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Лексико-грамматический тест к УМК Enjoy English 7 класс (3 четверть)


Form 7 (Term III)

Lexico-Grammar Test on Unit 3

I. Fill in the right modal verb must, mustn’t, should, shouldn’t, have to, needn’t

1. You …walk across the street on the crossing!

2. You …see it. It's the best film I've ever seen.

3. English children . . . stay at school till the age of 16.

4. You …worry about it. It’s not important.

5. I…learn the poem because I want to get a five.

II. Choose learn/study

1. How many students …English in your class?

2. Does he …in your school?

3. He likes to… new words.

4. You will never…foreign languages if you do not …grammar rules.

III. Choose quite/quiet

1. The dress is… nice.

2. My friend is a … person.

3. Be … in the library.

4. I …like Biology.

5. We live in a … street.

IV. Fill in the right pronoun.

1. Have you seen …cat? I can’t find it.

a) mine b) my

2. I don’t like my jeans. … are much better.

a) your b) yours

3. Whose books are these? They are…

a) theirs b) their

4. Look at …photo!

a) our b) ours

5. Bring your pen and don’t take …

a) her b) hers

V. Choose the appropriate polite reply.
1. What’s the matter?
a) Sorry, I can’t.
b) Nothing serious.
c) None of your business.

2. Why are you so nervous?
a) What?
b) You know why.
c) Don’t worry. I’m all right.

3. How did you like the party?
a) Rubbish!
b) I’ve had enough.
c) It was quite good.

4. Must we phone them today?
a) No, we needn’t.
b) Why do you ask me?
c) No.

VI. Complete the sentences using the prepositions to, of, for, at, on.
1. Steven is very proud … his new bike.
2. Hello, can I speak … Ann, please?
3. “Are you going to arrange a picnic at the weekend?” – “I would like to but it depends … the weather.”
4. “What are you looking …?” – “ I’ve lost my pen.”
5. She always laughs … his silly jokes.

VII. Write a sentence with the same meaning using the Passive Voice.
Example: The old man punished the naughty boy. – The naughty boy was punished by the old man.
1. Students use computers at their lessons.
2. The teacher explained the rules of the game to the students.
3. Ann cooks a special dinner on the 21st of May.
4. They arranged a nice picnic last month.
5. The little boy drew these funny pictures.

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