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Конкурс "Я люблю природу"

LESSON19-20: In the news

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LESSON19-20: In the news

School: Kanonerka school

Date: 14.11.2016/16.11.2016

Teachers: Aigerim Bolatbekkyzy Zainkabylova


Number present: absent:

Learning objectives(s)

that this lesson is

contributing to

Words for topics in the news

Grammar: present perfect (+just, yet, already), been and gone; present perfect and past simple; offer and suggestions

Topics in news

Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:

  • Talk about things people have and haven’t done

Most learners will be able to:

  • Describe recent events; offer to help and make suggestions

Some learners will be able to:

  • Write an email giving their news; make a radio report

Language objective

Key words and phrases: crime, health, politics, sport, famous people, war and peace, the environment, the weather, equipment, report

Previous learning


Planed timing

Planned activities (replace the notes below with your



Greeting: Good morning! How are you? Sit down, please

T: Who is on duty today?

P: I’m on duty today

T: Who is absent today?

P: Today is absent…(All are present)

T: Thanks! Sit down!

planned activities)


Open your book on page 50. Exercise 1 match the topics with the sentences from the newspaper. You’ve got two minutes

  1. Health

  2. The weather

  3. War and peace

  4. Famous people

  5. Crime

  6. The environment

  7. Sport

  8. Politics

Listen and check. Which topics are you interested in? which ones do you think are the most important

Exercise 2 listen and repeat the words

Exercise 3 cover the text and listen to Danny’s email. Which of these topics are mentioned

Danny’s neighbours, school, sport, Danny’s family

Listen again and follow in your book. Then complete the sentences using words from Danny’s email

  1. He’s had four tests at school

  2. They’ve gone to Thailand on holiday

  3. He’s just won a big maths competition

  4. Winston and Lorina have had another baby

  5. Been there a few times

  6. The football has just started on TV

Exercise 5 complete the sentences with the present perfect form of these verbs

  1. ve forgotten

  2. ve tried

  3. s gone

  4. Has/’s started

  5. Has/’s had

  6. s bought

Exercise 6 what can you say about the photos?

Listen to the news and match the news items with the photos: 2,1,5,3,4

Read the questions, then listen again and find the answers

  1. For a meeting

  2. On an island in the Indian Ocean

  3. A million dollars

  4. Four

  5. It’ll/it’s going to rain

Exercise 7 write an email to a friend or relative telling them your news

Open your book on page 52 look at the photo and read about the WEEE Man. What other things did Paul Bonomini use, do you think?

What do people do with electrical equipment when they don’t want it any more?

Exercise 2. Listen to the interview and follow in your book. Have Paul and Martha got everything they need?(No, they haven’t)

Read the conversation again. Then ask and answer the questions

  1. No, they haven’t

  2. Yes, they have

  3. Yes, they have

  4. No, they haven’t

  5. Yes, they have

Exercise 4 for each picture, make one sentence with already and one sentence with yet

  1. He’s already started his science project. He hasn’t finished it yet.

  2. They’ve already taken their exams. They haven’t had their result yet

  3. He’s already washed the pans. He hasn’t tidied the kitchen yet

  4. She’s already eaten her lunch. She hasn’t finished her coffee yet

Complete the sentences using the present perfect or the past simple. Work with a friend and practice the conversation

  1. ve already eaten

  2. Ate

  3. Did you come

  4. Came

  5. Have you seen

  6. Saw

  7. Did you go

  8. Went

Exercise 5 choose at least three situation and make an offer or a suggestion. Use Shall I/we…? Why don’t we/you…? Or I/You/We could…

  1. Shall I do the washing up?

  2. Shall we have a game of cards?

  3. Why don’t we make an omelette?

  4. We could buy her a gold necklace

  5. You could stay here and sleep on the sofa

Exercise 6 prepare the radio report about Paul and Martha. Say what they’ve already done and what they haven’t done yet. Then read your to a friend


Now open your diary and write down your homework WB

Stand up! The lesson is over! Good bye!

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