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Lesson plan: Modal verbs



Lesson Plan

Modal verbs

Name of trainee

Class name (or number) Level Pre-Intermediate

Number of students

Date Duration of lesson


Modal verbs expressing deductions must, could, might, can’t

Sub aims

Listening for gist and for detail

Talking about the cultural meaning of clothes


Clothes vocabulary, adjectives (old/new…), asking questions (yes/no response)

Expected problems

The usage of modal verbs (positive/negative) could+V


New English Millenium” (Student’s book), CD-recording, set of pictures



Warm up

5 min Answer the questions.

What clothes do you prefer wearing? Why?

What styles in clothes do you know? Name them, please.

Can you describe each of them?

5 min Input/Presentation





Practice 1 Individual work, whole class work

10 min Read Charlie’s opinion about Tracy and answer the questions

Tracy must be at school. She’s 15. She likes wearing sporty clothes, so she might be a tennis player. Perhaps she could be a rock music fan. Sha can’t be an aggressive type of person. She has a charming smile.

  1. Is Charlie sure that Tracy is a pupil?

  2. Why does Charlie think that she is not aggressive?

  3. Is it true that people who wear sporty clothes always do sports?

  4. Is there any evidence that Tracy loves rock music or it is a guess?

  5. Ask students why when talkin about TracyCharlie uses different modal verbs. Allow enough time for students to think and come up to the ideathat they show how sure he is about what he says.


Look at the people again and say where they must/could/might be going to.

10 min Practice 2 Individual work


Listen to the interviews with the teenagers and find out if their style shows their character or not. Fill the table.


Yes / No





To practice listening for detail we should define if each sentence is true or false.

1. Andy might be a DJ.

2. Andy must love to be the centre of attention as he wears very bright clothes and has a funny hairdo.

3. Sarah must be indifferent to what her classmates think of her clothes. She doesn’t follow fashion.

4. Sam can’t be sporty. He wears glasses.

5. Sam might like casual clothes on Sundays.

6. Laura must be from a rich family because she wears expensive clothes.

Now we should listen to the tape being careful and paying attention to the information which is given in the exercise.

10 min Production Speaking


In groups of three or four discuss the statements from the box. Each group should choose a statement and make a report according to the plan.



1. People are what they wear

2. Clothes never tell the truth.

3. The right choice of clothes helps a lot.

1. Say which of the statements you agree/disagree with.

2. Explain why you agree/disagree.

3. Give examples from your personal experience to illustrate your opinion.

4. Give advice to other teenagers on how to choose what to wear.

A representative of each group reports on the results of their discussion.


Does the right choice of clothes help a lot?


Tell about your attitude according one of the statements.


1. People are what they wear

2. Clothes never tell the truth.


Краткое описание документа:

The main purpose of your lesson is to teach'something' to your learners in such a way that by the end of the lesson they will have demonstrated a skill or knowledge they did not have at the beginning of the lesson. It is important to use a range of methods, materials and activities to ensure the learning outcomes are fully achieved. When planning a lesson you should look at what the students and the teacher will be doing at different stages of the lesson. This is important so that you prepare a variety of FOCUS. That means the students are not facing the teacher, listening to the teacher all the time. We have discussed this in many different sections of the course and it is fundamental to good lesson preparation and planning.


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