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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Лексика и план для рассказа о путешествии
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  • Иностранные языки

Лексика и план для рассказа о путешествии


Types of holiday

package holiday British English, vacation package American English noun [countable] a holiday organized by a company at a fixed price that includes the cost of travel, accommodation etc:

• Airports have been expanding to cope with the numbers of people going on package holidays.

package tour (also tour American English) noun [countable] a holiday organized by a company at a fixed price, which includes visits to a number of different places, travel to the starting point of the holiday and all travel during it, accommodation etc:

• Package tours to Southeast Asia are increasingly popular.

fly-drive holiday noun [countable] British English a holiday arranged at a fixed price that includes your flight to a place, a car to drive while you are there, and accommodation

house exchange noun [countable] a holiday in which two people or families go and stay in each other's houses

tour noun [countable] a journey for pleasure, during which you visit several different towns, areas etc:

• an escorted tour of the Holy Land

family holiday British English, vacation American English noun [countable] a holiday in which parents and children go somewhere together:

• It's the perfect spot for a family holiday.

skiing/walking/cycling etc holiday British English, ski/hiking/bike etc trip American English noun [countable] a holiday in which you spend a lot of time skiing, walking, cycling etc:

• Skiing holidays will be cheaper than ever this year.

cruise noun [countable] a holiday on a large ship, usually visiting different places for a short while:

• She was taken ill while on a Caribbean cruise.

safari noun [countable] a trip to see or hunt wild animals, especially in Africa:

• They spent two days on safari while they were there.

• a photo safari (=a trip to take photographs of wild animals)

backpacking noun [uncountable] the activity of travelling for pleasure, usually without very much money, carrying your things in a large bag on your back:

• The flexibility of backpacking has a lot to recommend it.

backpacker noun [countable]

camping noun [uncountable] the activity of taking a holiday in which you stay in a tent

camper noun [countable]

caravanning noun [uncountable] British English a holiday in which you take a caravan (=a vehicle you can live in) with you and sleep in it while you are away

caravanner noun [countable]

working holiday British English, working vacation/volunteer vacation American English noun [countable] a holiday in which you do some work, either your normal type of work or a different kind such as farm work or work to protect nature:

• Volunteers come from all over the world to the nature reserve on working holidays.

adventure holiday British English, adventure vacation American English noun [countable] a holiday in which you spend all your time outdoors, doing something such as travel in a wild area of a country or cycle across a desert

activity holiday British English noun [countable] a holiday in which you do one or more activities, usually outdoors, for example canoeing, horse-riding or archery:

• The Centre provides outdoor activity holidays for children with special needs.


mass tourism noun [uncountable] the taking of holidays by many people, especially in foreign countries:

• Mass tourism must inevitably destroy much of the existing culture.

domestic tourism noun [uncountable] the taking of holidays by people in their own country

international tourism noun [uncountable] the taking of holidays in foreign countries:

• International tourism is responsible for an increasing number of plane journeys every year.

cultural tourism noun [uncountable] holidays taken in order to visit culturally interesting places or cultural events

ecotourism noun [uncountable] holidays to natural areas such as rain forests in which people can visit and learn about the area in a way that will not damage the environment:

• Mexico's government has been trying to promote ecotourism in the area.

sustainable tourism noun [uncountable] the taking of holidays without causing damage to the environment, for example by not flying to places:

• Another area where a policy of sustainable tourism is to be welcomed is the Himalayas.

agritourism (also farm tourism) noun [uncountable] holidays in which people stay on farms

sports tourism noun [uncountable] holidays taken in order to play sports

space tourism noun [uncountable] holidays that consists of a journey into space on a spacecraft

health tourism noun [uncountable] a) travel to a foreign country in order to receive cheap or free medical treatment b) holidays that involve taking part in sports activities or doing things such as having beauty treatment

e-tourism/armchair tourism/virtual tourism noun [uncountable] the activity of finding out what places are like by using the Internet

How to speak about advantages

  • The great advantage of … is that

  • The advantage of … is that

  • One of the big advantages of this type of .. is that it …

  • The … has the advantage of being one of the …

  • This (what?) gives a distinct advantage over (=an obvious advantage compared to) (what?).

  • Despite a few problems with the…, the …'s advantages clearly outweigh its disadvantages. (=the problems are not enough to)

  • One of the good points about the … is that it is ...

  • Each … has its good and bad points.

How to speak about disadvantages

  • The main disadvantage of this … is its ….

  • These … have … serious disadvantages. Firstly, they are not …, and secondly, they are expensive to make.

  • A major disadvantage of … is that they ….

  • The major drawback of this … is that it can be ….

  • … is very … and also very …. Its main drawback is that it ….

  • Summer in the Scottish islands can be beautiful. The only drawback is the weather, which can be very changeable.

What you say when emphasizing that something is important

  • I would like to stress that …

  • It should be noted that …

  • It is worth bearing in mind that …


  • In my opinion/in my view (used when giving your opinion about something)

  • I think that (used when giving your opinion about something)

  • It seems to me that (used when saying that you think that something is probably true)

  • I believe that (used about strongly held beliefs, for example about moral issues)

What you say when giving reasons for something

  • because

  • the reason

  • why

  • in order to

  • so that

  • for

  • through

  • as a result of

  • due to/owing to


  1. Why do people travel? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. How can you travel? (all kinds, advantages and disadvantages of each) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. What is the best kind of traveling? (give the reasons) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. What kind of holiday can you have? (all kinds, advantages and disadvantages of each) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. What do you prefer? Why? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Traveling broadens the mind. Agree or disagree. Prove you opinion. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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