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Материал по теме "Мой любимый праздник - День Победы" для 3 - 4 кл.

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Victory day

On the 9th of May people of many countries celebrate Victory Day. It is the greatest holiday in Russia.

In 1945 the Second World War was over. `More than 20 million Russian people were killed. Every family lost fathers, sons, brothers. There are a lot of monuments to Russian Soldiers in our country. People come and come to the monuments, lay flowers and cry. On Victory Day all Russian people stand in silence for a minute.

There are usually many interesting films about the Great Patriotic War on TV.

In every village, town and city you can see flags and decorations. On Victory Day there is a military parade on Red Square. In the streets and squares you can see the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Many people thank them and give them flowers.

There are many concerts on this day. And in the evening many people go to the streets and squares to see the holiday firework.

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