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Plan of the lesson on the theme «Computer»

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Lesson plan of the teacher of English Dauletiyarova Akmaral,

conducted in the 8th grade on the theme «Сomputer»


Form: 8

Subject: English

The theme



English 8” textbook–А., «Mektep», 2012 y.

English 8” methodology–А., «Mektep», 2012 y.

Internet resources


to form the students’ concept of computer, to introduce them with its components and elements; to develop pupils’ skills of listening and speaking and critical thinking; to teach the students to realize the use and harm of computer

The expected result

Students will enrich their knowledge about computer and vocabulary; they will practise working in groups and will understand the use and harm of computer; they will express their opinion on the theme.


1. Warm-up

Alliteration and assonance”

2. “Pyramid”

3. “A clever ball”

4. “Hot chair”

5. “Traffic lights” evaluation

6. “Feedback Sandwich”

Resources and aids

1. the textbook

2. PowerPoint presentation

3. notebooks

4. puzzles

5. a ball

6. video material

The stages of work

Teacher’s activity

Students’ activity

Organization moment

Warm-up “Alliteration and assonance”

-greets with the pupils

-checks up the attendance of students

-explains the task of the activity

-greet with the teacher

-use adjectives with their names

(beautiful Balausa, glamorous Gulsezim)

Division into groups

Gives the pupils puzzle to divide into 3 groups (a keyboard, a mouse, a system unit)

They collect puzzles and they what picture they have










Presentation of the new words

Explains the definition

Device-a machine or tool used for a specific task; a thing made for a particular purpose, esp. a mechanical, electric, or electronic invention

Processing-(computer science) a series of operations on data by a computer in order to retrieve or transform or classify information

Hardware-a computer, its components, and its related equipment. Hardware includes disk drives, integrated circuits, display screens, cables, modems, speakers, and printers

Software-the programs that can be used with a particular computer system

Procedure-the act of calculating; determining something by mathematical or logical methods

Data-facts and information given to a computer


To store-to keep

To convert-to change

Digital- representing data as a series of numerical values

They guess the translation of the words



Аппаратные средства


Операция, процедура






Pyramid” activity

Gives tasks

They make up phrases, then sentences using the new words

e.g. device

computer device

There are many kinds of computer devices

Doing exercises

Gives the students tasks

They do the tasks

Task 1. Match the words with their definition

1. various a. to change formats of files

2. to convert b. programs on computer

3. data c. different

4. to store d. facts and information

5. digital e. an instrument or a machine

6. software f. representing data as a series of numerical values

7. device g. to keep

Task 2. Complete the sentences using the new words (convert, various softwares, hardware, device, store, digital)

1. Computer is a … which accepts … and processes it.

2. Computer has special components called …

3. Computer can … formats of video files, for example avi into mp4.

4. I have got a … camera. Its quality is 20 megapixels.

5. Memory of my personal computer is 1terabyte, so it can … a large number of information.

6. I have … … on my computer


Shows a video about the development of personal computers

Watch the video to get information for the further work

Group work

Divides texts about computer to three groups and explains their task

They prepare PowerPoint presentation consisting of 1-2 slides about the given theme

I group-What is a computer?

II group-The use of a computer

III group-The harm of a computer

Traffic lights” evaluation

Asks groups to evaluate each other

They raise colors of the traffic lights (red, yellow, green) to evaluate each other and explain their choice


A clever ball”

Throws a ball to a student saying a Kazakh word

A student catches the ball and translates the word, then throws it to another pupil

Hot chair”

Chooses a student to sit on a hot chair

A student sits on a hot chair, other students ask him questions about the today’s theme



Says about the power of computer and says that it is possible to see (imagine) future Astana with the help of computer technology

They will watch the video


Gives the students task to learn the new words of the lesson and write a composition “Computer in my life”

If the task is clear the students green colour, if not red light

Feedback Sandwich”

Gives them sandwiches to fulfill them

They complete the sandwich feedback writing their impression of the lesson

Краткое описание документа:

План урока составлен по учебнику Т.Аяповой для 8 класса для школ с казахским языком обучения. Конспект урока содержит различные упражнения для закрепления активного словаря урока. А также  представлены задания по лексической теме «Компьютер». Упражнения «Пирамида», «Умный мяч», «Горячий стул» очень полезны для развития речевых навыков учащихся. Для закрепления урока даются тесты. Задачи урока: активизировать речевые навыки на уровне представления информации о компьютерах; развить умение использования информационно-коммуникационных технологий на уроке и разговорной речи учеников

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