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Мастер-класс на тему "Времена года и погода"

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

  1. OK. Dear children, I’m glad to see you. How are you?

I think today will have an interesting lesson about “ Seasons and weather “.

Now will have a travelling around the wonderful world of seasons.

And recollect what holidays we like and when we celebrate them.

  1. OK. Let’s begin.

Unit the groups of 3-4 pupils. Who will be your leader?

Your task:

Make rebus. Time for it 2 minutes. After it a leader of the group answer.

I group:

G:\картинки\spring\i (2).jpg+ G:\картинки\spring\i (8).jpg + G:\картинки\spring\comment-dessiner-une-rose_13.jpg + G:\картинки\spring\i (5).jpg +G:\картинки\spring\i (4).jpg + G:\картинки\spring\i (10).jpg



G:\картинки\summer\big_6_2015320727012596.jpg+G:\картинки\autumn\i (3).jpg + G:\картинки\summer\honigmelone-honeydew-samen.jpg + G:\картинки\autumn\alimentos-que-trazem-beneficios-para-os-diabeticos-3.jpg + G:\картинки\melon\655x10000_out__.jpg +G:\картинки\winter\i (7).jpg



Answers: spring / summer

II group:

G:\картинки\autumn\apple.jpg+ G:\картинки\summer\i (12).jpg + G:\картинки\autumn\51572.jpg +G:\картинки\autumn\i (2).jpg +G:\картинки\melon\Painter1763.jpg + G:\картинки\autumn\нос-етей-40234892.jpg



G:\картинки\winter\i (2).jpg+ G:\картинки\winter\400x480.jpg + G:\картинки\winter\facegfx-vector-4-fresh-hazelnut-design-vector.jpg + G:\картинки\winter\i (4).jpg + G:\картинки\winter\i (5).jpg G:\картинки\winter\i (7).jpg



Answers: autumn / winter

Stop and answer. Who wants to begin? / Who is the first?

( answers groups)

I group:

Well done! Tell me please, do you like spring? Why? (Yes, I do. Because I like spring holidays, the first flowers, leaves.)

II group:

Tell me please, do you like winter? Why? (Yes, I do. Because I like snow, winter holidays, presents.)

Answer together:

  1. What holidays do you know in autumn? (1st September, Teacher’s day, Halloween)

  2. What holidays do you know in winter? (St. Nicolas day, New Year, Christmas, St. Valentines day, Father’s day)

  3. What holidays do you know in spring? (Woman’s day, Easter, Fool day, Mother’s day)

  4. What holidays do you know in summer? (Ivana Cupala,…)

Next task: Make puzzle

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Рабочий стол\IMG_0002.jpgF:\картинки\букет\57fe87f4e042eb029b8166cb6f3c55585db265195066081.jpg

What picture do you have? (New Year Tree / Flowers)

What holiday does the New Year tree symbolize? ( New Year)

What holiday does flowers symbolize? (Woman’s Day)

Well done! What associate do you have in these holidays?

New Year – presents, deсorations, New Year Tree, delicious dishes

Mother’s Day – flowers, presents, sweets / chocolate, attention

Next your task:

You should put the letters in the correct order.

















Good. And now tell me please, what is your favourite holiday? Why?

(I like … because I like …)

Example: I like winter because I like to get presents, the New Year tree, Father Frost.

Look and say. Why do people like holidays?

  • Fun

  • Presents

  • Rest

  • Keep traditions

  • Delicious dishes

  • Meet friends…

III. Do you like our lessons?

Were you interesting?

Thank for your work.

You are well done today.

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