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Lesson plan "Omar likes English" (5 class)

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Secondary school №37

Opening lesson

Theme :“Omar likes English

(the 5 th a” grade)

Teacher of English: Zh.Kurmanbayeva

Aktobe – 2014 s. y


Aims: to develop students’ oral speech through speaking, listening, reading skills, to train the new vocabulary activities on the theme.

The type: combined

Methods: dialogue teaching, interaction, individual, pair and group work, the methods of critical thinking strategies, making presentation, posters.

Expected results: they will be able to use the Present Simple Tense, work creativity, develop their oral speech through conversation practice, compare their own work and share ideas.

Procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment.


- Good morning pupils!

- Good morning teacher.

- How are you?

- We are very well. Thank you and you?

- I’m very well, thank you.


a)Dividing the class into 3 groups with colored sweets

I have got some yellow, red and green colour sweets and I want to divide you into three groups by sweets.

- Araі, do you like sweet?

- yes, I do

- What colour do you like sweet?

- I like red.

- Please, take it. All pupils choose and take their favorite colour sweet and find their group.

b) Warming up. Sing the song “I like fish”

Pupils listen, sing and move.

I like fish, I like fish I like apples, I like apples

Daniel, do you like it, too? Tina, do you like them, too

Oh, I don’t know Oh, I don’t know

Let me thing Let me think.

Yes, I do. I like it, too Yes, I do. I like them, too!


II. Check up of the homework

a) Solving of the crossword.

1.The fourth day of week.

2.The sixth day of week.

3.The third day of week.

4. The fifth day of week.

5. The second day of week.

6.The first day of week.

b) Essay “ My computer”

Pupils read their essay on the “Author’s chair”.


III. Grammar revision: “Present Simple Tense”

Pupils’ presentation: making posters

Next to revise Present Simple Tense. I have three tasks for each group. “The Use” is for the first group, you will write the roles and structure. The second group will make poster and write forms of Present Simple Tense. The third group will draw pictures and write examples.

I’ll give you 5 minutes to be ready.

Tasks: a) The Use

b) The Form

c) Giving examples


VI. Reading: act out, continue and make a dialogue.

Open your books at page 91 Ex:2 I’ll read the dialogue. Please listen to me attentively. Then translate into Kazakh all together.

Omar likes English”

Colin: What subjects do you like?

Omar: I like English and Maths. And what subjects do you like, Colin?

Colin: I like Computer Studies, Geography and science.

Omar: Are you good at Science?

Colin: Yes, I am. Do you like Science?

Omar: No, I don’t

I’ll give you three tasks for each group.


Tasks: a) Role play the dialogue

b) Continue the dialogue.

c) Make up the dialogue.

I’ll give 5 minutes to be ready.

VI I. Make the poems using phrases “ I like ..., I don’t like ..., I’m good at ....

Pupils talk about your subjects (Maths, English, Russian, Biology, Geography, History, Kazakh, P.E, Literature, Hand Wood, Computer Studies) using the phrases“ I like ..., I don’t like ...,

I’m good at .... . I’ll give you 5 minutes to be ready.


VI I I. Giving marks

X I. Giving home tasks.

X. The lesson is over, thank you!

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