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Лексико-грамматический материал по английскому языку на тему Театральное искусство для 8 класса

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There are 3 theatres in our city which show dramas, tragedies and comedies. I'm a great theatre lover. I try to see the most interesting performances in our Pushkin Drama Theatre. As a rule I go to the evening performances (usually they begin at 6 p.m.). It is not difficult for me to book the tickets beforehand because the performances are not very famous. Sometimes we come to the theatre and see the sign "House full", but there are many people standing near and asking for the extra-tickets. I usually go there with my friends or parents. So we leave our coats in the cloak-room and buy a programme to know who is in the cast. We are shown our seats. Usually we take places in the stalls, but also people like to watch the performance from the boxes, balconies and pits. After the 3rd ring the light goes down and the curtain drops.

Many people believe that it's much more convenient to watch a performance on TV at home, because you don't have to bother about the tickets and transport and so on. As for me I think that it is dull and boring to death. The main part of the theatre and theatrical performance are the atmosphere of a play, scenery and halls. If you watch it on TV you only see the movement, just like bad film and you only waste your time. The other thing is cinema. The films are specially made to attract public by scenery, beauty of animation and special effects. As for me-I go to the theatre to see the emotions, to the cinema to see well-made beautiful movement and switch on the TV-set to see news.

театрал, театр.постановка, заказывать билеты, аншлаг в партере, дополнительные билеты, гардероб, участники спектакля, места (в зале), занавес, передние, боковые, задние ряды, оформление сцены, движение, пустая трата времени, привлечь зрителей.

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Last time I (be) in the theater on the play, written by Maugham. It (be named) "Theatre". It (be) first night. But all (perform) so realistically, so true to life that I (begin) to feel for them like in real life. All the play, the acting, the staging (be) beyond any description. The audience in times (cannot tear) their eyes away from the stage. All the actors (have) wonderful dresses and the scenery (be) out of ordinary. The spectators (be) deeply impressed by the play and the cast. I never (see) the audience applauded so much before. Many people (throw) flowers on the stage. It (be) a play I would remember for a long. In the beginning of the story she (be) young, unpracticed actress. She worried before the performance: her heart (be beating), hands (be trembling), but when she (come) into the stage, her voice (become) firm. Years (pass) and we see Julia: she (be) 46. But she still (have) lovely figure, long legs, and rich low voice. She (go) through the trial of love, passion, devotion and work. It (seem) to me, that the author (sympathize) to her, because she (manage) with each difficult situation. She (become) the "cold" actress. She (know) that she (be) the best. In my opinion she (learn) to live as she (like) and at the same time she (make) everybody happy. Julia (be) a crack jack, so she didn't let the emotions take over her. She (live) the life of her character, but also the actress always (remember) her teacher's words: "Don't be natural, only seem natural".

The leading female role (be played) by a young actress. And I would like to describe her. At first I would like to tell so words about her appearance. She (have) a lovely figure, everyone (admit) that, she (be) fairly tall for a woman, she (have) long legs. It (be) a pity that she had never had a chance to play Rosaline. She always (want) to play Shakespeare, but even her Beatrice hadn't been loved by the critics. It (be) so because of her low, rich voice, perfect for long passages and emotional roles, but not for the blank verse. Julia (be) very proud of her beauty, even when she (be) 46. Some people can say Julia (be) a "cold" actress, but I can't agree with them. She could make the audience be completely carried away by her speech and articulation. In bygone years she (be) intolerably nervous by the first night, but having passed through the ordeals so many times she had acquired certain nonchalance. After the play, if she (be) satisfied by her work, Julia pleased, exited and happy (go) to her dressing-room. In life Julia (be) a businesslike and not only in life, but in her job, family and even love. She (love) her husband until she (need) him; maybe she (be) artificial in her feeling. After all she (be) very talented actress and this role (be not) easy for playing.

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Her attitude to people I can share on several parts: people, whom she loves, people, whom she hates, people, who ___ her. For people whom she loves she could do everything (she thinks a lot about her ___ and she does her best to make him happy), others were like a power to her ___, those whom she hates she could vilify. Julia was the best ___, so she didn't let anybody to attempt on her place. Shakespeare told: "The world is the ___ and we are the ___." I think I can agree with his words. During all our life we play different ___ - we are children at home, ___ at school and customers in the shop. Life gives us a great variety of scenery and situations. For all our life we depend on ___, surrounded us, happenings, time, and place where we are now, just like an actor ___ the director, and script. But I need to add that our life can't be fully called the theatre because I think life is much more interesting, dangerous and unexpected.

people, actress, child, self-importance, actors, depends on, pupils, adore, theatre, roles

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