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Мастер класс: It’s Spooky!(Furniture)


Short-term plan

Unit: 2

LESSON1: It’s Spooky!(Furniture)

School-lyceum #3

Date: 14.12.15

Teacher: Smailova Sholpan




Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to:

Language objectives

S3 – give short basic description of objects on a limited range of general and some curricular topics

L3 – Understand the main points of short, slow, carefully articulated talk

UE11 – use there is/there are statement and question forms including answers and contractions

Lesson objectives

All learners will know:

  • the names of furniture, constructions There is/There are

Most learners will be able to:

  • divide the furniture according to the room;

  • make up sentences using the new constructions there is/there are

Some learners will be able to:

  • describe the rooms using the constructions and new words

Previous learning

Rooms in the house


Planned timings

Planned activities



2 minutes

3 minutes



a) Greetings

b) Introducing learners to the objectives of the lesson and expected results.

Revising the previous learning

T: Let’s watch and sing together. (House song) Have you enjoyed this song? What is this song about? What is there in the room?

P-s: About things in the room

T: You are right! Now, today we will talk about furniture of the rooms. We‘ll learn to use grammar structures there is/there are. I think you are ready to work hard at our lesson. The topic of our lesson today is “It’s Spooky!”- Do you know the meaning of these words? Can you give synonyms to this word? (Use your mobile phones to find the synonyms from the internet)

-Frightening, scary, alarming are the synonyms of this word

- So let’s start our lesson. I’ll divide you into three groups with the help of puzzles. (The 1stgroup – bedroom, the 2nd group- living room, the3rd – kitchen). Stick the puzzles and make the whole word. These are words from your previous lesson, aren’t they?

Interactive board

Rooms” song from www/wearebusybeavers.com


2 minutes

3 minutes

5 minutes

6 minutes

9 minutes


5 minutes



  • In order to fill your rooms with things, we have to know their names.

  • So, open your notebooks and write down the date and day.

New words of today’s lesson are: sofa, table, mirror, bookcase, cupboard, chair, bed, bath, toilet, shower, desk, fridge.

Pupils listen to the audio with the new words and repeat them, practice their pronunciation, try to write the new words themselves. Then they check up their spelling from the slide.

Game “What’s missing?” Pupils will find out what furniture is missing.


  • Today we’ll learn how to use grammar constructions there is/there are

If you want to

There is/There’s a table in the attic.

There isn’t a table in the attic.

There are some windows in the attic.

There aren’t any windows in the attic.

What is there in the attic?

Now your task is to match the parts of the sentences.

You have 3 minutes. Now exchange your notebooks and check up.

  • Are there any mistakes? What are they? Look at this slide, who can explain us the rule again?

Listening& speaking

Differentiation by tasks for the groups: ex: 1, p: 20. Listen, read, translate and act out the dialogue.

1st group will read in pairs, 2nd group will give the translation of the dialogue, 3rd group will dramatize the dialogue. Task 2.

Work on posters: Drawing dictation

T: Your task is to fill your rooms with the necessary furniture while I You have a box with pictures of furniture in it. Choose the necessary pictures.

Assessment criteria

1.If all pictures are correctly used 3 points, if 5-6 pictures 2 points, if 3-4 1 point.

2. Correct usage of constructions There is/there are – No mistakes – 3p, 1-2 mistakes – 2 p, 3-4 mistakes – 1 p.

Counting points.

Pupils make up sentences with there is/there are (orally)

Discover English 1


Slides with pictures of furniture

Grammar table

Pictures of furniture

Discover English 1

Student’s book


2 minutes

6 minutes

  1. Homework: ex: 5, p: 21. Complete Gemma’s diary. Use there is/there are/there isn’t/there aren’t.

  2. Assessment

3. Reflection: (5 min.)

T: We have come up to the last part of the lesson. Look at this reflection billboard. There are various pictures. How do you feel yourself?

+ What was interesting for you to know?

- What was difficult for you to understand?

What would you like to know later?

T: Then put your stickers on the billboard

I hope so much that you have enjoyed the lesson. Let’s clap to ourselves.

Good bye!

paper; stickers

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