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Lesson plan for the 7 grade

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Lesson Pan

The 7 “ch” grade

Theme of the lesson: “My future profession”

The objectives of the lesson:

  • Students will be able to use vocabulary of the lesson in simple tenses.

  • Students will be able to read and discuss the text of the lesson.

  • Students will be able to pronounce letter combinations “ear, sion, th “

The type of the lesson: Combined.

Organizing moment of the lesson:

  • Warm up. ( describe today’s weather based on PPT pictures, say what kind of weather you enjoy most)

Homework checkup:

  • Students work with cards where tasks are given on the previous vocabulary.

  • Two students pair work where they should pot the sentences in order and role-play the dialogue.

  • Four students work in a group, they unscramble the letters and make up as many words they can.

  • Two students work on a worksheet “match the words with pictures”

Conclude the previous theme:

What profession is it? (teacher describes professions and students should guess what profession it is)

New material:

  • Name profession. What professions do you know? Which profession is the most difficult? Which profession is the most interesting? Which profession would to like to choose in the future?

  • Pronounce and write down vocabulary of the lesson.

  • Read the text “My future profession” and discuss it. Work on the pronunciations.

  • Students give their opinion on the text: difficult, easy, interesting, boring.

Consolidate learnt material:

  • Fill in the missing blanks (students are given worksheets where they insert the missing words from the text.

  • Check up the task ( students check each other’s work, then turn in to a teacher)

  • Match the sentences.

  • Toss the ball and review today’s vocabulary.


  • Short essay “My future profession” 100 words. ( excellent mark, A)

  • give the names of 5 profession that you think interesting ( good mark B, C)

Sum up the lesson:

Students evaluate the lesson, they are given green (lesson was interesting), yellow (lesson was little difficult ), and red ( I couldn’t learn any new thing) stickers, they make their choice and give to teacher their stickers.

Teacher evaluates the students!

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