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Лексико-грамматический тест для 5 класса

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  1. Winter months are December, January, __________.

a. November b. February c. February d. November

  1. She lives in a __________ on the 7th floor.

a. garden b. house c. shop d. flat

  1. It never __________ in Africa.

a. snows b. snow c. rains d. rain

  1. They _________ breakfast in a restaurant.

a. --- b. take c. buy d. have

  1. Men don`t wear __________ in Russia.

a. skirts b. trousers c. shoes d. shirts

  1. He takes a plane to __________ to England.

a. go b. visit c. fly d. swim

  1. When I go to the South I take __________ with me.

a. a scarf b. mittens c. boots d. sandals

  1. The pupils don`t have lessons on __________.

a. Saturday b. Sunday c. Monday d. Friday

  1. In __________ classes you draw and paint.

a. Maths b. History c. Art d. English

  1. There is a __________ in our classroom.

a. blackboard b. sofa c. sink d. bath

  1. They usually ___________ summer at the seaside.

a. spend b. have c. --- d. are

  1. The weather is usually hot in __________.

a. autumn b . spring c. summer d. winter

  1. There is a __________ in the kitchen.

a. bookcase b. fridge c. TV d. bed

  1. They grow vegetables in the __________.

a. street b. city c. garden d. park

  1. We __________ films in the cinema.

a. watch b. look c. see d. listen

  1. She __________a shower in the morning.

a. --- b. gives c. takes d. washes

  1. All pupils wear a _________ at school.

a. hat b. ---- c. uniform d. jeans

  1. __________ comes after Wednesday.

a. Friday b. Monday c. Sunday d. Thursday

  1. He runs in the __________ every day.

a. hospital b. park c. car d. bank

  1. They __________ songs together.

a. sing b. listen c. --- d. watch


  1. I get up __________ 7 o`clock.

a. in b. on c. at

  1. They __________ go to Moscow next month.

a. doesn`t b. will not c. don`t

  1. He __________ to sport club twice a week.

a. go b. going c. goes

  1. He has already __________ his homework.

a. done b. do c. did

  1. They __________ to the cinema last weekend.

a. go b. gone c. went

  1. There __________ three bedrooms in the house.

a. is b. --- c. are

  1. Tea is __________ than coffee.

a. cheap b. the cheapest c. cheaper

  1. She hasn`t __________ this exercise yet.

a. write b. written c. wrote

  1. They __________ now.

a. not swim b. isn`t swimming c. aren`t swimming

  1. We have the longest holidays __________ summer.

a. at b. in c. on

  1. She has 5 lessons __________ Monday.

a. on b. at c. in

  1. Nick __________ football every day.

a. play b. plays c. playing

  1. There _________ a big table in the middle of the dining-room.

a. --- b. some c. a

  1. This is __________ building in the city.

a. the oldest b. old c. older

  1. We __________ to music at the moment.

a. are listening b. listen c. listens

  1. They __________ go to the museum next week.

a. --- b. don`t c. will

  1. He __________ reading “Harry Potter” three days ago.

a. begin b. began c. begins

  1. This hat is __________ than this cap.

a. more beautiful b. beautiful c. the most beautiful

  1. Have you ever __________ to England?

a. be b. was c. been

  1. They _________ from Russia.

a. --- b. aren`t c. isn`t

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