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Lesson plan "Vocabulary builder" (10th grade)

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Kyzylorda region, Shiely district

English teacher of

45 “Ak Orda” school-gymnasium

Kussepova Gulzat Tungushbaevna


ІV quarter

Grade: 10 “A”

45 minutes

Subject: English

The theme

Vocabulary builder

The aims of the lesson

  • To learn metaphors;

  • To work with confusable words according to the unit;

  • To teach them to work in pairs.

The expected result

  • They will know metaphors;

  • They will be able to use confusable words correctly;

  • Students will be able to work in pairs.

The main idea

They will learn metaphors and work with confusable words. They will do exercises according to them and assess their knowledge on it.


The environment

Grammatical referencing (FCE Reading Part 2)


The future (2): future perfect (simple and continuous), future continuous

Vocabulary builder

Key topic vocabulary, confusable words, metaphors (ideas)


Understanding purpose (FCE Listening Part 3), Soundbite: /o/ and u/


Expressing attitude and opinion (FCE Speaking Part 3)

Use of English

Transferred negation, word formation (FCE Use of English Part 3)

Working model

Using prompts


Formal letter/ email


Warm up “Get warmed-up” – 5 min

Pair work “Complete the definitions” – 10 min

Pair work “Complete the phrases” – 10 min

Individual work “Circle the correct word” – 8 min

Individual work “Complete the sentences” – 7 min

Expressions – 5 min


From the beginning till the end of the lesson they will check with correct answers and assess with criteria

Criteria (descriptions according to their skills form 0 till 3 points)

    • Vocabulary knowledge

  1. Definitions

  2. Phrases

  3. Correct form of the word

  4. Vocabulary


Work Book exercises

Teacher’s notes about the lesson (what will teacher and students do during the lesson?)

  1. Introduction

  1. greeting the pupils

  2. ch.up the attendance

  3. Getting warmed up

  • Dividing the class into groups (two groups)

Divide the students into two groups with using picture pieces. They should choose one of the papers on the table, where they see the part of the whole picture. Everyone who has the part of it will be in one team.

  1. Pair work “Complete the definitions”

I Complete the definitions using the words in the box.

survive • extinct • green • countryside • litter • endangered • fumes • pollution • farmland

1 If you .,……………. you continue to exist in spite of difficulties.

2 If a species is ……………… there is a possibility that it could disappear.

3 The …………… is made up of the natural areas outside towns and cities.

4 Cars produce …………… , which are gases that damage the environment.

5 If you are ………….. , you care about the environment and try to help protect it.

6 The areas where plants are grown and animals are raised for food are known as …………..

7 If an animal becomes ………………… it disappears forever from the world.

8 Chemicals that damage the environment are known generally as - ………………

9 Rubbish that people drop in the streets is called …………..

  1. Pair work “Complete the Phrases”

Complete the phrases with a word from the box.

friendly • lover • bank • bin • species • acid

a place to leave your bottles to be recycled: bottle ....

a kind of animal that is threatened with extinction: endangered

not damaging the environment: environmentally

someone who cares about the natural world: nature

a kind of rain that carries harmful chemicals: rain

a small container in the street for people to put rubbish in: litter

  1. Individual work “Circle the correct word”

Circle the correct word in each sentence.

1 You can't wear your favourite sweater because it isn't clear/dean.

2 We could see for miles because it was such a dear/dean day.

3 Do you think you could bring/take me to the bottle bank?

4 Could you bring/take my books with you when you come to my house?

5 My cousin is giving/taking a biology exam this afternoon.

6 I hope I pass/take First Certificate with a good grade.

  1. Individual work “Complete the sentences”

When we talk about ideas, we sometimes use words or phrases that have a connection with plants. Complete the sentences with words from the box.

grow • grow on • roots • fruitful

1 I didn't really like the idea of recycling plastic at first, but it's beginning to ……………. me.

2 The idea of writing protest letters had its ……………… in a discussion we had in class.

3 We had a very …………………… discussion about the local environmental problems and we came up with a lot of ideas.

4 Tisa suggested recycling everything we use at home and the idea seemed to just …………from there, really!

  1. Expression of students about the lesson hello_html_m6828e8fd.png

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