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Автор курса: Логинова Наталья Геннадьевна, кандидат педагогических наук, учитель высшей категории. Начало обучения новой группы: 27 сентября.

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Лексико-грамматический тест за 1 четверть по теме Healthy life, 9 класс


Lexical and grammar test for the 1st term for the 9th grades.

Variant I

Lexical tasks

  1. The opposite of “fat”.

  2. A kind of clothes for physical activities.

  3. The same as “very big, huge”.

  4. Treatment of illnesses without drugs or operations.

  5. The synonym of “regularly”.

  6. To be patient.

  7. A TV program in which people try to win prizes by answering questions.

  8. The opposite of “a guest”.

  9. An adjective meaning “having too many people”.

  10. A place of playing football.

Put in the correct pre"; line-height: 100%"> Some teenagers worry too much … their weight.

Using elevators … … stairs contribute … our inactivity.

When Mary comes to Liverpool, she usually stays … her friends’.

People have a very relaxed attitude … exercise.

Jerry spends much time … keeping fit.

Explain the idiom with the help of English:

  1. To have a sweet tooth.

Put in the correct tense form:

  1. Liza (to go) to French classes 3 times a week.

  2. Chinese (to speak) by the most people in the world.

  3. Look! They (to jog).

  4. Telephone (to invent) by Alexander Bell.

  5. Yesterday Mary (to have) a medical check-up.

  6. John Lennon (not to sing) on stage when he was killed.

  7. Her aunt (to retire) this year.

  8. His back hurts because he (to work) in the garden.

  9. Susan was excited because she (to win) the prize.

  10. She couldn’t go abroad, her passport (to lose).

  11. The professor (to examine) this group for two hours already.

  12. Ann was so happy because her article (to print) in the newspaper.

  13. He was sure that he (to see) them before.

  14. The thief (to arrest) by the time the Smiths returned from holiday.

Lexical and grammar test for the 1st term for the 9th grades

Variant II

Lexical tasks

  1. The same as “tasty”.

  2. A kind of lifestyle requiring sitting or little activity.

  3. To make high, to lift.

  4. The same as “fit”.

  5. The synonym of “to make better”.

  6. To make low, to make smaller.

  7. A TV information about what is happening in the world.

  8. The opposite of “noisy”.

  9. Bad, unhealthy food.

  10. To take something for some time.

Put in the correct pre"; line-height: 100%"> Laughing has a similar effect … to physical exercise.

They are keen ... detective stories.

My guests are still staying ... me.

The lights go out … 10 o’clock … the evening.

Explain the idiom with the help of English:

  1. An apple in one’s eyes.

Put in the correct tense form:

  1. The sun (to rise) in the east.

  2. Mary (to translate) an article now.

  3. Tennis (to play) on a court.

  4. His father (to take) to hospital three days ago.

  5. Gagarin (to fly) to space in 1961.

  6. When she came in, the doctor (to examine) a patient.

  7. She already (to meet) her friends today.

  8. They are tired because they (to practice) tennis for a long time.

  9. My teacher was angry because I (not to do) my hometask.

  10. She was glad that her room (to clean).

  11. Dan (to lead) a healthy lifestyle since 13.

  12. David was angry because his documents (to steal).

  13. When he came to the office, Mr White already (to sign) the contract.

  14. Pete (to eat) his breakfast by the time the letter arrived.

  15. After he (to speak) to his friend, he telephoned his parents.

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