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Лексический тест к учебнику Spotlight 8 класс модуль 5

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Test Module 5

  1. Match the pictures to the words

1 War 2 Poverty 3 Hurricane 4 Cyclone 5 Homelessness

6 Endangered species 7 Tsunami 8 Pollution 9Famine 10 Child labour



  1. Fill in the missing words: tornado, pollution, cyclones, global warming, avalanche, poverty, endangered, famine, flood, earthquake.

  1. After the --- hit the village, it was almost buried under the snow.

  2. A terrible --- caused by long lasting rains has destroyed many houses in the village.

  3. Governments should do everything not to let people die of ---.

  4. We say that people live in --- when they don’t have enough money to pay for their food or housing.

  5. There are a lot of --- species on the planet.

  6. --- are very common in South East Asia.

  7. Because of --- our planet gets hotter and hotter.

  8. The oil spill near Alaska in 1989 was the worst case of water --- in history.

  9. The old building collapsed during the ---.

  10. The --- ripped roofs off and uprooted many trees.

  1. Read the texts. Match the names of disasters to the texts. One name is extra.

  1. Flood

  2. Avalanche

  3. Tsunami

  4. Tornado

  5. Earthquake

  6. Drought

A. The Reuters journalist arrived in the city of Van to see police holding back a crowd of distraught (обезумевший) people from the scene of destruction (разрушение). A father whose daughter was trapped under the ruins screamed hysterically, waving his hands in the air as rescue workers desperately (отчаянно) tried to reach her.

Rescuers working under floodlights (прожекторы) tried to reach those trapped and ambulance crews waited near two collapsed buildings. Other buildings next to them were untouched. Trucks and cranes were used to shift the wreckage (обломки).

B. The storm intensified very rapidly in around 10 minutes. The wind speed was 95 miles per hour and travelled approximately 3.5 miles. It cut a path of destruction 17 miles long and 1.3 miles wide. “I parked and it was raining hard, I started opening my door and shut it back because I looked down and saw all that water swirling (вихрь) and that’s the last I remember,” said Mrs. Smith, one of the victims. Heavy rains, lightning and egg-size hail slowed rescuers at times. The twister destroyed at least two schools. Officials said water, electricity and cell phone service was down in some areas. They urged (убедили) people to stay away from the area.

C. Sofia, a six-year-old girl, is brave beyond her years. She and her little sister are just two of the millions of children in urgent need (острая нужда) due to the food crisis in East Africa. Much of their livestock (домашний скот) died. Without the goats they have nothing to eat or drink. Even if they had income (доход), the price of food and water has skyrocketed (резко поднялась). Her little sister suffers from malnutrition (недоедание) and must go to the center to receive treatment. In addition to a visit with the health worker, the girls receive emergency food rations, high-energy biscuits and vitamins. “We have not had rains for two years. There is no place for us to move. All places are dry like this.”

D. On April 20th my friends and I met in the parking lot of Loveland ski area to enjoy some backcountry skiing. We divided into two groups to explore the south and the north slopes (склоны). We returned from our tour and hung out waiting for the other group to return. The weather forecast promised a snowstorm and we began to worry. When the snow started to fall, it swept up all the skiers. They were all buried in the snow. However they managed to dig themselves out of the snow. All of them were in distress but we realized how lucky they were to survive it.

E. Heavy rain in the Philippine capital, intensified by tropical storm Trami, forced the closure of government offices, schools, banks and most private companies on Monday. The residents in most parts of the city and nearby provinces had to leave their homes because of rising water. At least three people were killed and two were missing in accidents caused by the rain and flooding disaster – the government officials said. This rainy season was the worst in the Philippines which is regularly damaged by heavy weather.

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