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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Лексико-грамматическое тестирование по английскому языку на тему "Причастие" (11 класс, I четверть)

Лексико-грамматическое тестирование по английскому языку на тему "Причастие" (11 класс, I четверть)

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  1. Замени глаголы в скобках на причастие I и переведи их на русский язык.

  1. (Know) the right answer, one should answer as quickly as possible.

  2. (Smile) people make friends easily.

  3. Students (graduate) from our local university, return to schools as teachers.

  4. People (watch) soap operas are wasting their time.

  5. (Come) to a new class, one has to learn and follow all the unwritten rules.

  6. (Meet) people, it’s important to create a good impression.

  7. (Be) good at school, one is sure to get into any university he chooses.

  1. Выбери правильное слово и дополни предложение.

  1. Ann worked extremely hard to _________ this university.

  1. graduate b) get into c) admit

  1. There is a high ________ for places, so many applicants will be disappointed.

  1. exam b) requirements c) competition

  1. Kate is ________ school this year, so she needs to decide what she wants to do next.

  1. graduating b) getting into c) leaving

  1. I don’t think she has any _______ yet. She is an undergraduate student.

  1. Bachelor of Arts b) degree c) Master of Arts

  1. I want to impress my examiners, so I am taking a lot of ________ exams.

  1. compulsory b) entrance c) optional

  1. If you are interested in this university, you can ________ online.

  1. apply b) write c) send

  1. Those British students, who want to get into colleges, take _______ exams.

  1. A-level b) USE c) SAT

  1. I am not surprised Pete ________ his exam. He hadn’t done any revision.

  1. resat b) failed c) took

  1. This student surprised everybody by her unusually high _______. Her teachers were very pleased. a) success b) references c) grades

  1. Открой скобки и употреби причастие II.

  1. (Read) ______ newspapers were left on the table.

  2. The teacher, (disappoint) _________ by the results of our test, gave us a lot of homework.

  3. (Bore) _______ , the boy ate everything he could find.

  4. A man, (call) _______ Sam, is going to come and collect this box.

  5. The tree, (fall) _______ in the storm, lay in the middle of the road.

  6. (Address) ________ so kindly, the poor little girl raised her eyes and smiled.

  7. Secretly (follow) _______ in the act by the police, the criminal entered the house.

  8. (Tell) _______ to come earlier, he arrived an hour in advance of the meeting.

  9. The milk, (buy) _______ three days ago, is still fresh.

  1. Переведи предложения на русский язык.

  1. Found in the street, the dog was very dirty.

  2. The chair, fixed by your son, was one hundred years old.

  3. Punished by his parents, Ron spent his holidays at home.

  4. Warned by her mother, she never spoke about the accident.

  5. Excited by the news, the boy ran home screaming.

  6. Built by his great-grandfather, this house has stood here for a century.

  7. Put in the water, the boat started to sink.

  8. Lost in the woods, he could not find the way home.

  9. Met at the station, he looked tired and upset.

  10. She read an e-mail sent by her son.

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