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Лексико-грамматический тест для 6 класса

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Контроль лексико-грамматических навыков.


6 th Grade.

1.Put     the      an   a  ---

I’d like to have …  hamburger for breakfast.

Pushkin is   …   outstanding Russian poet.

Can you play  …   piano?

Will you play  …  chess with me?

My favourite subject at school is  …  History.

He knows  …  history of the French revolution well.

Tom’s going to take  …  his fishing –rod.

Could you phone later please, Jane’s having  …  shower?

We often go to   …   theatre and to  …  cinema.

Yesterday dad came home at 8 o’clock, we had  …  dinner and then watched   …  TV, we went to

bed at 11 pm.

I can’t find …  letter which I received this morning.

Could you tell me  …   time, please!

Articles with proper names

A-    the    B—

I live in … Tverskaya street.

Thames flows through … London.

 … Queen Elizabeth 2 won’t speak on TV tomorrow.

Would you like to go to … Kremlin?  

Have you ever been to … Bolshoi theatre?

Volga flows into … Caspian sea.  

  … Lake Baikal is the deepest one in the world.

Every morning during … breakfast bagpipes are played outside. … queen’s dining room in …  

Buckingham palace.  

Where’s … John’s raincoat?

Two of my classmates entered … Moscow state university last year.

После изучения перфектного времени, я использую следующие тесты:

Present perfect

1 I’m afraid I (forget) my book at home.

2   … the secretary (yet / come)?

3    … you (ever / be) to Italy?

4 They (already / inform) me about the accident.

5 Kevin (already / leave) for Manchester.

6 I (not / see) Tom for ages.

7 Alan (work) in the bank for a year.

8  …you (ever / ride) a horse.

9 I (not / hear) from him since he left Paris.

10 We (see) some good films recently.

При изучении темы «Множественное число существительных», я использую следующие тестовые задания:

Make plural form

1 a baby                      2 a pencil

a babys                       a penciles

b babies                      b pencils

3 a man                       4 an umbrella

a  man                        a umbrellas

b men                         b umbrellaes

c mans                        c umbrell


5 a boy                       6 a city

a boys                        a citys

b boies                       b cities

c boyes                      c cityes

7 a mouse                  8 a fish

a mouses                   a fish

b mice                       b fishes

c mouss                     c fishs

9 a watch                   10 a child

a watches                   a childs

b watchs                     b childes

c watch                       c children

Тем обучающимся, которые не справляются с заданиями, после анализа и работы над ошибками, дается возможность получить более высокую оценку. Для этого я использую подобные тестовые задания:

Choose the right variant

1Where … your parents last week?

a are          c were

b did         d was

2 Nick … to school every day.

a goes      c go

b went     d will go

3 Jane … (not) … bread and milk tomorrow.

a  did …  buy         c  does … buy

b  will … buy         d  do … buy

4 I usually… my mother and my father in the evening.

a helped        c help

b helps          d will help

5 My friend … at school last week.

a weren’t       c isn’t

b didn’t be     d wasn’t

6 When … your father … the day after tomorrow?

a will … get up       c does … get up

b did … get up        d do … get up

7 My balls … in the box yesterday. My brother … them.

a aren’t / taked         c wasn’t / took

b weren’t / took       d isn’t / taked

8 Who … up in your family? I …

a wash, will do       c washes, did

b will wash, does   d washes, do

9 They … to the  zoo next week.

a goes           b go

c will go       d went

10 There … a bookshelf with books in my room.

a are             c were

b is               d shall be

Put the right word in the following sentences of /  off /   part /   place /  pictures.

1 Take care … the pennies and the pounds will take care … themselves.

2 He is fond of taking … .        

3 Do her children take … in the concert?

4 The meeting took … in the park.

5 Jane must take care … her old granny.

6 Will you take …your hat?

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