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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Лексико - грамматическое тестирование 9 класс
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Лексико - грамматическое тестирование 9 класс


Лексико-грамматический тест:
1. ____ beef is a kind of ____ meat.
A. The, the B. A, the C. The, – D. –, –
2. I’m really angry ____ you!
A. with B. about C. on D. over
3. My father has lived in Japan ____ five years.
A. at B. on C. in D. for
4. I’ll be on vacation ____ next week.
A. on B. – C. at D. in
5. Can you tell ____ not to be so rude?
A. he B. him C. himself D. his
6. ____ wasn’t easy to find your house.
A. There B. This C. That D. It
7. The news he told us ____ interesting.
A. was
B. were C. be D. are
8. What is the ____ important invention in the twentieth century?
A. much
B. more C. most D. much more
9. This bank of the river isn’t ____ that one.
A. more beautiful B. beautiful C. so beautiful D. as beautiful as
10. You look much ____ today.
A. good
B. better C. the best D. best
11. No letters again! ____ has written to me for a month.
A. Anybody
B. Somebody C. Some D. Nobody
12. Aunts, uncles and cousins are ____.
A. relatives
B. parents C. families D. neighbours
13. I’ll call you as soon as he ____.
A. will come B. came C. has come D. comes
14. If he ____ without her, she will never speak to him again.
A. go B. is going C. will go D. goes
15. What are you laughing ____?
A. about
B. at C. over D. above
16. It ____ since early morning.
A. rained B. rains C. had rained D. has been raining
17. I’m afraid he ____ five minutes ago.
A. leaves B. left C. is leaving D. has left
18. ____ you do me a favour?
A. May
B. Should C. Can D. Need
19. My sister was translating the article when I ____ the room.
A. had come into B. came into C. am coming into D. come
20. I’d like to ask you ____ questions.
A. few B. a little C. a few D. little
21. Children ____ by special instructors how to swim.
A. have taught B. had taught C. are taught D. teach
22. Bill wanted to know when Nick ____ come to us.
A. can B. will C. will be able D. could
23. My friend wanted ____ him as soon as I came home.
A. that I call B. that I called C. me to call D. I called
24. Mother didn’t let the child ____ TV.
A. to watch B. watching C. watched D. watch
25. It was so late that I ____ take a taxi.
A. was able B. can C. must D. had to
26. She liked the film, ____ she?
A. did
B. didn’t C. doesn’t D. does
27. ____ Steve ____ Ann the other day?
A. Has ____ seen B. Does ____ see C. Did ____ see D. Will ____ see
28. I got two letters. One was from my father. ____ was from my girlfriend.
A. The other B. Another C. Others D. The others

29. If the ice were thick enough, we ____ able to walk across the river.
A. will be B. would be C. are D. were
30. I don’t know if I ____ here when you phone tomorrow morning.
A. am B. be C. will be D. was

Тест на понимание содержания текста:
Mark Twain, who lived from 1835 to 1910, is one of America’s most famous authors. He wrote many books, including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Mark Twain’s own life was interesting enough to be a book.
Twain was born in the state of Missouri, near the Mississippi River. He came from a poor family. His father died when he was twelve, so he had to leave school. While he was still a boy he worked as a river boat pilot. He steered boats up and down the long Mississippi River. The Civil War, which started in 1861, made travelling on the Mississippi impossible. Twain then went west to Nevada. There he worked on a newspaper. In 1864 he went to California in search of gold. Twain did not have much luck as a gold miner. He left California to travel in Europe. Twain wrote a book about his trips around Europe.
But the most important influence on Twain and his books was the Mississippi River. When Twain finally settled down, he lived in a house with a porch that looked like the deck of a riverboat. Huckleberry Finn, Twain’s greatest book, is about the adventures of a boy on the Mississippi River. Another of Twain’s books is called Life on the Mississippi.

31. Choose the best title.

A. Mark Twain’s childhood;
B. Mark Twain’s Books;
C. Life in the USA;
D. The Adventures of Mark Twain.

32. What is the writer trying to do in the text?

A. to advertise Mark Twain’s books;
B. to give information on the Civil War;
C. to recommend a trip to California;
D. to tell a story about Mark Twain’s life.

33. Complete the phrase: The greatest influence on Mark Twain and his books was____

A. his poor family.
B. the Mississippi River.
C. the Civil War.
D. different jobs.

34. Choose the sentence, which is not true.

A. Mark Twain settled down in Europe.
B. Mark Twain worked as a river boat pilot.
C. Mark Twain worked on a newspaper.
D. Mark Twain was born in the state of Missouri.

35. What do we learn from the text about Mark Twain?

A. His father was a rich man.
B. He took part in the Civil War.
C. He didn’t have much luck.
D. He is one of America’s famous authors.

36. In the United States Julia Howe suggested the idea of Mother’s Day in 1872. Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia is credited with bringing about the official observance of Mother’s Day. But when she died in 1948, at the age of 84, Jarvis had become a woman of great ironies. Never a mother herself, her maternal fortune dissipated by her efforts to stop the commercialization of the holiday she had founded. Jarvis told a reporter shortly before her death that she was sorry she had ever started Mother’s Day. She spoke these words in a nursing home where every Mother’s Day her room had been filled with cards from all over the world.

Перед смертью Анна Джарвис говорила о том, что она:

A. счастлива, что праздник “День Матери” существует.
B. счастлива, что люди помнят о ней как об инициаторе празднования “Дня Матери”.
C. сожалеет, что подала идею празднования “Дня Матери”.
D. сожалеет, что ей самой не посчастливилось стать матерью.

Ответы к заданиям:
1. D; 2. A; 3. D; 4. B; 5. B; 6. D; 7. A; 8.
C; 9. D; 10. B; 11. D; 12. A; 13. D; 14. D; 15. B; 16. D; 17. B; 18. C; 19. B; 20. C; 21. C; 22. D; 23. C; 24. D; 25. D; 26. B; 27. C; 28. A; 29. B; 30. C; 31. D; 32. D; 33. B; 34. A; 35. D; 36. C

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