to see you in our competition. It’s intellectual game. Let’s begin our game. The quotation of our extra curricular lesson is "the main thing is not to win but to take part"

Students, we wish you good luck! Everyone will get a point for a correct answer in the competition and at the end of the party we 'II see who the leader in English is.

Ist round is: Introduce yourself

ІІnd round is Fast hands

ІIIrd round is: Polyglot

1. Art is long, life is short.

Өнерлінің өрісі кең.

2. A good beginning makes a good ending.

Алдымен icтi тындырсаң, кім ұрсар сосын қыдырсаң.

3. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Жақсы достың қадірін басыңа іс түскенде білерсің.

4. Two heads are better than one.

Келісіп пішілген тон келте болмас.

5. East or West, home is best.

Өз үйім - өлең төсегім.

6. Better late than never.

Ештен кеш жақсы.

7. Health is above wealth.

Денсаулық зор байлық

8. Actions speak louder than words

Ісіне қарап адамды таны

9. Habit is a second nature

Ауру қалса да әдет қалмайды

10. Money won’t make you happy

Ақша қолдың кірі.

IVth round is:

I will read you 15 questions and all answers will start with the letter A and В letter A.

  1. The name of the fruit (Apple)

  2. A Utile child (Baby )

  3. The name of the month (April)

  4. The name of the fruit (Banana)

  5. A part of the body (Arm)

  6. A part of the body (Back)

7. The name of the school subject (Algebra)

8.The antonym to the nard "good " (Bad)

9 .The capital of Kazakhstan (Astana)

10.An object in the classroom (blackboard)

11One of the oceans (Atlantic Ocean)

12A kind of the dance (Ballet)

13The famous Kazakh writer (Abai)

14.The capital of the Germany (Berlin)

15.A funny story (Anecdote)

16The name of the school subject (Biology)

17. A story in the newspaper (Article)

18. A lake in Kazakhstan (Balhash)

19. A stupid animal (Ass )

20. The room where we sleep (Bedroom)

21. The first letter of the alphabet (A)

22A person without money and a house (Beggar)

23. lt is harmful for our health (Alcohol)

24.Ann important day for all of us which happens once every year


25. What cannot we live without?(Air)

26A color (Black)

27. Where is The lake Kaspi(in Aktau)

28.The member of the family (Brother)

29.The place where the plane stop (Airport)

30. A clever friend of the man (Book)

Vth round is “Letter line”

In this task pupil should find as many words in the line as you can.


VIth round

English - speaking countries.

I 'll give some questions you’ll swith on the light to answer.

1. The capital of the USA? (Washington)

2. When did Christopher Columbus discover America? (1492)

3. Who is the 43rd President of the USA? (Bush)

4. What do people often call the American flag? (The stars and stripes)

5. Which is the longest river in the USA?(Mississippi)

6. Where is the statue of Liberty? (New York)

7. The statue of the Liberty was a gift from... (France)

8. What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)

9. What is the capital of the Scotland? (Edinburg)

10. What is Big Ben? (a clock)

11. Is Washington D. C. a state? (No)

12. Who is the nowadays President of the USA? (Baraka Obama)

13. Who is the first President of the USA? (George Washington)

14. What country is on the north of the USA? (Canada)

15. What is the capital of Australia? (Canberra)

VII. The game “Merry lottery”

The members do different orders such as cry, write

Let’s play!

Drink Sleep Swim

Jump Smile Eat Clap

Fly Sing Clean Break

Run Read Ring Go

Write Sit Cry

Conclusion. Listen to the judges.

Our lesson is over! Goodbye pupils!See you later

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