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Материал по краеведению о г.Енакиево для уащихся 11 класса на английском языке


Материал по краеведению для 11 класса

The 7 Wonders of Yenakiyevo

Long –long ago people compiled a list of the most amazing architectural structures of ancient times and called it The 7 Wonders of the World. Such attempts have been repeated a lot of times so far and in the modern world there are thousands of wonders. A small industrial town Yenakiyevo, which is located between the cities of Makeyevka and Gorlovka, also has its own 7 wonders. Here there are lots of outstanding facilities, which, firstly, set it apart from other settlements, and secondly, have a historical value, particularly for its locals who do not even suspect about their existence. So, let us have a virtual tour of the most amazing places of Yenakiyevo.

We start our journey with the monument to Fyodor Yenakiyev installed in 2010 on Lenin Square. In 1895 F. Yenakiyev founded the Russian-Belgian Metallurgical Company. The idea of ​​the authors of the monument was to show F.Yenakiyev in his prime at the age of forty-five years - precisely when the metallurgical plant was built. It gave rise to the village and then the town of Yenakiyevo. The ​​sculptor aimed to portray a person of the epoch: the image of an intellectual, engineer and high-ranking official.hello_html_m1efc1967.jpg


A particular place among the sights of Yenakiyevo belongs to the St. Vladimir’s Mother of God Icon’s Temple. It is a monument of architecture of XVIII century situated on the territory of the settlement of Ilinka. The uniqueness of this architectural structure is combining of Byzantine, Western and Russian styles. The feature of the Church is the fact that its history is linked with a number of contradictory facts around it. There exists a lot of speculation, stories and even legends! This is probably due to the tragic fate of the temple.

The following place that is worth seeing is the Winter Garden of "Ordzhonikidzeugol" Enterprise. This oasis surrounds the well formed by the walls on all four sides of "Ordzhonikidzeugol" administrative building. The garden is covered with plastic wrap to let the sunlight penetrate and make the plants feel comfortable. During the cold season it is heated with pipes. The seedlings for the winter garden were brought in from the Nikitsky Botanical Garden and Donetsk. The Garden has long been a landmark in the town. It is the place for excursions and newlyweds. hello_html_7c59676a.jpg

Now we have come to the Local museum which contains magnificent, really valuable pieces. However the mosaic of precious and semi-precious stones " Donbass’s Roses " occupies a special place among them. It has been created by Valeria Dauvalder , the famous doctor of theology and a composer, poet ,storyteller and artist to our town , which she considers native, in 1993. The anthracite rose, framed by rose quartz, tourmaline, amethyst, opal, jade, jadeite, fire opal, emerald, appears before the viewer's eyes. hello_html_354931ac.jpg

The fifth wonder of the town, the Tishkin’s Well, is created by nature. The water of the well is noticed to be kept fresh for a long time. It is probably due to the high silver content. . The locals tell legends about the healing properties of this live water. hello_html_m4c14a3e3.jpg

Another nature made wonder is the Skelevaya Beam, which is located a long way from the settlements. The area is saved in its natural beauty outside the human activities and the related consequences. As a result, in the heart of the industrial Donbass there remained an ecologically clean area that is characterized by a variety of relief. The locals call it "Switzerland of Yenakiyevo".hello_html_6559f08d.jpg

The last but not the least comes the Beregovoi Museum. It houses more than fifteen thousand exhibits, which are located in four halls. The museum has a unique collection, donated by the archaeologist V. Klimenko. It contains rich materials of the Scythian and Sarmatian period. In 1993 there was opened a hall presenting 200 exhibits devoted to the life and work of our countryman, the pilot - cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union G.T. Beregovoi. hello_html_74ef5a6c.jpg

Come and see the unique and worthy seven wonders of Yenakiyevo.

  • What are 7 wonders in the area where you live? Which places would you advise a tourist to see? Send in photographs or drawings of your favourite places with your short explanation of why you like them so much.

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