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Дистанционные курсы профессиональной переподготовки и повышения квалификации для педагогов

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Московские документы для аттестации


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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиТестыЛексические тесты к УМК В.Эванс "Английский в фокусе - 10-11"

Лексические тесты к УМК В.Эванс "Английский в фокусе - 10-11"

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Авторская разработка

«Лексические тесты»

к УМК «Английский в фокусе»

для учащихся 10-11 класса

Данный материал представляет разработанные лексические тесты для учащихся 10 -11 класса к УМК «Английский в фокусе» В.Эванс.

На каждый раздел учебника представлен тест на два варианта.

Тесты разработаны в соответствии с ФГОС и могут также быть использованы для тренировки лексического материала, изучаемого в УМК.

10 класс

Раздел 1.

Put the words into the sentences.

Window chat hang aggressive loyal surf moody

1. It is important for teenagers to _____ out with friends.

2. A ______ friend is a friend you can trust.

3. The dog was very __________ . It bit its master and ran away.

4. I am a computer addict. All my free time I ________ online and ______ the Net.

5. I am not materialistic, but sometimes I go ______ shopping with my friends in the city center. It’s entertaining.

Extreme clubbing dedicated jealous send moody window

6. Sam is not a partygoer. Going ____ is not his cup of tea.

7. My friend is strange today. I think he is ______, because he didn’t passed his test, but I did.

8. Something’s wrong with my mobile. It is _____ today. I can call but I cannot ______ text messages

9. No! Never! I’m not a risk taker! I’ll never do ______ sports!

10. Peter is a family man. He is ________ to his family.

Раздел 2.

Variant 1.

I. Join parts.

1. waste

2. pay for

3. cost

4. shopping

5. earn

6. save

7. household

a) bills

b) a fortune

c) spree

d) designer labels

e) time

f) up

g) extra money

II. Fill in the blanks with the words from task I.

1. Hurry up. We are late. We can’t afford to_________.

2. Hey. I’ve got some pocket money. Let’s do some _________.

3. I want to _________ for a new bicycle.

4. A part time job helps to________.

5. Tome always feels depressive when it’s time to pay _________.

6. What beautiful shoes you have! They surely___________.

7. I am not materialistic. And I won’t ________.

III. Find the definition of each word.

1. pocket money

2. lend

3. borrow

4. credit card

5. cash

6. resist

a) give something on the understanding that it shall be returned

b) a small plastic card issued by a bank, business, etc.

c) a child's allowance

d) struggle against someone or something (e.g. attraction)

e) take and use (something that belongs to someone else) with the intention of returning it

f) money in coins or notes

Variant 2.

I. Join parts.

1. pocket

2. household

3. borrow

4. student

5. pay

6. make ends

7. dig deeper

a) biform a friend

b) loan

c) meet

d) in her pockets

e) in cash

f) money

g) chores

II. Fill in the blanks with the words from task I.

1. He moved to the other city and is doing his best to_________.

2. Where can I get enough money? – Why not ______.

3. When Alison goes shopping she always _________.

5. In Russia people usually _________ when Europeans prefer credit cards.

6. What do you do to get your _______?

7. I had to take a __________ to finish my education.

III. Find the definition of each word.

1. survive

2. save

3. cost

4. pay

5. earn

6. waste

a) require the payment of

b) continue to live or exist.

c) use to no purpose

d) keep and store up (something, esp. money) for future use

e) get (money) in return for labor or services

f) give (someone) money for work done, goods received

Раздел 3

  1. Match the halves.

    1. natural

    2. modern

    3. power

    4. water

    5. paper

    6. environmental

    7. recycle

    a) lifestyle

    b) habitats

    c) pollution

    d) glass

    e) consumption

    f) protection

    g) stations

  2. Fill in the blanks.

endangered down pollution consumption protection environmental reduce

1. You’d better___ eating so much chocolate. You’re allergic to it.

2. When I leave the room I switch off the litghts to reduce energy ________.

3. Today there are a lot of __________ problems on the earth such as sea and water __________, littering of cities and Cutting ___ trees.

4. ___ of nature is an important question nowadays.

5. Conservation programmes help to save ____ animals.

Раздел 6

II. Fill in the blanks

healthy low-carbohydrate grilled indigestion tiredness minerals fruit

  1. - How do you like your meat? - _________.

  2. Tomatoes are not vegetables, they are _________.

  3. Fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamins and __________.

  4. If you’re overweight eat ____________ diet.

  5. Don’t eat spicy meals with your ______________.

  6. In spring I usually feel ________ and want to sleep.

  7. Regular exercise and well-balanced food will help you be _______, wealthy and wise.

  1. Match the halves

    1. lack of

    2. frequent

    3. dry

    4. rich in

    5. spicy

    6. sparkling

    7. tooth

    a) water

    b) decay

    c) vitamins

    d) skin

    e) illness

    f) concentration

    g) foods

  2. Match the word and its definition

1. underweight

2. snack

3. infection

4. boiled

5. optimistic

6. brain

a) the vertebrate central nervous system

b) an infectious disease

c) weighing less than is expected

d) cooked in hot water

e) food eaten between meals.

f) expecting the best

Раздел 7

Variant 1

I. Match the word and its definition. Translate the word.

1. stage

2. stalls

3. usher

4. curtain

5. aisle

6. review

7. cast

8. subtitles

a) material that can be raised or lowered at the front of a stage

b) the actors taking part in a play, movie

c) the seats on the ground floor in a theater

d) a passage between rows of seats

e) a person who shows people to their seats

f) captions displayed at the bottom of a movie or television screen

g) a raised floor or platform, typically in a theater, on which actors perform

h) a critical appraisal of a book, play, movie

II. Match two parts of phrases. Translate them.

1. theme

2. soap

3. ballet

4. box

5. turn

6. book

7. reserve

8. star

a) table

b) office

c) a film

d) dancer

e) tune

f) tickets

g) opera

h) off

III. Put the necessary preposition.

off up down on with for by

1. Please, turn ____ the radio. It’s too loud. 2. I’m sorry, I can’t come. I’m not impressed _____ his acting. 3. Jason turned______ Alison’s invitation for the ball. His feelings were still strong enough. 4. The story was written ____ the famous writer. 5. I like Tim Berton’s films as they have got a reputation ______ having an unpredictable and gripping plot. 6. She turned ____ at the party immediately when nobody was expecting her there. 7. Turn ____ the TV. There is a football match. I’d like to watch. 8. Turn_____ the volume of the music. I like it.

Variant 2

I. Match the word and its definition. Translate the word.

1. balcony

2. screen

3. musical

4. orchestra

5. heading

6. star

7. reserve

8. theme

a) a group of instrumentalists

b) arrange for (a room, seat, ticket, etc.) to be kept for the use of a particular person and not given to anyone else

c) a title at the head of a page or section of a book

d) the upstairs seats in a theater, concert hall, or auditorium

e) have a principal role in a movie, play, or other show

f) melody accompanying the beginning and end of a film, play, or musical

g) the surface of a television, or monitor, on which images are displayed

h) a play or movie in which singing and dancing play an essential part

II. Match two parts of phrases. Translate them.

1. direct

2. story

3. turn

4. opera

5. it’s not my

6. best

7. music


a) down

b) cup of tea

c) seller

d) line

e) concert

f) seats

g) a film

h) glasses

III. Put the necessary preposition.

off up down on with for by

1. I always mistake him _____ Julia Roberts. 2. The House is surrounded ___ bushes and trees. 3. Katherine knew that the book was translated into Russian ____ the famous translator. 4. Johnny Depp is famous ______ his excellence performance. 5. I can hardly hear TV. Will you turn it _____? 6. The magician turned ___ in the middle of the living room. 7. He turned ____ helping his brother, as he felt offended. Laurnce 8. Jack turned the lights ______, as it was too much light in the hall, that it made his eyes ache.

11 класс

Раздел 1

Anxious delighted abandoned pedestrianised well-lit capital confused boom office

  1. On the left you can see an asylum, the house for _________ children.

  2. Have you ever heard of Antananarivo, the __________ city of Madagascar?

  3. All the streets were _______and _______ during the carnival.

  4. I was ______ to know of his latest decision.

  5. The children were __________ at the birthday party.

  6. This new town is ________ with its developing tourist industry.

  7. - How do you know her? - She works at our _______.

  8. The president is _________ not to have another crisis.

overcrowded fully-furnished posh residential abandoned lonely cosmopolitan industrial proud

1. My parents were _________ of me, when they learned that I had entered the university.

2. There are a lot of _________old people, whose families don’t care about them.

3. New York is a highly ________ and _________ city.

4. The city is interesting with its _________ buildings and modern _________ houses combined together

5. He was standing in a quiet _______ region with no trees and grass, the houses were run-down.

6. At this time of the day all public transport is _________, and traffic jams are usual.

7. The newly married couple moved to a __________ house.

Раздел 2

  1. Combine the words into phrases.

    1. tap

    2. fold

    3. clench

    4. shake

    5. blush

    6. tremble

    7. stample

    8. peer

      1. head

      2. with fear

      3. pressure

      4. foot

      5. fingers

      6. arms

      7. in embarrassment

      8. fists

  2. Match the words and their definition

    1. whisper

    2. stress

    3. adrenaline

    4. depression

    5. self-esteem

      1. to speak in a soft hushed tone, without vibration of the vocal cords;

      2. the state of being depressed;

      3. respect for oneself;

      4. mental, emotional, or physical tension;

      5. a hormone produced to stress and increases heart rate, pulse rate, and blood pressure

  3. Fill in the blanks.

with ups sick down control under it

Stress is dangerous when you can’t cope 1)________ it. Of course, built up stress is difficult to stop. Break- 2)________, exams, problems at work, peer pressure can lead to stress. Being 3)____ stress you can loose 4)_________, you feel 5)________ and tired of life, everything gets you 6)_________. But things are not so bad. Some of our advise will help you to take 7) ____ easy.

Fill in the blanks

persuade under take crime up stammered

  1. ‘ I-I-I d-d-don’t kn-know anything,’ he _____ nervously.

  2. Tom was arrested for committing a ___________.

  3. I cant believe they managed to ____________ to dye your hair green.

  4. I’m in bad mood as I’ve broken ___ with Sue.

  5. You look like you’ve been ____ a lot of stress.

  6. I’m loosing control! I can’t ____ it anymore!

Embarrassment shrugged loosing regrets sighed cope

  1. John _____ his decision to leave school early and work at his father’s shop.

  2. I have such a heavy work! I feel like I’m ____ control.

  3. Janice ____ her shoulders, unable to answer the teacher’s question.

  4. Mark ___ with relief when he realized that nobody had been hurt in the accident.

  5. Jane went to see the school’s counselor because she couldn’t ___ with all the stress the exams were causing her.

  6. She blushed with __________ at the sight of new people.

Раздел 3

I. Fill in the blanks

pickpocket stand up vandal burglar

confess grabbed right witnesses

  1. As Cindy was walking through the park, a stranger _____ her hand and ran away.

  2. Don’t be so timid; you need to ____ for your right to express yourself freely.

  3. When Sarah saw that her wallet was missing, she thought that a _______ must have taken it from her bag on the bus.

  4. Where’s there any _____ who can tell us how the accident happened?

  5. As there was no evidence to prove his innocence, the man had to _________ to the crime he was accused of.

  6. ________ is a person who deliberately causes damage or destruction to personal or public property.

  7. You were _____ to refuse the proposal.

II. Match the halves.

  1. minor

  2. driving

  3. investigate

  4. pay

  5. have

  6. community

  7. confess

  8. find

  9. take

    1. robbery

    2. crime

    3. service

    4. offence

    5. a fine

    6. guilty

    7. responsibility

    8. to a shoplifting

    9. no right

III. Make up your sentences with the phrases from II.

Раздел 4.

I. Match the words

  1. heart

  2. pain

  3. ointment for

  4. blocked

  5. full

  6. write

  7. tooth

  8. stomach

  9. feel

  10. off

  1. rash

  2. nose

  3. recovery

  4. bug

  5. rash

  6. in chest

  7. ache

  8. a prescription

  9. colour

  10. dizzy

II.Fill in the blanks

infection chickenpox syrup feet vomit cold sore slight

  1. I’ve got a terrible head ache. It feels like I am going to _________ because of it.

  2. I don’t think it’s a good idea to see Tod. He caught a terrible _____ and he’s under weather now.

  3. As soon as I am back on my _____ again, I join you with your project.

  4. Have you had a ________ before? – Actually, no… Is that what I’ve got now?

  5. I feel awful, as my nose is running and my head is aching. I’ve also got a terrible ____ throat.

  6. My doctor prescribed me a ______ to ease my cough.

  7. – What’s bothering you? – My ear aches. I think its ear _______.

  8. A lot of people in our office are off with the flu. So am I. I have a runny nose and a _____ temperature.

III.Match the word and its definition

  1. chickenpox

  2. tickling

  3. dizzy

  4. back

  5. rash

  6. itchy

  7. therapist

a. the posterior part of the human body

b. a feeling of light itching

c. a disease which gives you a high temperature and red itchy spots

d. red spots on the skin

e. a person who is skilled in a particular type of therapy

f. feeling that you are losing your balance and are about to fall

g. an unpleasant feeling on your skin that makes you want to scratch

Variant 1

I. Join parts.

1. stomach

2. strange

3. high

4. running

5. tickly

6. hoarse

7. sore

8. catch

a. throat

b. ache

c. a cold

d. nose

e. rash

f. cough

g. temperature

h. voice

II. Put words into sentences.

Sore allergic throbbing dizzy vomit heart infection

  1. Yesterday I had a ____ headache all day long. Even tablets couldn’t help.

  2. What happened to John. – He’s in hospital. He had a _____ attack.

  3. I feel _____ after a severe disease.

  4. My nose is _____. I think I was blowing too hard.

  5. I’ve caught a stomach bug. I think I am going to_______.

  6. She is seeing the doctor, because she has an ear ________. Her ear aches.

  7. Tom is ______ to chocolate. Strange rash appeared on his arms.

III. Change sentences into passive.

1. They built this house in 1960.

2. A large group of young people joined us on our way to the station.

3. They translate books from English every year.

4. Galsworthy wrote "The Forsyte Saga."

5. Thousands of peo­ple attended this meeting.

6. He never interrupts me.

7. They did not invite her to the party.

8. She will give me this English book.

9. Snow will cover the fields in winter.

10. She always invites me to her dinner parties

Variant 2

I. Join parts.

1. back

2. allergic

3. slight

4. blocked

5. terrible

6. medical

7. heart

8. stomach

a. bug

b. ache

c. care

d. nose

e. reaction

f. cough

g. temperature

h. attack

II. Put words into sentences.

catch rash high voice throat running stomach

  1. Oh, dear! It’s terrible. Tomorrow I’m speaking at the conference. But my nose can’t stop ____________.

  2. Strange ____ appeared yesterday all over Tom’s body. Doctors can say nothing yet.

  3. Measles (корь) within adults is characterized with _____ temperature and rash all over the body.

  4. He was eating in a restaurant. Then suddenly he couldn’t breathe, as something got into his _____.

  5. Why are you talking in such a hoarse ____ to me?

  6. On Saturday it is going to be our wedding day. But I feel like I’m going to ____ a cold.

  7. It’s terrible. Everything aches – my head, my eyes, my nose and throat, and even my _____ .

III. Change sentences into passive.

1. The students finished their translation in time.

2. Helen washed the dishes.

3. Betty often takes her young­er brother for a walk.

4. I will make you some coffee.

5. We will finish this work in time.

6. They told her the truth.

7. She promised us an interesting enter­tainment.

8. I shall finish my work about seven o'clock.

9. Somebody has opened the door.

10. The waitress brought in the coffee.

Раздел 6

Variant I

  1. Match the halves

    1. Milky

    2. beam

    3. sweep

    4. send

    5. radio

    6. broadcast

    7. gas

    a) signals

    b) a message

    c) light

    d) the skies

    e) waves

    f) way

    g) tail

  2. Fill in the gaps

  1. There are billions of stars in the __________.

  2. Can you see that _____ coming from a laser?

  3. Scientists hope aliens can _________ from space.

  4. The comet has a _________ which points away from the Sun

  5. Scientists of SETI __________ through their telescopes in search of ET.

  6. _________ transport information through the atmosphere without wires

  7. Our TV news ___________ about the situation in Ukraine every hour.

  1. Change the form of the verb

    Every day on my way to work I buy a fresh _______ newspaper to be aware of the _________ news. I usually read it sitting in the underground train. _________ are generally about economy and politics. But today on the ___ page there was an article about ____________ life.

    In the capital there exists a scientific centre studying ______ coming from space. Scientists try to find out if alien ______ exists in our _____ way.









  2. Find the definition

1. telescope

2. satellite

3. cosmos

4. orbit

5. tabloid

6. press

a) equipment shaped like a tube, used for making distant objects look larger and closer

b) the curved path travelled by an object which is moving around another much larger object such as the Earth, the sun

c) people who write reports for newspapers, radio, or TV

d) the whole universe

e) a newspaper that has small pages, a lot of photographs, and stories mainly about famous people etc

f) a machine that has been sent into space and goes around the Earth, moon etc, used for radio, television, and other electronic communication

Variant II

  1. Match the halves

    1. Solar

    2. extraterrestrial

    3. human

    4. establish

    5. advanced

    6. put into

    7. radio

    a) race

    b) technology

    c) life

    d) orbit

    e) contact

    f) system

    g) antenna

  2. Fill in the gaps

  1. The Sun is the centre of our _______________.

  2. Radio doesn’t work. I suppose _________ is broken.

  3. Scientists of SETI believe _____________ exists.

  4. __________ appeared 30 000 years ago.

  5. The first satellite was ___________ by Russians in 1957.

  6. People of the Earth would like to _______ with aliens.

  7. This smart house was built with the use of ____________.

  1. Change the form of the verb

    Every day on my way to work I buy a fresh _______ newspaper to be aware of the _________ news. I usually read it sitting in the underground train. _________ are generally about economy and politics. But today on the ___ page there was an article about ____________ life.

    In the capital there exists a scientific centre studying ______ coming from space. Scientists try to find out if alien ______ exists in our _____ way.









  2. Find the definition

1. article

2. coverage

3. broadsheet

4. planet

5. galaxy

6. spaceship

a) a very large round object in space that moves around the sun or another star

b) when a subject or event is reported on television or radio, or in newspapers

c) one of the large groups of stars that make up the universe

d) a newspaper printed on large sheets of paper, especially a serious newspaper

e) a piece of writing about a particular subject in a newspaper or magazine

f) a vehicle for carrying people through space

Раздел 8B

I. At an airport Variant I

At an airport they usually have some _________: an arrival lounge (for those who arrive), a _________ lounge (for those who leave). There may be a transit hall for transit passengers.

Airline perform a variety of activities in the terminal _____ of an airport, for which they need some facilities:

booking offices, ________ desks,

baggage ______ area, information board and inquiry offices, telecommunication, etc.

In the airport terminal building a lot of conveniences for passengers are provided: cafes and snack bars, luggage lockers, ______ shops, lost and found departments, currency exchange, chemist’s counters, public telephones, etc.







II. Make up phrases and fill in the blanks.

1. round-trip

2. window

3. departure

4. boarding

5. jet

6. delayed

a) pass

b) gate

c) lag

d) tickets

e) flight

f) seat

  1. I’d like to make reservations for two ________________ to Oslo.

  2. This is your ___________. Your flight is at gate 5 at 9.30.

  3. If you fly over several time zones you may not feel well. This is called ______.

  4. Well, you sit in the aisle. I prefer a ___________.

  5. Jack didn’t manage to be present at the conference, because of the ___________.

  6. Don’t go far. Our flight is at ____________ 8, we’ll be there waiting for you.


I. Ticketing and check-in. Variant II

The passenger ticket and baggage check for an international ______ is personal and cannot be conceded to another person.

The day before your journey study again the data in your ticket: airport of ______, the airline, flight number, departure check-in time, etc.

Each one of your items of luggage will be tagged with a serial number and the final destination of your ______. At the check-in desk you’ll be given a _____ pass. You should keep it at hand and present together with the other documents to the passport and customs _______ authorities, until you board a plane.

Jet ____ are usual when flying east. It is considered to be a true medial condition. Long flights are very tiresome. So you’d better exercise on a plane. You may walk up and down the aisle, do some stretching exercises, etc.







II. Make up phrases and fill in the blanks.

1. air traffic

2. cabin

3. departure

4. check-in

5. conveyor

6. flight

a) belt

b) board

c) time

d) controller

e) crew

f) desk

  1. I handed in my ticket at the _________.

  2. The __________ showed that our flight had been delayed.

  3. The ___________ kept going round but my bags were nowhere to be seen.

  4. _______________ are responsible for keeping aircrafts from colliding (столкнуться) with each other.

  5. _______ members provide excellent service to passengers, ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the flight.

  6. Why? Don’t you remember the _________? Look at your ticket. We are going to be late.

Раздел 8АВ

Variant I

I. Match the word and its definition. Translate the word.

1. desert

2. waterfall

3. stream

4. mystic

5. ruins

6. dam

7. cliff

8. civilisation

a) a small, narrow river

b) a barrier, typically of concrete, constructed to hold back water and raise its level

c) a steep rock face, esp. at the edge of the sea

d) a cascade of water falling from a height

e) a person who seeks believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect

f) the stage of human social development

g) a dry, barren area of land, esp. one covered with sand

h) the remains of a building, typically an old one

II. Match two parts of phrases. Translate them.

1. praise

2. preserve

3. honour

4. conserve

5. lost

6. baggage

7. passport


a) belt

b) nature

c) ancient sites

d) gods

e) re-claim

f) control

g) civilization

h) victory

III. Put the necessary word.

Poor reclaim control flight aisle duty-free known symbols crew mystic architectural

1. The fog is too heave and visibility is ______. 2. When you are in JFK airport you can buy souvenirs in a _______ shop. I feel rather tired after the flight and cannot recover from _____ lag. 3. I would like to have an _____ seat as I’m afraid of heights. 4. Unfortunately, our ____ has been cancelled. 5. At the beginning of KING KONG the director is looking for a ship and a ______ that could come with him to the mystical island. 6. Air traffic ____ is the room in the airport where air traffic controllers control flights. 7. The temple was all covered with strange______. 8. I don’t think that this author is ______ in our country. 9. Westminster Abbey is an ________ feat, so the royal wedding was marvelous there. 10. I don’t know any _____ places except for Bermuda Triangle. 11. You can find you bag in the baggage _____ area.

Variant II

I. Match the word and its definition. Translate the word.

1. pond

2. grassland

3. cave

4. mystery

5. woods

6. swamp

7. plain

8. river

a) an area of land, smaller than a forest, that is covered with growing trees

b) a small body of still water formed naturally

c) a large area of flat land with few trees

d) something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain

e) a large open area of country covered with grass

f) a large natural stream of water flowing to the sea, a lake

g) a large underground chamber, typically of natural origin, in a hillside or cliff

h) an area of low-lying, uncultivated ground where water collects

II. Match two parts of phrases. Translate them.

1. water

2. ancient

3. mountain

4. predict

5. forecast

6. check-in

7. duty-free

8. departure

a) range

b) weather

c) shop

d) future

e) desk

f) board

g) canal

h) sites

III. Put the necessary word.

Familiar gods hand mystery carved cities remains invaders cut glacier window

1. Ancient Greeks worshipped different _______. 2. This name is not ______ for me. I’ve never heard about this person. 3. The ________occupied the city and the battle was scary. 4. As for me, documentaries about ancient _____ are most interesting on the National Geographics. 5. Mary ____ her finger heavily while she was cooking, so she had to call the emergency. 6. Ancient symbols are ______ on the walls of the castle. 7. Without a _______ life would be very dull, I think. 8. TITANIC crashed into the __________ at the beginning of the last century. 9. The ______ of the soldier who fought in World War I were reburied and the monument was set. 10. My son would better have a ______ seat when I prefer the aisle one. 11. Have you got any pieces of _____ luggage?

Краткое описание документа:

Данный материал представляет собой разработанные лексические тесты для учащихся 10 -11 класса к УМК «Английский в фокусе» В.Эванс.

На каждый раздел учебника представлен тест на один, либо два варианта.

Тесты разработаны в соответствии с ФГОС и могут также быть использованы для тренировки лексического материала, изучаемого в УМК.

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