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Материал к теме "Экскурсия по городу"

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Welcome to Achinsk

  1. Achinsk is an old Siberian town.

  2. It was founded in 1683 and called after the Achi tribe.

  3. It stands on the river Chulym.

  4. This is the Achinsk coat of arms.

  5. You can see the bow with the arrows on it.

  6. The first settlers were brave warriors and good hunters.

  7. There are many places of interest in Achinsk.

  8. This is the building of the railway station where visitors arrive.

  9. Then our excursion goes along the old streets of the town.

  10. It's a pity but many old historical houses have been ruined.

  11. Though some of them you can see here.

  12. The Museum of Local Law, History and Economy has lots of interesting things, connected with the history of Achinsk.

  13. The Drama theatre, named after Lermontov, was built in 1916 by architector Sokolovskiy.

  14. Now, we are in the centre of the town.

  15. This is the modern building of the Administration of Achinsk.

  16. Opposite it there is the oldest stone building in Achinsk - the Kazan Church.

  17. Its design is unique for the Siberian region.

  18. Here you can see the Exhibition Hall with modern paintings, graphics or photos.

  19. Our town has 2 main industries: allumina and oil-refining.

  20. Of course, the ecology of the town leaves much to be desired.

  21. There are some monuments in our town: the memorial to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic and Civil wars, the monuments to Kirov and Lenin, the monument to the citizens who gave their money for building airplanes and tanks during the Great Patriotic War.

  22. Many soldiers died defending our Motherland.

  23. Boris Bogatkov, a poet, is one of them.

  24. There is the boulevard named after him.

  25. Its another name is “Achinskiy Arbat”.

  26. People meet and rest here, buy handmade souvenirs.

  27. You can rest in the Victory park.

  28. There are lots of attractions for kids

  29. Achinsk is a cultural centre of the district

  30. There are many schools and colleges there.

  31. Our cadets' school is among them.

  32. Future aviators, politicians and simply good fellows study there and take part in different activities.

  33. We are proud of our cadets' school and our town.

  34. Welcome to Achinsk!

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