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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Лексико-грамматический тест по английскому языку для 9 класса
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Лексико-грамматический тест по английскому языку для 9 класса


Test 1 variant 9 th

1. Choose the right option and fill in the gaps.

1. His essay is very good. It… the top mark, I believe.

a) appreciates b) deserves c) relies d) supports

2. I don’t think anybody can help me in this situation, but I …your offer to help anyway.

a) rescue b) envy c) betray d) appreciate

3. We are almost late. Let’s take … taxi.

a) the b) a c) an d) --

4. My roommate is a real chatterbox. If she doesn’t stop talking in a minute, we …again, I’m afraid.

a) have quarreled b)will quarrel c)quarrel d)are quarrelling

5. I’m not all right. It was stuffy in … bus.

a) -- b) an c) the d) a

6. I’ve known Tommy since our early childhood. He is a true friend. I can … him in any situation.

a) is relying on b) rely at c) has relied on d) rely on

7. I met my best friend on the day … I started school.

a) when b) since c) for d) while

2. Read the words and find their definitions.

1) to support a) someone who reads a lot

2) to ignore b) to demonstrate disagreement

3) to quarrel c) not to pay attention to

4) to avoid d) to save somebody

5) a fusser e) to keep away from something or somebody

6) a bookworm f) someone who worries a lot about everything

7) to rescue g) to help, to assist

3. Choose the right variant of the main verb: Active or Passive Voice.

1) Somebody (ask) me on the phone every evening.

a) asks b) asked c) is asked

2) I (lose) my exercise-book last week.

a) was lost b) lost c) lose

3) We (advise) not to go out alone by the policeman yesterday.

a) advise b) were advised c) advised

4) Who (use) my new car at the moment?

a) uses b) is being used c) is using

5) The children (take) to the museums next week.

a) will be taken b) were taken c) will take

6) The theatre (close) last summer.

a) closed b) was closed c) were closed

Test 2 variant 9 th

1. Choose the right option and fill in the gaps.

1.You shouldn’t be rude to people who are trying to help you. … advice if you don’t like it, but behave yourself.

a)ignore b)deserve c)confess d)follow

2. Would you like to go by … airplane or by … train?

a) a, a b) --, -- c) an, a d) an, an

3. Nobody except us knew about the plan. It means that the person who …us is here in this room.

a) had betrayed b)betray c)has betrayed d)was betrayed

4. I envy her because she is so good at languages. She … Italian for only a year and can already speak it perfectly.

a) have been learning b) had learnt c) has been learning d) was learning

5.When the fire began, I found out that the door was locked. It was my roommate who … me from the fire.

a) rescued b) has rescued c) had been rescuing d) rescues

6.Wherever we live and … language we speak we all need friends.

a) whoever b) however c) whatever d) whenever

7. The trip was tiring and … ship was three hours late.

a) the b) a c) -- d) an

2. Read the words and find their definitions.

1) a chatterbox a) to have a bad feeling towards somebody

2) a bore b) to be grateful for something

3) to appreciate c) to earn something by actions

4) to betray d) someone who is boring

5) to deserve e) to behave dishonestly towards a person who believes you

6) to envy f) someone who talks too much

7) incredible g) it’s hard to believe

3. Choose the right variant of the main verb: Active or Passive Voice.

1) The man (ask) what language I was speaking.

a) asks b) was asked c) asked

2) I (ask) many questions by my friends after the lesson.

a) will ask b) am asked c) will be asked

3) They (tell) to bring back books every day.

a) are being told b) are told c) told

4) I think he (find) the address already.

a) has found b) found c) has been found

5) This house (build) in the 17th century.

a) built b) is built c) was built

6) My mother (do) a lot of work every day.

a) is doing b) is done c) does

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