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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Лексико грамматический тест "Путешествие и транспорт"

Лексико грамматический тест "Путешествие и транспорт"

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Name ____________________________________________


Travelling and Transport”

  1. Write the missing forms of the verbs:






  1. Use must, have to, mustn’t, don’t have to:

  1. You __________________________________speak loudly in the museum.

  2. Sunday is your day off. You ______________________ go to school.

  3. I ___________________________ help my Granny.

  4. It’s too late. We ____________________________ go home.

  5. My train is at 7 o’clock. I __________________________ get up early.

  6. Can you see this traffic sign? You _________________________ stop.

  1. Fill in the words which or who:

  1. The girl ________________ is standing near the bookcase is my daughter.

  2. The fairy tale ______________ I read last month was very interesting.

  3. Prince Pepper lived in the Pepperpot Palace _______________ was in the main square of the city.

  4. He went on the trip ________________ was interesting.

  5. My sister ________________ knows much is the best pupil of the class.

  1. Make the sentences complete, filling in at, by, on, to.

  1. He never goes _______ car, he always goes __________ foot.

  2. When we lived ____________ the seaside last year we stayed ____________ the hotel.

  3. He was waiting for me _______________ the bus stop.

  4. We decided to meet ______________ the railway station.

  5. Have you bought a ticket ____________ Moscow?

  1. Complete the sentences using the proper tense of the verbs (underline the right variant):

  1. Our classes (began, have begun) at 8.30 last year.

  2. My little sister (didn’t drink, hasn’t drunk) her glass of milk yet.

  3. We just (chose, have chosen) the present for Christmas.

  4. Nelly (drew, has drawn) a funny picture last Thursday.

  5. They already (had, have had) lunch.

  6. We (ate, have eaten) all the bananas” he said.

  7. I (spent, have spent) all the money yesterday.

  8. We never (swam, have swum) in the ocean.

  1. Read the text and answer the questions:


People like to travel very much. They can travel by car, by ship, by train, by always do bus, by plane, by ship, by bicycle and on foot.

People often travel to the seaside. They always do it in summer. People can swim, sunburn and play volleyball at the seaside.

Many people like to go to the interesting places of their country or others. Such travelers can see historical places, houses of famous people and monuments of architecture.

So travelling is excellent. You can know many interesting information and have a good rest.


  1. What do people like to do?


  1. What transport can people travel by?


  1. Where can people travel?


  1. Why is travelling excellent?


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