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Т. Алия:


Now it is winter.

Let’s make a snowman

The ground is white,

Fat and nice. C:\Users\Gulik\Desktop\26.12.13\DSC_0119.JPG

It’s frosty, it’s cold, he has a red nose,

But the sun is very bright!

A big mouth, black eyes.

Let us play snowballs, he can see a white hill,

Skate and ski! He can see a white tree.

Well, we like winter,

And we like winter,

Don’t we? Doesn’t he?

Magician. Winter … It’s the most wonderful time. Dear guests! We are happy to see you today. We are going to celebrate Christmas and New Year tonight.

Enjoy our party with us!

(На сцене украшаем елку)

Angel 1: Christmas! A moment of magic in all our lives. It is a special time when we wish love, heath, happiness.

Angel 2: Americans celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. As you know, Christmas is a religious

holiday. Families come together to share their happiness, attend church, exchange presents.

Angel 1: The Christmas story comes from the Bible.


Magician. Alija, Could you like to tell it for us?

Angel 2: With great pleasure! Библия рассказывает нам интересную историю пастухов, которые пасли своих овец, когда к ним явился ангел. Он сказал им, что родился Спаситель в Вифлееме. Пастухи пошли туда чтобы самим увидеть Иисуса. Ребенок Иисус родился в конюшне. Его мать была Дева Мария, а отец был Иосиф. Библия говорит нам, как старейшины следовали за звездой, пока она не привела их к Иисусу. Старейшины подарили Иисусу много подарков. Так со дня рождения Иисус Христос, христиане празднуют Рождество.

Хамитова Лейсан:

Winter Morning” by Ogden NashC:\Users\Gulik\Desktop\26.12.13\DSC_0125.JPG

Winter is the king of showmen,

Turning tree stumps into snowmen

And houses into birthday cakes

And spreading sugar over lakes.

Smooth and clean and frosty white,

The word looks good enough to bite.

That’s the season to be young,

Catching snowflakes on your tongue.

Snow is so snowy when it’s snowing

I’m sorry when it’s going.

Magician. Have a look at our Christmas tree, dear children!

Angel 2: It is wonderful, isn’t it? You can see a lot of toys on it. The lights are red, blue, yellow,C:\Users\Gulik\Desktop\26.12.13\DSC_0127.JPG

green. On the top of the of the tree you can see an angel.



O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,

Your branches green delight us.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,

Your branches green delight us.

They’re green when summer days are bright.

They’re green when winter snow is white.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,

Your branches green delight us.

Magician. Thank you, Tansylu! You are excellent!

Christmas tree is becoming popular in England in 1840. People choose a tree and

decorate it with ornaments and lights.

Angel 1: Раньше вместо украшений на ветки елки вешали сладости, которые срывали детки. Именно конфеты и были подарками. На Новый год люди делают друг другу подарки, но везде это происходит по-разному.

Magician:Например, англичане и ирландцы кладут подарочки в носок, мексиканцы — в ботинок. Французы прячут их в дымоходе, а жители Испании — на балконе. В Германии подарки оставляют на подоконнике, а в Швеции — на печке. 

Х. Алия:



By Johnny MarksC:\Users\Gulik\Desktop\26.12.13\DSC_0129.JPG

A packful of toys means a sackful of joys.

For millions of girls and for millions of boys.

When Christmas day is here, the most wonderful

day of the year!

A scooter for Айнур, a dolly for Зульфия,

A train for Айрат, a plain for Алия.

A kitten for Залия, a puppy for Лейсан,

A lamb for Гулия, a boat for Ильдан.

A teddy for Гульзида, a bunny for Ильназ,

A car for Айдар, a fawn for Ринас.

When Christmas day is here, the most wonderful

day of the year!

Magician. Children, Christmas time is near. Santa will come here.

Angel 2: Christmas day will soon be here. We can hardly wait.

Angel 1: Santa will be coming, soon he will be coming, Christmas day will be here.

Magician. Are you ready for Christmas? (обращаясь к залу) Be good and Santa Claus will bring you presents.

Angel 2: Let’s call Santa together!!

Angel 1: A great idea came to you! Let’s sing a Santa song together.

Children (sing together):

Red hat

White beard

Twinkle in his eyes

Santa is his name – O




And Santa is his name, O!


The bells are ringing, Santa Claus comes in.

Santa Claus. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! What a wonderful tree!

Children. Welcome, Santa!!!

Santa, nice to meet you and let’s enjoy Christmas celebration together! C:\Users\Gulik\Desktop\26.12.13\DSC_0134.JPG

Santa Claus. I’d love to. December came and brought us joy and happiness of Christmas Day. Talk and laugh, dance and sing, and have a fun, Christmas is a pleasant time.

Яруллина Гулия:

Afternoon in evening”

by Henry LongfellowC:\Users\Gulik\Desktop\26.12.13\DSC_0137.JPG

The day is ending,

The night is descending

The marsh is frozen,

The river’s dead.

Through clouds like ashes

The sun flashes

On villages windows

That glimmer red.

The snow recommences;

The buried fences

Mark no longer

The road o’er the plain.

Х. Алия: Look! It’s snowing! Fantastic!!!

T. Алия: All the ground is covered with snow!

Magician: What lovely snowflakes!

Snowflake 1 (Залия):

How quietly the snow

Is falling on the ground.

It’s falling on the country-side

And softly on the town.

Tiny stars are falling

From the sky tonight,

They fall softly on the ground

All are still and white.




See the pretty snowflakes,

Falling from the sky,

On the wall and house-tops,

Thick and soft they lie.

On the window-ledges,

On the branches bare

See how fast they gather,

Filling all the air.

Snowflake 3


Look into the garden,

Where the grass was green,

Covered by the snowflake

Not a leaf is seen.

Now the bare black bushes

All look soft and white;

See the snowflakes falling

What a pretty sight

T. Алия: Oh, how much snow!

Х. Алия: Let’s make a new snowman! Come here, dear friends.

(Выходят Ляйля, Ильзида. Делаем снеговика)


We have made a snowman

Big and round, big and round.

We shall put a snowman

On the ground, on the ground.

Let’s pretend that he’s a clown,

He’s a clown, he ’s a clown.

Children, don’t knock him down,

Don’t knock him down,

Don’t knock him down.



I wish I were a snowman

So big and white and round.

I’d never have to clean my teeth,

Or go to bed at night.

But may be Mister Snowman

Is wishing he were me?

For I’ll be here

When summer comes,

But where will the snowman be?

Santa Claus. Dear friends, I’m very sorry, I must go. I enjoyed your Christmas party very much. I had a wonderful time. I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Children: Merry Christmas to you, Santa Claus!

Children sing :

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”.

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas

And Happy New Year!

Santa Claus. Remember to be good! Bye Bye!

Children: Goodbye, Santa Claus!

Magician: New Year is coming soon. Согласно древнему китайскому календарю, наступит период синей, деревянной Лошади. Этот год будет весьма напористым, по-настоящему интересным и очень динамичным.

Гульзида - New Year

I’m a little New Year, ho, ho, ho!

Here I am jumping over the snow,

Shaking my bells with a merry din —

So open your door and let me in!

Some shall have silver and some have gold.

Some shall have new clothes and some shall have old.

Some shall have brass and some shall have tin —

So open your doors and let me in.

Magician: A merry, merry Christmas to you,

A merry, merry Christmas to all our friends

Wherever they may be.

Angel 2: A merry, merry Christmas to school, And to our teachers, too.C:\Users\Gulik\Desktop\26.12.13\DSC_0143_cr.jpg

Angel 1: A merry, merry Christmas to everyone,

And I wish all wishes come true.

Together: Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!


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