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Lesson plan "My English friend" (5 class)

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Date: 14.10.2014

Class: 5 A

Theme: My English friend


To master new lexis and its use in speech; to enrich pupil’s knowledge.

To develop pupil’s skills and habits in monologue speech through asking questions; to develop the pupil’s speaking, listening and writing habits.

To teach pupils to known English a day in their life


*To check your grammar knowledge

*To introduce new lexis

*To bring-up the self discipline

The methods : question – answer, explanation ,presentation.

The type: mixed

Visual aids: the interactive board, slides, pictures, textbook

I. Organizational moment

-Good afternoon pupils!

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What day is it today?

What date is it today?

II. Let’s check your Home task. What was your home task for today?

Exercise 14 p 54

III. New material

My dear , we today talk about «My English friend »

T: Today we have a very interesting topic for speaking. Read the title of the lesson and tell me what are we going to speak about?

T: Children, today we are going to speak about My English friend.

Firstly, we should revise all words & phrases we need.

We’ ll take interviews about daily routine. We’ ll speak about our typical days, favourite days We’ll do grammar exercises and use “ Present Simple”. Speak about daily routine, activities in your free time .


my [ mai] – менің

his [hiz ] – оның (ер адамның)

her [ hә:]- оның ( әйел адамның)

english [iŋgliʃ ]-ағылшын

nationality [ næʃәnæliti]-ұлт

Guessing game

rifdne– friend

sheglin– english

anme– name

tlepeenoh– telephone

shi- his

Exercise 1.

  • Who is this?

  • What is her/his name?

  • What is her/his address?

  • Where is he/she from?

  • What is her/his telephone number?

  • What’s his/her nationality?

The present simple tense

I am He

YOU She is

WE are It


-Take away

30-12=18 Thirty take away twelve is eighteen









Conclusion of the lesson

My name is England

I am 5 A

I am in 10

I am from 4 57 23

My address is Andy

My telephone number is Baker street

Your home task:

To learn by heard new words

Write a project “My English friend”

Giving mark

The end of the lesson

School 219 named by Y. Altynsarin

Modal lesson

Class: 5 “a”

Theme: “My English friend”

Teacher: Ibraeva Shynar

Date: 14.10.2014


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