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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Мастер-класс «Традиционные и инновационные методы обучения иностранным языкам в рамках «семейного образования» (Traditional and innovative foreign languages teaching methods in terms of non-schooling education)»
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Мастер-класс «Традиционные и инновационные методы обучения иностранным языкам в рамках «семейного образования» (Traditional and innovative foreign languages teaching methods in terms of non-schooling education)»


Борисоглебский филиал федерального государственного бюджетного образовательного учреждения высшего образования «Воронежский государственный университет»

Историко-филологический факультет

Кафедра филологических дисциплин и методики их преподавания

Мастер-класс «Традиционные и инновационные методы обучения иностранным языкам в рамках «семейного образования»

(Traditional and innovative foreign languages teaching methods in terms

of non-schooling education

Ход мероприятия

Слова ведущего


Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. Hello, dear students and guests. Welcome to our workshop which is concerned to the schooling and unschooling education. Today we’ll discuss: what’s better for children: to get education in a traditional way or in some alternative one.

  1. Вступительное слово ведущего.

As far as we can see, the majority of the public represents the schooling educational establishments. But we have another type of educational process organization. And I think all we know enough both about unschooling and schooling types.

Thus this is the high time to start our discussion. But at first you’ll have to choose one of the topic positions. Who wants to represent alternative methods and who suppose his place to be in opposite type? I wish you all to think it over and then to distribute and to allocate according to your conveniences. Here is a place for traditionalists and there is for unschooling supporters.

  1. Выбор участниками одной из представленных групп (schooling/unschooling) и объяснение выбора.

Let’s stars from the first point of our discussion which is concerned to the forms and types of the educational process organization. You’ll have 5 minutes to discuss it in your groups, then you’ll have to represent it to the public and note your list in clasters on the blackboard.

  1. Первый этап дискуссии. Формы и типы образовательных учреждений.

Участники работают в группах, каждая группа составляет свой список. Результаты отображаются на кластерах кластерах (у каждой группы – свой) (Приложение 1).

Thank you for your opinions. The next topic of the discussion is about advantages and disadvantages. Why do people prefer one or another way of studying for their children? Which pluses or minuses can we find to prove that your type of schooling is better? I suggest you to join us in watching the following video about unschooling type of education.


Some food for reflection was given. You have a few minutes to think it over in groups and note your thoughts about ad-s of your type of schooling and disad-s of opposite one.

Write down your list on the claster, please.

Very interesting points of view was given upon both topics, and what is most important is that we’ve found out that the demanded compulsory certification stages are to be carried out for the both types of schooling.

  1. Второй этап дискуссии. Плюсы – минусы schooling/ unschooling. Работа в группах, дискуссия. Просмотр видео.

Одна из групп называет преимущества своего типа образования, другая группа оппонирует, задава вопросы. После слово предоставляется другой группе. Результаты записываются на кластерах.

Nowadays Russian schooling system is subjected to numerous reformations and changes. There are a lot of modern methods and technologies which are designed to make educational process more comfortable and effective. The Ministry of Education gives us a beautiful picture “how it should be”, but what we face with in the everyday reality?

Let’s talk about methods and technologies which are used in schooling and unschooling types. You have 10 minutes for thinking.

And now, dear guests, please say a few words about methods and technologies that you use in your professional work, their effectiveness, or perhaps some inconvenience with their use. Whether the methods declared in the Federal State Educational Standard are suitable for the lessons?

Please, show the list of methods on our clasters.

As far as we can see the method based on schooling foreign language communicative competence is the main modern method. It is highly effective in theory, but hardly realizable in teaching practice.

  1. Обсуждение в группах методов и технологий обучения. Приглашенные преподаватели делятся своим опытом преподавательской деятельности. Результаты записываются на кластерах (Приложение 1).

Now it’s time to note some conclusions of our today’s discussion.

I wish somebody to write it down on our third claster.

1) The first one is about forms of educational process organization. We’ve found out that we have very strict structure of educational system in schooling type of education and a great variety of unschooling establishments.

2) The second topic was about advantages and disadvantages. And it depends on many factors: the lvl of teacher’s proficiency and personality, the lvl of credibility between a teacher and a student, the lvl of students’ skills, the atmosphere in the class and so on. So, there is no winner, the only winner is the case will.

3) The third is about the methods and technologies. The man question was that how we can justify the usage of one or another method or approach in the context of the proper lesson. And as we said it depends on many factors. And the main factor concerned to the principal standard method based on schooling foreign language communicative competence. It involves the necessity of the the existence of native-speaking teacher or an opportunity to go abroad for learning the language. This condition can be met only in exchanging programs represented in unschooling type and in specialized classes in schooling type.

4) And the last topic gives us a picture of a certification system in Russia. We have two main…

  1. Подведение итогов дискуссии. Выводы записываются на третьем кластере (Приложение 2).

Our meeting is coming to an end, so you are welcome to note your impressions, likes, dislikes, suggestions in 4 or 5 sentences without subscription. Then put it to the envelope on the 3rd claster. You may say some words to the public.

Thank you all for your attention, we were glad to see you here.

  1. Заключительное слово ведущего. Участники дискуссии записывают в нескольких предложениях свое мнение о прошедшем мероприятии: что понравилось и не понравилось, предложения и пожелания. Эссе помещаются в специальный конверт на третьем кластере (Приложение 2).


Приложение 1. Кластеры 1-2


Приложение 2. Кластер 3 – Выводы


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