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Лексико-грамматическая контрольная работа на тему «Образование в современном мире» (8 класс)

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Лексико-грамматическая контрольная работа для 8 класса по теме

«Образование в современном мире».

Task I.

Choose the necessary word

Chew/Shopping center/ dignified/pre-selected flowers/ties/ a corner shop/to withdraw from the High Street/the High Street/ attached/immense/
/shopping outlet/fancy-dress/

  • 1 The headmaster of the school was a white-haired _________gentleman.

  • 2 ___________your food well before you swallow it.

  • 3 Flowers arranged in bunches.

  • 4 A small shop, which sells small items of everyday use.

  • 5 To remove the store from the town center.

  • 6 The most important shopping center.

  • 7 ____________are worn mainly by men.

  • 8 She ____________a cheque to the order form.

  • 9 Pumpkins can grow to an ____________size.

  • 10 A shop which sells the goods made by a particular manufacturer.

  • 11 An area in a town where a lot of shops have been built close together.

  • 12 When are we going to have our annual _____________party?

Task II.

Complete the sentences using the missing words

  • 1. The boys had to keep their (bedrooms/dormitories) in perfect order.

  • 2. It’s raining ______(hard/hardly).

  • 3. Black magic is (witchcraft/wizardry) that is meant to harm people.

  • 4. Her books are ____known (wide/widely).

  • 5. Which do you value ____: wealth or health? (most/mostly).

  • 6. Sasha drives (more carelessly/most carelessly) than his elder brother.

  • 7. – (Is/ Are) the money in the bag. –No, I’ve put (it/them) in the drawer.

  • 8. What? You think you’ll win a million in the lottery? Don’t be (ridiculous/funny).

Task III.

Complete the table.

  • 1. a _________of mineral water

  • 7. a ____________of milk

  • 2. a __________of crisps

  • 8. a ____________of teabags

  • 3. a __________of dog food

  • 9. a ____________of jam

  • 4. a __________of lemonade

  • 10. a ___________of caviar

  • 5. a __________of pickled cucumbers

  • 11. a ____________of flour

  • 6. a __________of honey

  • 12. a ____________of sour cream

Task IV.

Choose the correct modal verb to make the sentences complete

(May/might/can/could/will be able to)

1. One day people ___________go to the moon on holiday.

2. _____________you help me with this exercise, Miss?

3. John __________go with her (perhaps a 30% chance that he will join Mary).

4. Scotland ___________be very warm in September.

5. John ____________draw well when he was four.

6. We ____________go to London tomorrow. (perhaps a 50% chance that she will go to London)

Task V.

Complete the sentences, using the correct preposition.

1. I could come ________________if you like.

2. What came ________________you? Why are so angry?

3. He came _________________with the flu.

4. She came ________________her bike.

5. A button came ____________my coat.

Task VI.

Express the same in English.

1. Фильм стоит посмотреть.

2. Стоит попробовать приготовить этот салат.

3. Об этом не стоит волноваться.

4. Статью стоит перевести.

5. Тебе стоит подстричь волосы.

6. Стоит побывать в этом магазине.

Task VII.

Complete the table.

To laugh




To tie


To starch






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