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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Лексическая викторина по английскому языку на тему "Quiz show «Victoria Road»"
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Лексическая викторина по английскому языку на тему "Quiz show «Victoria Road»"


Quiz show «Victoria Road»

Hotline (intermediate)

Form 8


Hello everybody! I’m your host. You are welcome to take part in our revision quiz show «Victoria Road». The winner will get the high prize, but nobody will go away empty-handed! I hope it’s not very difficult for you to answer my questions:

Round 1 «Characters and vocabulary»

1.Say who they are:

it two pompous (tax inspector)

was really bald (Cleopatra)

is very eccentric and shy (M.Jackson)

was dead in the morning and alive in the afternoon (a budqie)

went mad and died (Lady Macbeth)

let the robbers to take the carpet (Shop-assistant)

deny being Macbeth a king (witches)

... fired Vince(manager)

is too unreliable (Kim)

2. «Match the names»

1. Rambo a. m. Jackson’s

2. Macbeth b. a superhero

3. Hercules c. king of Scotland

4. Bubbles d. general

5. Duncan e. M. Jackson’s manager

6. Frank Dileo f. The Thane of Cawdor

7. Banquo g. the Capital of Australia

8. Digby h. one of the states of Australia

9. Canberra i. sir Walter’s evil brother

10. Tesmania j .the national hero of England

11. Spencer k. Sir Walter’s friend

12. Mr Frenscis Drace

3. Where are they from?

1. Free witches (Scotland)

2. M. Jackson (the USA)

3. Andrea’s relatives (Australia)

3. Andrea (Spain)

4. Macbeth (Scotland)

5. Cleopatra (Egypt)

6. Abendula (Cairo)

7. Platypus (Australia)

4. Say what it is …

1. M. Jackson wears it on his face (mask)

2. It was kept in the secret chamber (treasure)

3. Terry and Rosy brought them to Kim to the hospital (chocolate)

4. Vince got it from Nottingham University (invitation)

5. M. Jack made it on his nose and chin (operation)

6. It plot it very simple, but its special effects are very complicated (super film)

7. People wear it instead of hair (wig)

8. They were in Cheetah’s eyes (emeralds)

5. Do you remember continents, cities, countries mentioned in the text?

6. Can you say which words were not mentioned in the text?

a) diamonds metal, emeralds, bronze, sapphires, rubies, gold, glass, wood.

b) brushes, combs, a coat, mousse, hairspray, shampoo, gel, butter, conditioner, soap.

c) a golf course, a swimming pool , zoo, hockey playground, gardens, helipad, stables, forests, lakes, a football pitch, an ocean, a sea, stadium.

Round II –GRAMMAR-the queen of any language

  1. Agree or disagree
    a) I love English;
    b) I am a teacher;
    c) I was in London last year;
    d) I have a dog;
    e) I will meet M. Jackson tomorrow;
    f) I talked to Kim yesterday;
    g) I did not see “Macbeth”;
    h) I am not fourteen.

  2. Complete the sentences with “tags”
    a) Kim hit the car;
    b) Vince will go to university;
    c) Andrea is from Argentina;
    d) Terry has not been to Australia;
    e) Sue is not unreliable;
    f) Kim did not sing at the gig;
    g) Kim had an argument with Vince;
    h) I am a good singer;
    i) They would like to be the best group;
    g) I am not perfect.

  3. Express your opinion:” I don’t think…
    a) Kim isn’t unreliable;
    b) M. Jackson isn’t crazy;
    c) The tax inspector isn’t pompous;
    d) It wasn’t Andrea’s fault;
    e) Vince will not visit Kim at the hospital;
    f) People will not travel to the stars.

  4. Say how we call the:
    a) a boy with blue eyes;
    b) a man with empty-hands;
    c) a woman with long hair;
    d) a person with dark skin;
    e) an animal with long tail.

  5. Say what they shouldn’t have done:
    a) Kim drove too fast;
    b) Vince shouted at the manager;
    c) The robbers parked the car at the wrong place;
    d) Andrea came the England;
    e) The men bought a new budje;
    f) Kim argued with Vince;
    g) Cleopatra had her hair cut;
    h) Macbeth killed the King.

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