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Лексический материал по теме "My home"

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We have a nice flat not far from the centre of the city. It is in a new nine-storey building in _____ Street in a new residential area of Donetsk. There is a lift in it.

Our flat is on the fourth floor. It has all modern conveniences such as central heating, gas, electricity, cold and hot water, and a chute to carry rubbish down.

There are three rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a hall in our flat.

The living-room is the largest and most comfortable room in the flat. In the middle of the living-room we have a square dining-table with six chairs round it. There is a hanging lamp above the table. To the right of the table there is a sideboard with two drawers in it. Near it there is a piano with a piano stool at it. Between the two large windows there is a little table with a TV set on it. Near the TV set there are two cosy armchairs. I like to sit in an armchair and watch TV programmes. A small round table, a divan-bed and a standard lamp are in the left-hand corner. This table is for newspapers and magazines. There are a few pictures on the walls.

The bedroom is smaller than the living-room and there is only one window in it. In this room there are two beds with a bedside-table between them. An alarm clock and a small lamp are on the table. There is a dressing-table, a built-in wardrobe and a thick carpet on the floor in my bedroom.

The study is not large but it is very cosy. There is a writing desk with drawers, a telephone, and a reading lamp on it. There is a desk-armchair at the desk. There are lots of shelves on the walls and a big bookcase in the right-hand corner of the study. There is a small table with a radio in the left-hand corner of the room. Near it there is a sofa with some cushions. In my opinion the study is the best room in our flat.

The next room is our kitchen. In it there is a large table, six stools, two cupboards, a refrigerator (a fridge), a cooker, and a sink.

Then we have a bathroom. In it there is a bath with a shower, a washbasin with a mirror over it, a towel-rail and a shelf for our toothbrushes, tooth-paste and soap.

In the hall there is a hallstand for our coats and hats and a rug in front of the door.

  1. What can you find in these rooms? Make up columns:






Use the words: a TVset, a bed, a washbasin, a cupboard, a desk, a dressing-table, an armchair, a stool, a bookcase, a bath, a wardrobe, a fridge, a bookshelf, a sink, a shower.

  1. Write down the names of…

1/ Something you can put books on.

2/ Something for watching films.

3/ Something under your feet.

4/ Something you can keep food cool.

5/ Something for cups and plates.

6/ Something you can keep your clothes in.

7/ Something that wakes you up in the morning.

8/ Something you do your lessons at.

  1. Write true sentences using the story.

1) chair/ living-room There are six chairs in the living-room.

2) piano/ kitchen There isn’t a piano in the kitchen.

3) shower/ bathroom

4) fridge/ living-room

5) radio/ study

6) telephone/ house

7) stool/ kitchen

8) wardrobe/ study

Do a puzzle:













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