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Лексико - грамматический тест по разделу 1, 8 класс, учебник "Enjoy English"

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Enjoy English / Form 8 / Unit 1

Test yourself

Task 1 Fill in the gaps with necessary words:

escape, damaged, earthquake, killed, huge, shake, earth, destroyed, most destructive, thunder

March 27, 1964 was a holiday in Alaska. Most people were at home, and everything was peaceful. Suddenly, people heard a noise like the sound of 1___.Then houses began to 2__. Buildings cracked and fell on the ground. The main street of the town Anchorage was badly 3___: it went up 10 feet, and big holes opened in the 4__. The 5__ that hit Alaska measured 8.3 on the Richter scale. In the Pacific Ocean the earthquake made a 6__wave which travelled at 200 miles an hour. At about 6 p.m. it hit the coast of Alaska. People tried to 7__, but it 8__many towns, and 130 people were 9__. It was one of the 10__ earthquakes in North America.

Task 2 Choose the correct form and translate into Russian:

1.She__the housework when her Mum came home.

a)finished b) has finished c)had finished

2. What __you__ during the break?

a) wrote b) was writing c) were writing

3. How many countries__ they __by that time?

a) had…visited b) were…visiting c) did… visit

4. The boys __football from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. yesterday.

a) had played b) played c) were playing

5. Where__ you __your last summer holidays?

a) had…spent b) did …spend c) were…spending

6. The terrible hurricane __all the houses by that time.

a) had destroyed b)destroyed c) was destroying

Task 3 Choose the correct word and translate into Russian:

1.The flood did a lot of__ to the town. (disaster /damage /problems)

2. Where is she doing her __on this scientific problem? (exploration /research /solution)

3. He was __hurt during the volcano eruption. (quickly /strong /badly)

4. Have you read the article about space __? (launch /flight /satellite)

5. A spaceship was__ 3 days ago. ( flown / launched / taken)

6. The girl was__ with laughter: the film was funny. (injured / damaged / shaking)

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