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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Marriage ( урок на тему Брак)
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Marriage ( урок на тему Брак)


Тақырыбы : Тема : “marriage

Сабақтың түрі: Тип урока : Изучение нового материала

Оқыту мен тәрбиелеудің міндеттері :

Учебно –воспитательные задачи : познакомить учащихся с темой «Marriage»

1. Білімдігі –Образовательные : совершенствовать умение читать с извлечением конкретной информации, развивать умение читать с детальным пониманием (развивать умения понимать значение новых лексических единиц по контексту); .

2. Дамытушылык –Развивающие : развивать готовность к коммуникации, умение делать вывод из прочитанного, способность к распределению внимания, способность к осмыслению восприятия, способности делать выводы из прочитанного через работу с текстами “Early Marriage”

3. Тәрбиелік-Воспитательные: формировать этические отношения между юношами и девушками, осознание ответственности за поступки, развитие самосознания и ценностной ориентации.

Оснащение урока: раздаточный материал с текстами “Early Marriage”.

Сабақ проблемасы : /Проблема урока : научить учащихся говорить по теме

Білуі керек :/Знать : стандартный набор слов по теме

Игере алуы керек: /Уметь: использовать вокабуляр по теме

Куралөжабдыктар , кернекі кұралдар:

Оборудование, наглядные пособия :презентация, карточки.

Пәнаралық байланыс: /Межпредметные связи : человек и общество

Үй жұмысы :/Дом.задание: Ex.1.p.138. make snts

Этапы урока



2.Тема и цели урока

3. Pre reading activity

4 Reading activity

А) работа по тексту

B) True/false statements

8. Итог урока


Hello, students! Today the theme of our lesson is: «marriage».

А теперь внимательно послушайте и переведите цели нашего урока:

Today we shall learn about early marriage, learn the vocabulary on the topic, develop reading skills, you’ll answer questions and know + and- of early marriage.

Now I‘d like to offer you to speak about marriage. What items can we discuss talking on this topic?


Early marriage Material support


 Intensive reading

Please, sit to the right those who are for early marriage and to the left who are against it.

Let’s us read the texts about early marriage. The first one is for, the second is against it.

Strong Argument Against Early Marriages  

Early marriages. Are they happy ones or not? Do these people realize the responsibility when making a proposal of marriage? My answer is No - early marriages can damage our life. Only rarely do marriages in youth end up happily. The majority of them break down in a year or two. To my point of view young couples who decide to marry early don’t have enough consciousness to realize what they are doing. They have a vague understanding of the word “marriage” and only some young people can say that they are ready for a long relationship with the beloved one. Marriages is a serious step in life and requires a lot of courage and responsibility from the person who makes such a decision the majority of couples think that the desire and passion in love are enough reason to turn a new unknown page in there future. But very soon two lovers find out that they lack experience in a family life. The experience means that they, future husband or wife, should have or find out in the bottom of their soul peace, reverence, responsibility endurance and desire for the compromise after long arguments with each other. I think this is something that matters if you want to build a strong and happy family and unfortunately only a few of us possess these qualities at early age. Furthermore, at the age of 18–23 young people have a lot of carreer plans and hopes for a prosperous life in the future and they are full of energy and optimism to fulfil their plans. When you become a father you don’t have time for continuing your education and have to begin earning money to provide for the upbringing of a child. Pregnant ladies have to stop studying and pay attention to their help, as hectic life is rather dangerous for their future child. After a long break of half a year (or even more) it is almost impossible to return to studying and you have to care of your lovely baby. Then the young couple becomes completely dependent financially on their parents who on their part try to control their capricious children and interfere in their life of the newly-weds. Some guys marry to avoid the army.

Early Marriage

The generation of today’s young people often shocks their grandparents: smoking and drinking openly; magazines with naked girls and muscular boys, kissing in public and listening to music – all that can drive the old mad. Add to this list early marriages, and the picture we’ve got nothing to do with the life of the young 50 years ago. Or does it?

I do agree that smoking, drinking and so on were not as popular before as they are now; but marriages, when the boys and girls under 30, were a common thing. If we go further and remember some pieces of literature, we’ll learn that Romeo and Juliet had no gray hair when they decided to get married. The same with Natasha Rostova from War and Peace by Tolstoy. Of course, you may object by saying that these are only invented characters; but let’s not forget that Shakespeare and Tolstoy did not write fantasy, but were quite realistic writers and reflected the real life of their epoch. Hence, we can conclude that early marriages were normal for people in Great Britain as well as in Russia.

In that case, why do we pay so much attention to young couple today, expecting their separation one or two weeks after the wedding (that is not hopefully obligatory today)? While young, people can become close to each other much more easily than people in their ‘30s–‘40s. Youth has a big advantage, consisting in flexibility of mind, while ‘grown-ups’ have their habits and traditions, which can not be simply sacrificed even for those whom they are deeply in love with.

Moreover, do not forget such an important factor as health which gives the possibility to give birth to healthy children. I suppose somebody can say that having children when you are a baby yourself is a scandal, and I think I would agree with this point of view.

Nevertheless, people need to acquire some life experience, and without trying to act in this or that way it is impossible to become THE personality. Children are good test of the love of the couple, because not every man and not every modern woman will be able to give 50% of his or her time to the family (the other 50%for work).

Babies are an extremely interesting world and, having a small human in your hands, you not only show your experience with this newly born creature, but learn lots of things about yourself. In other words, you get experience that will help you in the future.

And after many years, when the child grows up, his parents will still remain young and the gap, that often separates different generations because of the difference in their age, will not be visible. Consequently, it will result in comprehension and even maybe in friendship between children and parents, which is, in my opinion, one of the best thing in the world.

Table filling

Divide a sheet of paper in two parts. Write down pros and cons for early marriage according to your texts.

Sound , please, your arguments.

Share your opinions on this topic.

Make notes on the opposite view. Complete your tables.

Read the sentences and say if it is false or true.

1. All young people can say that they are ready for a long relationship with the beloved one.

2. Furthermore, at the age of 18-23 young people don’t have any carreer plans and hopes for a prosperous life in the future.

3. When you become a father you don’t have time for continuing your education and have to begin earning money to provide for the upbringing of a child.


1. Shakespeare and Tolstoy wrote fantasy, were not realistic writers and didn’t reflect the real life of their epoch.

2. Early marriages were not normal for people in Great Britain as well as in Russia.

3. While young, people can become close to each other much more easily than people in their ‘30s –‘40s.

Answer the questions, please.

1. What is the reason for early marriage?

2. What age would you like to get married and why?

3. What is more important for you – to get a career or get married?

Ex.1.p.138. make snts

Write a poem in the form of cinquain and 5 senses poem.

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