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Level: 7th grade Theme: Healthy food and unhealthy food

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«Checked up»

Deputy of study:


Level: 7th grade

Theme: Healthy food and unhealthy food

Presentation of the lesson about healthy and unhealthy food word building

To develop the pupils habits of the oral speech , to develop pupils creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading and writing, grammar and lexical skills

to bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom to learn new words

Type of the lesson: combined lesson

Parts of the lesson



Teacher’s action of management

Cognitive action of students

Visual aids, resources


І part

1. Organization moment: greeting the students.

2.Dividing the class into groups.

3. Checking-up home work:

- greeting;
- to check the attendance of pupils;
- to pay pupils attention to the lesson;
- to check the preparation of the lesson;
Student’s activity
- greeting;
- acting on duty;
to prepare for the lesson;
ІІ. Checking up the home task

Write all the foods that you know

What foods are good for you?

What foods are bad for you?

-Morning! We are fine!

Group: “1” and “2”

Answer the questions

English book

Presentation of the lesson

ІІ part.

Read and Remember!

- Explain the meaning of verbs.

Read, translate and learn.

Use the method “Snowball”


Main part

ІІІ part


Exercise 6 Now read the text and see how many of your words you can find

«Thousands of teenagers are overweight», says Health Farm manager Mr. White, «many teenagers often do not know how to eat well and stay healthy, like Karen».

2. Karen was 13 years old. She weighed 110 kilos and was 1.55 m tall. Karen usually had a large bowl of cereal with a few spoons of sugar for breakfast. At school she always bought chocolate at break time and every lunch time she had fried chickens and chips. In the evening Karen usually had more fried food after she often ate a packet of biscuits or a box of chocolates in front of the television. She sometimes went out for a take-away Chinese meal or pizza before going to bed. Karen never ate any fruit and she rarely had fresh vegetables. Her main exercise was changing the TV channel or opening the fridge door…


2.Find The Future Continuous Tense


Physical minute

ІУ part

Grammar Practice

Comment on the use of the Word building

Use the method of “Fishbone”


poster, markers


У part

Concluding the lesson.

Put questions for given answers.

Report your conclusion.


1 мин

УІ part

Evaluating by criteria of assessment.

Puts summative assessment.

-Give each other smiles and say their opinions. -The leader student evaluates the group.

Home assignment

1 мин

УІІ part


Ex. 12 p. 104

Explains homework.

Write on a diary.


Reflection of the lesson

1 мин

2 stars, 1 offer.

I like ……………
It seems ……………

During a lesson ……
My mood was ………
Methods of the lesson....................


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