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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Лексико-грамматический тест к разделу 1-8 по учебнику английского языка Афанасьевой, Михеевой 6 класс

Лексико-грамматический тест к разделу 1-8 по учебнику английского языка Афанасьевой, Михеевой 6 класс

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:


I.Choose the right answer.

  1. The country is rich … natural resources

  1. In b) of c) with

  1. It is … in the city than in the country

  1. Interestinger b) more interesting c) the most interesting

  1. Have you ever been to … greenhouse?

  1. A b) the c) –

  1. Horror films are so …

  1. Frightened b) frightening c) is frightening

  1. I was asked to speak about …

  1. Me b) myself c) my

  1. London is famous for … museums.

  1. It’s b) its

  1. He never leaves litter in the forest.

  1. Neither do I b) so do I c) Neither have I

  1. That photo …yesterday

  1. Taken b) was taken c) took

  1. He ruined … sandcastle and we got angry.

  1. Us b) our c) ours

  1. There are so … holidaymakers here.

  1. Lot of b) many c) much

II.Open the brackets using the verbs in the correct form.

  1. They (to translate) a difficult text yesterday.

  2. Look at the children! They (to skate) well.

  3. Where Kate (to go) when you (to meet) her yesterday?

  4. My father knows so much because he (to travel) a lot.

  5. What you (to prepare) for breakfast tomorrow?

  6. The rain (to stop) just but a cold wind still (to blow).


I . Choose the right answer.

  1. His speech greatly influenced … the people.

  1. On b) - c) for

  1. Are winters … nowadays?

  1. Severer b) severest c) more severe

  1. I can’t do … harm to plants.

  1. A b) - c) the

  1. I am always … when I watch horror films.

  1. Boring b) bored

  1. The child can already eat …

  1. Hisself b) himself c) itself

  1. Brighton is a famous resort. … situated in the Southeast.

  1. Its b) it’s

  1. We are trying to be green. –

  1. So do they b) So are they c) Neither are they.

  1. A rainstorm … tomorrow.

  1. Expects b) expected c) is expected

  1. Whose bag is this? It’s …

  1. My b) mine c) your

  1. When you burn something, you produce … carbon dioxide.

  1. Many b) much c) little

II . Open the brackets using the correct tense of the verb.

  1. What you (to do) yesterday at 5 o’clock?

  2. Every day the boss (to enter) the office at 9 o’clock.

  3. They (not to solve) the puzzle yet.

  4. Listen! Somebody (to play) a beautiful melody!

  5. I am sure people (to survive) if they (to protect) nature.

  6. Why the most westerly point (to call) the Land’s End?

III. Translate from Russian into English.

  1. Идет снег? – Нет, на улице ясно.

  2. Дождь идет с утра.

  3. В зоопарке ты можешь увидеть различные виды млекопитающих, насекомых и рептилий.

  4. Не сливайте промышленные отходы в реки, озера, моря и океаны.

  5. Долины и луга Шотландии всегда привлекают множество туристов.


I. Choose the right answer.

  1. He was so excited … the present that he could sleep.

  1. With b) by c) for

  1. He speaks German … than English.

  1. Badder b) worse c) worst

  1. It is good when there is much …ozone in the air.

  1. - b) an c) the

  1. What do we call the continent … by Columbus?

  1. Discovered b) discovering

  1. She looked at … in the mirror and smiled.

  1. She b) hers c) herself

  1. Sheffield is famous for … steel industry.

  1. Its b) it’s

  1. We have got a nice cottage.

  1. So does Mr. Blake b) So is Mr. Blake c) So has Mr. Blake

  1. The cat cut … on a piece of glass.

  1. Herself b) itself c) himself

  1. They always praise … children.

  1. There b) theirs c) their

  1. There is … noise in the country than in the city.

  1. More b) little c) less

II. Open the brackets using the correct form of the verb.

  1. This news (to discuss) tomorrow.

  2. You (to finish) your translation already?

  3. John can’t talk to you now. He (to take) shower.

  4. When I (to come) in, somebody (to play) the piano.

  5. Mary (to do) shopping since morning.

  6. Nelly usually (not to drink) coffee for breakfast.

III. Translate the sentences from Russian into English

  1. Вчера было морозно, 10 градусов ниже нуля.

  2. Что производит эта фабрика?

  3. Экономьте воду, газ, энергию и другие природные ресурсы.

  4. Джим сказал, что он не умеет плавать.

  5. Этот дом был построен в прошлом году.


I. Choose the right answer.

1) Goodbye, children! Enjoy … at the party.

a) yourself b) yourselves c) themselves

2) Greece is … to Russia than Canada.

a) nearest b) more near c) nearer

3) Yesterday Patrick prepared lunch.

a) Neither did I b) So did I c) So do I

4) … United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of 4 parts.

a) - b) the c) a

5) Where is Scotland ….?

a) Situated b) situating

6) Great Britain is separated from the continent … the English Channel.

a) with b) by c) from

7) I sent Mary my photo and she sent me …

a) her b) hers c) she

8) … not so far from London to Oxford.

a) its b) it’s

9) I will go to the country only if the weather….

a) changes b) does change c) will change

10) …. news is so exciting!

a) this b) these c) that

II . Open the brackets using the correct tense of the verb.

  1. There isn’t any milk left. Who (to drink) it?

  2. This car often (to cause) me a lot of trouble.

  3. When I (to come) home yesterday it (to snow).

  4. James (to learn) French for 5 years already.

  5. Where (to begin) the Mississippi? – I (not to know).

  6. You (to see) Nick tomorrow?

III. Translate the sentences from Russian into English

  1. Бабушка всегда консервирует фрукты на зиму.

  2. Леса не должны быть уничтожены.

  3. Вчера Салли испекла торт в форме сердца.

  4. Дождь испортил мое платье.

  5. В России обычно холодно зимой.

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