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Лексико-грамматическое тестирование по английскому языку на тему "Сложное дополнение с причастием настоящего времени" (11 класс, III четверть)

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Лексико – грамматическое тестирование по английскому языку в 11 кл. (IIIчетверть)

  1. Open the brackets using Conditional Type II.

  1. If she (phone) me yesterday, we (go) to the cinema.

  2. I (be) happy if it (be) summer.

  3. If I (be) you, I (watch) the film next week.

  4. She (forgive) him if he (apologize).

  5. They (buy) the house if she (agree) to sell it.

  6. If we (be) friends, he (invite) me to his birthday party.

  7. If I (have) her address, I (give) it to you.

  8. I (lend) you the money if I (have) it.

  9. I (help) you if you (ask) me.

  10. I (ask) him to lend me the money if I (see) him.

  1. Translate the sentences into Russian.

  1. I heard the bell ringing.

  2. My friends saw you leaving the house.

  3. Nobody noticed Tom taking the book.

  4. I heard her opening the door.

  5. I felt something touching my face.

  1. Use the correct form of the word.

  1. A lot of people (KNOWLEDGE) about ecological problems in China.

  2. (GLOBE) organisations deal with the problems that can’t be solved by one country.

  3. This book will be (AVAILABILITY) next week. Come and check on Monday.

  4. The (COMPETE) for the best garden in the village was won by Alicia Robertson.

  5. Scientists are talking about the (DEVELOP) of a new communications system.

  6. The (DIFFER) between me and you is that I know and you don’t.

  7. A lot of European countries are (DEPENDENT).

  8. People who speak two languages equally well are called (LINGUAL).

  9. We are proud of our amazing (ACHIEVE) in nuclear physics.

  10. A (WEALTH) businessman bought this house for five million dollars.

  1. Choose the right option to complete the sentences.

  1. He gave me (two pieces of advice/two advices).

  2. This girl would be perfect for this job, but we need someone with more (experience/experiences).

  3. The news (is/are) great! Let’s listen to (it/them) all together.

  4. The girl was nice and her clothes (was/were) expensive.

  5. All her family (is/are) on holiday at the moment. You can phone (it/them) this week.

  6. Give me (a pair of trousers/trousers).

  7. She’s got seven (childs/children).

  8. Please bring me (another/some other) water.

  9. I like (fruit/fruits), but I’m not keen on (vegetables/vegetable).

  10. I need (some/an) information about this incident.

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