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Лексико-грамматический тест для 6 классов

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Test for 6 –th form

  1. My sister often … in the garden

a) work b) is working c) works

2. Last Monday we … five lessons.

a) have b) had c) has

3. … he … his father tomorrow?

a) does… help b) will… help c) did … help

4. My friend … a student now

a) are b) is c) is being

5. He … this noise at the moment

a) isn’ t hearing b) don’t hear d) doesn’t hear

6. My father … to read this newspaper twenty minutes ago

a) begins b) begans c) began

7. I and my sister … our homework every day

a) does b) do c) are doing

8. Where … you … last summer?

a) are… going b) did… go c) do … go

9. I … to have dinner now

a) am wanting b) want c) wanted

10. How … your winter holidays?

a) was b) were c) did

11. How … glasses of water did you drink?

a) much b) many c) little

12. How … sugar do you put in your tea?

a) much b) many c) little

13. We bought … of fruit two days ago

a) many b) a lot c) much

14. We have History …

a) twice a week b) yesterday c) tomorrow

15. My friends will go to the theatre …

a) yesterday b) next week c) every day

16. My mother is watering flowers …

a) every Monday b) at the moment c) often

17. We have lunch at school … 10 o’ clock

a) in b) at c) on

18. I have got my birthday … May

a) on b) of c) in

19. … … morning I wash up after breakfast

a) On the b) At the c)In the

20. I live … 25, Moskovskaya street

a) in b) on c) at

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