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Лексико-грамматический тест для подготовки к олимпиаде в 8 классе

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Лексико-грамматический тест при подготовке к олимпиаде по английскому языку в 8 классе.


Correct these sentences,

1. You mustn't to smoke cigarettes.

2. How many people is there?

3. You don't have eat boring food.

4. What about go to that new pizzeria?

5. There is а lot of children in this school.

Task 2

Put the verbs in brackets in the соrrect tense.

1. Next summer we (visit) my cousin in California.

2. I (not do) my homework today.

3. Yesterday I (not go) to school.

4. In the year 2100 people (live) on Mars.

5. I think you (be) famous!

6. (you finish) the washing-up?

7. Last year I (start) to learn English.

8. Next weekend Paul (have) а party.

9. "Where is Cheryl?" "She (have) lunch."

10. (you ever be) to London?

Task 3

Is the 's' in the following sentences а contraction of 'is' or 'has'? Write the correct full form after the sentence.

1. It's а difficult language.

5. Не's doing his homework.

2. Alison's working now.

3. Jane's phoned three times.

4. How's the baby been?

6. Не's fallen down again.

7. It's finishing now.

8. She's been working.

Task 4

Маtch the extracts about transport in London with the systems of transport below.


These are reasonable in price, the drivers always know the fastest routes and you'll have а very comfortable journey.


This is а very efficient way оf getting around London. You won't see much of the city but you will get to your destination quickly. There are nearly 300 stations, so you'll usually find one close by.


For people with time and energy, this is the best way of travelling short distances. You'll be able to stop and look at anything that interests you and it'll give you а sense of the 'atmosphere' of London.


The traffic is sometimes slow but you' ll get а good view of the city, especially if уоu sit on the top deck. This is one of the fastest ways of travelling across central London, but you'll have to be careful. You can hire one from the local firms.


Traffic congestion in central London is а problem, so your journey

will probably be very slow, and parking can be difficult.

Car___ Bike___ Underground____ Taxi____ Walking___ Bus____

Task 5

Read the paragraph about Texas and answer the questions.


The state of Tехаs is а south-western state of the USA and is situated above Mexico and the Gulf of Mexicо. In fact it used to be part of Mexico, but became part оf the United States in 1845. The official language is English, though Spanish is also widely spoken. А lot oil is produced in Texas and exported to other American states, although this isn't the state's only business; there are many оther industries too, and agriculture is also important. The state is headed by а governor, who decides local issues. As а part of the USA, Техas governed by the President and the Congress.

1. Where is it situated?

2. When did it become part of its present country?

3. What is the official language?

4. Are there any other languages widely spoken?

5. What is produced there?

6. Where is this product exported to?

7. Who is the state governed by?

Task 6

Write the question tags.

1. You live in Birmingham,...

2. I've met you before,...

3. You left school last year,...

Task 7

Turn from direct into reported speech.

1. "I didn' t break the window", said the little bоу.

2. "Eat your dinner," she said to him.

3. "Наvе you seen this film?," Jane asked Helen.

4. "I had an argument with Mark yesterday," said Fiona.

5. "The new guests will arrive tomorrow," explained the manager.

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