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Материал на тему "Загрязнение окружающей среды "

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G-« the Greenhouse effect », the phenomenon of Earth’s rising temperature because of the pollution, when gases from factories, electric power plants, and cars trap the Sun’s heat and warm up the Earth. We can’t stop the Greenhouse effect, but we can slow it down.

H- habitat, the natural home of a plant or animal. Many species of animals are already extinct because man hunts them? Destroys and pollutes their habitat.

I- immune system, a system in living creature’s organism which makes unable to be harmful because of special powers in the organism. Polluted air isn’t only bad for the immune system of people and animals, but for trees and plants, as well.

J- junk food, food that is useless. Instead of eating chocolate, hamburgers, popcorn, pizza, and other junk food try to eat healthy foods such as, fruit, vegetables, fish, brown bread, and others.

K- kill, to cause to die. Today many scientists realize that the Earth is in danger and either we stop killing it or we will kill ourselves.

L- litter, garbage like food, cans, things thrown away, especially paper scattered untidily. Turning litter into energy by burning it saves fossil fuels and cuts pollution because energy from litter is cleaner and cheaper than energy from fossil fuels.

M- mutation, an example of the action of change in the cells of a living thing producing a new quality in the material or parts of the body. Nowadays many scientists suppose that eating much food with the chemicals of E- number group may cause the mutation in the cells of human beings.

N- nuclear power, energy concerning or using the nuclear of an atom. Nuclear power doesn’t pollute the atmosphere but it produces waste which stays radioactive for thousands of years.

O- ozone layer, a layer in the upper atmosphere containing a high amount of ozone gas which absorbs the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Some chemicals used in refrigerators and in the production of foam plastic reduce the ozone layer, allowing harmful, ultraviolet radiation to enter, thereby contributing to skin cancer.

P- pollution, an undesirable change in the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of an ecosystem, the action of making air, water, soil, etc. dangerously impure or unfit for use. There’s a lot of different kinds of pollution in the air nowadays.

Q- quake, ( informal for earthquake), one of the natural disasters, a sudden usually violent shaking of the Earth’s surface. Earthquakes are among the most destructive and powerful forces in nature because the energy released by a quake may be 10,000 times greater than the energy generated by the first atom bomb.

R- recycle, to treat a used substance so that it is fit to use again. The glass from bottles can be recycled. The paper from already useless magazines and newspapers, packages, old textbooks etc. can also be recycled.

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