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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиТестыPrepositions, 8th grade

Prepositions, 8th grade


8th grade


Prepositions of time and place

1. A question of timing

Read the story and fill in each blank with a suitable preposition of time.

My parents met (1) during the Second War: (2)_______ in August, 1943 to be precise. My father was home (3) _____ leave from the front and he had decided to spend their first week with an aunt in Liverpool. He had not seen her (4) ____ several years, even though she had brought him up (5) _____ his mother`s death.

Liverpool is not the most beautiful city in the world but it can be very pleasant (6) ____ summertime, especially early (7) _____ the morning. (8) ______ this particular morning, however, my father was in no mood to enjoy the sunrise over the River Mersey. His train had left London (9) ____ time but (10) ______ the time it got to Crewe, it was already three and half hours (11) _____ schedule. So he was in a bad mood and very tired (12) ____ arrival at the station in Liverpool.

But something happened (13) ____ minutes of his arrival that changed not only his mood but also his whole life. Feeling thirsty (14) _____ his long journey, he decided to go and have a cup of tea in the station café. Typically, it was shut (15) ______ that early hour. A notice on the door read “Opening hours: (16) ____ 7am (17) ____ 5.30 pm”. He looked at the station clock: ten (18) ____ seven. The café should be open (19) ____ now, he thought. But, knowing station cafés, he realized that he might have to wait (20) ____ eight or even nine o`clock before it opened.

Suddenly he noticed a pretty girl sitting on a bench. She was pouring tea from the thermos flask into a cup. He sat down and said: “I`ve never seen such a pretty girl as you (21) ____ all my life! And I haven`t had a hot drink (22) ____ last night. If you give me a drink of tea, I`ll marry you and look after you (23) _____ the rest of your life!”

Believe it or not, she smiled at him, gave him the tea and …..well, I wouldn`t be here now if the café hadn`t been shut (24) _____ that fateful day (25) _____ August, 1943.

2. Time expressions

Replace the underlined words with a time expression using the words in capital letters to the right. You will also need the following prepositions:

at (2) before for (2) from in (6) out of to without

1) You will have to make your own bed from now on. FUTURE

You will have to make your own bed in future.

2) Most of her clothes are no longer fashionable. DATE

3) You really make me angry occasionally. TIMES

4) Your aunt Kate is using the spare bedroom now. MOMENT

5) Now and then we like to spend a weekend in the mountains. TIME TO TIME

6) We`ll be in the UK, but only briefly. LONG

7) Nobody wanted to buy my car, so finally I had to give it away. END

8) Please complete the rest of your assignments right away. DELAY

9) Please be very quiet. There is an examination going on. PROGRESS

10) I hope to see you next month. Until then, best of luck with your driving. MEANTIME

11) Autumn is the time when fruits like apples and pears are available. SEASON

12) Wendy said that she would like to dance and immediately there were twenty young men offering to dance with her. NO TIME

13) Our daughter left home three years ago and we don`t even know what

happened to her. THIS DAY

14) You will have to sleep in the garden temporarily. TIME BEING

15. I hope to see you all again soon. LONG

3. Pairs of prepositions

The following pairs of phrases or sentences are very similar. Choose a suitable preposition for each pair.

1. above/ over

She put a blanket over her knees to keep warm.

She was wearing a skirt that came just above the knee.

2. at/ in

We arrived _____ Zurich.

We arrived _____Zurich airport.

3. on/ onto

The cat loved to sleep ______ the sofa.

The cat jumped off the table and _______ the sofa.

4. below/ under

A lot of Holland is ______ sea level.

Atlantis was a city _____ the sea.

5. in/ into

The police burst ______ the room and arrested everyone.

The police were already _____ the room when I arrived.

6. at/ to

I have to go ______ the doctor`s for a check-up.

She is _____ the doctor`s, having a check-up.

7. before/ in front of

I was ______ you in a queue.

Whose is that van _____ the house.

8) in/ on

I`m leaving _______ Tuesday morning.

See you _______ the morning.

9. at/in

Things that go “bump” _____ the night!

The sky _____ at night.

10. at/ in

_____ five o`clock exactly.

_____ five minutes` time.

11. for/ since

We have been waiting ______ three o`clock.

We have been waiting ______ three hours.

12. among/ between

In this photo I`m standing _____ my two best friends.

It`s great to be ______ friends.

13. out of/ outside

The dog jumped _____ the box and into the dustbin.

The dog was _____ the door, whining to be let in.

14. above/ over

Hey diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped ____ the moon.” (Children`s nursery rhyme)

The cow is definitely _____ average!

15. by/ until

Wait _____ sunset and then leave.

Leave _____ sunset at the latest.

16. by/ within

The bill must be paid ____ 30 days.

The bill must be paid ____ by the end of the month.

17. during/ through

She slept ____ the whole thing.

Don`t talk ______ the concert.

18. near/ next to

Come and sit _____ me.

Is your house far from town? No, it`s quite _____ the centre.

19. by/ on

I met my true love down _____ the riverside” (song)

There are lots of people boating _____ the river.

20. below/ under

If you are _____ eighteen, they won`t let you see that film.

Once the exchange rate falls _____ a certain level, the bank will take action.

4. Joke time

Complete the following jokes by filling in the missing prepositions. All the completed phrases are expressions of time or place.

1. Teacher: Where are you from?

Student: Germany.

Teacher: Which part?

Student: All of me.

2. An old lady went ____ the optician`s and said: “I need a new pair of glasses.” The optician replied: “I knew that as soon as you walked _____ the window.”

3. Doctor: Good morning, Mrs. Gibbs, I haven`t seen you _____ a long time.

Mrs. Gibbs: I know doctor. I`ve been ill.

4. Question: What`s the fastest vegetable ____ the world?

Answer: A runner bean.

5. Teacher: If you breathe oxygen ____ the daytime, what do you breathe ____ night?

Student: Nitrogen?

6. Patient: Doctor! Doctor! I think I`m a dog.

Doctor: Sit down, please.

Patient: I can`t. I`m not allowed _____ the furniture.

7. Doctor: Did you drink your orange juice after your bath?

Patient: _____ drinking the bath I didn`t have much room for the orange juice.

8. Man: I had to give up tap dancing.

Woman: Why?

Man: I kept falling _____ the sink.

9. Man: What`s the best way to remove paint _____ a chair?

Shopkeeper: Sit down _____ it before it`s dry.

10. Man: My neighbours bang ____the wall ______ all hours.

Friend: Doesn`t that keep you awake?

Man: No, but _____ a while I just can`t go on with my trumpet practice!

11. James: I throw myself ______ everything I do.

Susan: Go and gig a large hole.


Verb + Preposition

1. Matching pairs

Complete the sentences below with one of the following verbs plus a preposition. Remember to use the correct form of the verb.

1. enrol on ….. a) … miracles

2. believe in….. b) … an oncoming vehicle

3. translate into…… c) … An April Fool trick

4. fall behind with…. d) … your knowledge of statistics

5. brush up on….. e) … a course at the English Institute

6. come into…. f) … the chance to interview the President

7. book into…. g)… a heavy shower of rain

8. inoculate against….. h)… the best hotel in town

9. jump at…. i)… typhoid, cholera and yellow fever

10. fall for….. j)… your credit card payment

11) shelter from…. k)… a fortune

12. collide with….. l)… several foreign languages.

2. Verb groups

Place each of the following verbs under a suitable preposition (five under each).








































take advantage


glance __________ __________ __________

__________ __________ __________ __________

__________ __________ __________ __________

__________ __________ __________ __________

__________ __________ __________ __________


__________ __________ __________ __________

__________ __________ __________ __________

__________ __________ __________ __________

__________ __________ __________ __________

__________ __________ __________ __________

3. Against, at, by, for, in, over

Complete the following sentences using against, at, by, for, in or over.

1. I tripped over the cat and fell downstairs.

2. Is it true that Peter is currently involved _____ writing a book about Swedish humour?

3. The best reason for having strict rules at school is that it gives the pupils something to rebel ____ when they are older.

4. The match resulted _____ a goalless draw after extra time.

5. Most people think the government is to blame ______ rising unemployment.

6. Although I practise quite a lot, I never seem to win very often ____ tennis.

7. Think of a number. Now multiply it ____ seven.

8. I don`t know his exact age. I can only guess ____ how old he really is.

9. Is it possible to insure yourself ____ nuclear attack?

10. I`ve been going _____your essay and I wore out three red pens making corrections.

11. Before going to Africa, Graham had himself inoculated _____ tetanus, yellow fever, cholera and typhoid.

12. Raise the dart to eye level, aim _____ the dartboard and try to hit the bull`s eye.

13. I`m longing ______ the summer holidays to arrive, aren`t you?

14. What do you get if you divide 947 _____ 17? A complicated number.

4. About, from, into, on, to

Complete the following sentences using about, from, into, on or to.

1. She intended to post my letter, but she forgot all about it.

2. The film The Magnificent Seven was based _____ a Japanese story about samurai.

3. Don`t kiss the Prince or he might change _____ a frog.

4. How does a frog differ _____ a toad?

5. Today I feel really miserable because I can`t find anything to complain______.

6. John was about to take his wife out to dinner when it occurred ______ him that he was not married.

7. There`s a man over there with binoculars. Do you think he`s a birdwatcher or is he spying ____us?

8. If I have problems with my homework, I know I can always call _____ my older sister to help me.

9. Resulting _____their exhaustive research into the matter, scientists can now confirm that we are all getting older.

10. Do you pride yourself ____ looking smart or are you simply trying to impress me?

11. Make yourself a drink while I go and change ______ something more comfortable.

12. When Tom told me ____his quarrel with Jerry, I asked him not to involve me in his personal affairs.

13. What it amounts ____ is this: the word “socialist” means what the government wants it to mean.


Noun + Preposition

1. Matching pairs

Match the phrases in the two columns. Note which preposition is used with each noun.

1. She is undergoing treatment……. a) …. in wildlife.

2. A bright student with an aptitude…. b)….of the theatre manager.

3. Congratulations….. c) ….into the causes of ageing.

4. Scientists conduct research…. d)….for spaghetti carbonara.

5. He has fallen in love…. e)….for learning foreign languages.

6. The Princess is heir…. f)….on your arms and shoulders.

7. Coffee drinkers have a choice….. g) …for a series illness.

8. Free tickets with the compliments…. h)…between black and white.

9. Kenya is a country rich… i)….to the Dutch throne.

10. It is time for the children to pay a visit.. j)….with the girl next door.

11. The Italians chef gave me a recipe… k)…on your wedding Anniversary!

12. Working constantly at a computer puts a strain… l)…to the grandparents.

2. Fill the gaps

Complete the sentences below with one of the following nouns plus a preposition.

Basis, campaign, choice, control, cruelty, excuse, fall, freedom, genius,

anger, knowledge, objection, opposite, strain, problem.

1. What is the opposite of “timid”? Is it “bald” or “brave”?

2. The ____ chewing gum is that it loses its flavour too quickly.

3. If you had a ____ marrying for love or marrying for money, which would you do?

4. I know you have a cold but that`s no ____ not doing your homework.

5. If you have to deal with overseas clients, a ____ foreign languages is very useful.

6. Do you have any ______ my parking my car in front of your house?

7. Since the salmonella scare there has been a considerable _____ the consumption of eggs.

8. Perhaps the three most important human rights are _____ hunger, fear and persecution.

9. Einstein hated school and often missed classes but he was a real _____ mathematics.

10. In the dispute between the union and the management, new proposals have been put forward which should be at least provide a _______ discussion.

11. In our class, we can do as we like; our teacher has no ______ us at all.

12. The RSPCA is the Royal Society for the prevention of______ animals.

13. Overweight people should not jog because it puts a great _____ their hearts.

14. The African elephant will be extinct within twenty years if an international _____the ivory trade is not started immediately.

15. Vandalizing public property is the only way some youngsters can express their _____ society.

3. Compound prepositions.

Complete the following prepositional phrases by choosing a word from the list below.

a cost, agreement, answer, behalf, good terms, means, peace, pity, reference, the compliments, the benefit, the influence.

1. at a cost of

2. at___________with

3. by___________of

4. for__________of

5. in___________with

6. in___________to

7. on__________of

8. on __________with

9.out of________for

10. under________of

11. with_________to

12. with_________of

4. Fill the gaps.

Complete these sentences with a suitable preposition.

1. Do you know of a cure for hiccups?

2. The public is taking a lot of interest ______ the new courses being offered by the university.

3. The attendance ______Saturday`s match was very poor.

4. Did he give you any reason _____his awful behavior?

5. “Take advantage _____ this special offer! 50% off list price while stocks last!”

6. At school today, we had a long discussion ____the best way to learn a foreign language.

7. There is a big difference between being fond of someone and being in love ____them!

8. “Because of a lack ____interest, tomorrow has been cancelled.” (Notice outside a theatre).

9. It`s a pity ____poor old Fred: everyone got a Christmas present except him.

10. There has been a sharp increase ____house prices in recent months.


1. Noun groups

Fill in the spaces by placing the following nouns under a suitable preposition (four under each).

a moment, accident, dawn, fact, first, future, heart, holiday, least,

lunch, name, private, sale, Salvador Dali, schedule, strike


____first ______ ______________ ______________ ______________

______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

2. ON + noun

Complete the boxes by filling in the gaps.

1. The soldiers had orders to shoot the deserter on sight.






2. “Oh, no ____ are you to accept lifts from strangers”, parents tell their children.



3. We`d all better arrive on _____tomorrow; otherwise we might miss the train.


4. I see Marc`s put his house on the _____. Mind you, I don`t think it`ll be very easy to sell.


5. Don`t you hate it when a telephone operator puts you on_____?


6. Your book hasn`t come yet. But it`s on _____, so it should arrive by Friday.



7. “You are going to go on a long ______”, said the fortune teller as I fell out of the window.



8. I`ve put on a lot of weight lately. I think I`d better go on a ____ again.


9. All Sarah`s friends were busy, so she had to go to the party on her _____.


10. Before buying anything, it`s a good idea to send a sample on______.





3. Jumbled sentences.

In the following sentences the nouns are in the wrong places. Put each one into the correct sentences.

1. My uncle is in (a) FASHION at the moment with a broken leg.

2. Although the patient was obviously in great (b) LUXURY, she never once complained.

3. The detective asked the witness to describe the scene of the crime in (c) EXISTENCE.

4. There are things you will do in private that you would never do in (d) HOSPITAL.

5. Paul can`t concentrate on anything these days. He is in (e) FOCUS again, I`m afraid.

6. This is the only known copy of the book in (f) GENERAL. All the others were destroyed in a fire.

7. She told us that if we were ever in (g) PUBLIC, we could rely on her for help.

8. “I`ll overlook it this time”, said the teacher “but remember to do your homework in (h) FACT”.

9. Winning £2million on the football pools made it possible for him to live in (i) DETAIL for the rest of his life.

10. He didn`t want anyone to recognize him, so he went to the party in (j) DOUBT.

11. Are you sure the projector`s in (k) DIFFICULTY? Everything looks very blurred to me.

12. Ask the solicitor if you are in (l) PAIN about anything in the contract.

13. I see short skirts are in (m) DISGUISE again.

14. In (n) FUTURE, cats are more independent than dogs.

15. I don`t dislike classical music at all. In (o) LOVE, I often go to the Opera.

4. At, by, in, on, out of

Complete the following sentences using at, by, in, on or out of.

1. Mum must be in a bad mood: she`s just thrown Dad out of the window.

2. Do sit down. Ms Brown will join you ____a moment.

3. The Street Lawyer is a novel ____ John Grisham.

4. The car went over the brow of the hill and was soon ____ sight.

5. If trains always leave _____ schedule, why do so many of them arrive late at the other end?

6. Could you come back in half in hour? Mr. Williams is ______ lunch at the moment.

7. If you can`t finish the report today, it must be done ____ the weekend at the latest.

8. The survivors of the Titanic were _____ sea for several days before being rescued.

9. Does it matter what politicians do _____ private as long as they behave well in their jobs?

10. “Would you like a drink, Officer?”, “Not while I`m _____ duty, Sir.”

11. “Why have you got a pet buffalo in the house?”, “I wanted something a little _____ the ordinary.”

12. I bought an old car cheaply, cleaned it up and sold it next day _____ a profit.

13. It`s not like John to lose his temper. It`s completely___ character.

14. Most people would jump _____ the chance to spend a year in America, all expenses paid.

5. Against, at, off, on, under

Complete the following sentences using against, at, off, on or under.

1. Tall people are definitely at an advantage at a football match.

2. The last item _____ the agenda is “any other business”.

3. When I met my husband, it was love ____ first sight. It was only later that I had second thoughts.

4. Did you know that in some countries it is ____ the law to set fire to the national flag?

5. You can go to the disco tonight_____ condition that you are home by twelve o`clock.

6. After the war, several people were tried for crimes ____ humanity.

7. What I am telling you is not official, it`s ____ the record, so please don`t quote me.

8. The proposal to build a sports stadium in the town is still ____ discussion.

9. You could tell _____ a glance that she was used to appearing on stage.

10. I was ______ the impression that you had to be twenty-one to vote in general elections.

11. All forms of travel are expensive nowadays, but _____ balance, air travel offers the best value for money.

12. You look really _____ the weather. Are you ill?

13. “This part of airbase is ______ limits to non-military personnel”.

14. When the offer of a free trip to Holland was made, John was very quick ___ the mark, and managed to get the first ticket.

15. “_______ no circumstances should you leave you luggage unattended.” (airport security announcement).

6. Proverbs and sayings

Complete the common sayings and proverbs below. Choose from the prepositions – some are used more than once.

against, before, between, from, in, into, on, out of, over, up, with, without

1. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

2. It`s like banging your head _____ a brick wall.

3. ______ the devil and the deep blue sea.

4. To have a card _____ your sleeve.

5. To have several irons ______the fire.

6. An iron fist _____ a velvet glove.

7. It`s no use crying _____ spilt milk.

8. To keep the wolf _____ the door.

9. To kill two birds _____one stone.

10. To make a mountain ______ a molehill.

11. ______sight, _____ mind.

12. _______ frying pan and _____ the fire.

13.To put the cart ____ the horse.

14. The grass is always greener ______ the other side.

15. There is no smoke_____ fire.

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I ROUND Prepositions of time and place1. A question of timing 1.       During2.       In3.       On4.       For5.       After6.       In7.       In8.       In9.       On10.    By11.    Behind12.    On13.    Within14.    After15.    At16.    From17.    Tp18.    Past19.    By20.    Until21.    In22.    Since23.    For24.    On25.    In 2. Time expressions 1.       In future2.       Out of date3.       At times4.       At the moment5.       From time to time 6.       Not for long7.       In the end8.       Without delay9.       In progress10.    In the meantime11.    In season12.    In no time13.    To this day14.    For the time being15.    Before long 3. Pairs of prepositions 1.       Above, over2.       In, at3.       On, on to4.       Below, under5.       Into, in6.       To, at7.       Before, in front of8.       On, in9.       In, at10.    At, in11.    Since, for12.    Between, among13.    Out of, outside14.    Over, above15.    Until, by16.    Within, by17.    Through, during18.    Next to, near19.    By, on20.    Under, below 4. Joke time 1.       From2.       To, into/through3.       In/for4.       In5.       In/during, at6.       On7.       After8.       Into9.       From, on10.    On, at, for11.    IntoII ROUND Verb + Preposition1. Matching pairs 1.       E2.       A3.       L4.       J5.       D6.       K7.       H8.       I9.       F10.    C11.    G12.    B2. Verb groups 1.       AT: glance, hint, marvel, point, wink2.       FOR: apply, cater, compensate, long, vote3.       FROM: abstain, benefit, depart, expel, flee4.       IN: believe, decrease, delight, indulge, invest5.       OF: approve, consist, dispose, dream, take advantage6.       ON: concentrate, depend, enrol, rely, tread7.       TO: appeal, dedicate, object, respond, subscribe8.       WITH: coincide, collaborate, cope, quarrel, sympathize 3. Against, at, by, for, in, over 1.       Over2.       In3.       Against4.       In5.       For6.       At7.       By8.       At9.       Against10.    Over/through11.    Against12.    At13.    For14.    By 4. About, from, into, on, to 1.       About2.       On3.       Into4.       From5.       About6.       To7.       On8.       On 9.       From 10.    On 11.    Into12.    About13.    To                                     III ROUNDNoun + Preposition1. Matching pairs 1.       G2.       E3.       K4.       C5.       J6.       I7.       H8.       B9.       A10.    L11.    D12.    F 2. Fill the gaps 1.       Opposite of2.       Problem with3.       Choice between4.       Excuse for5.       Knowledge of6.       Objection to 7.       Fall in8.       Freedom from9.       Genius at10.    Basis for11.    Control over12.    Cruelty to13.    Strain on14.    Campaign against15.    Anger against 3. Compound prepositions. 1.       At a cost of2.       At peace with3.       By means of4.       For the benefit of5.       In agreement with6.       In answer to7.       On behalf of8.       On good terms with9.       Out of pity for10.    Under the influence of11.    With reference to12.    With the compliments of 4. Fill the gaps.1.       For2.       In3.       At4.       For5.       Of6.       On/about7.       With8.       Of9.       About10.    In11.    By12.    Over13.    In14.    For15.    To IV ROUND 1. Noun groups 1.       AT: first, dawn, least, lunch2.       BY: accident, heart, name, Salvador Dali3.       IN: a moment, fact, future, private4.       ON: holiday, sale, schedule, strike 2.  ON + noun 1.       Sight2.       Account3.       Time4.       Market5.       Hold6.       Order7.       Journey8.       Diet9.       Own10.    Behavior11.    Approval12.    Impulse13.    Credit14.    Business15.    Holiday 3. Jumbled sentences. 1.       (d) hospital2.       (l) plane3.       (i) detail4.       (g) public5.       (o) love6.       (c) existence7.       (k) difficulty8.       (n) future9.       (b) luxury10.     (m) disguise11.    (e) focus12.    (j) doubt13.    (a) fashion14.    (f) general15.    (h) fact 4. At, by, in, on, out of 1.       In2.       In3.       By4.       Out of5.       On 6.       At7.       By8.       At9.       In10.    On11.    Out of12.    At13.    Out of14.    At 5. Against, at, off, on, under 1.       At2.       On3.       At4.       Against5.       On6.       Against7.       Off8.       Under9.       At10.    Under11.    On12.    Under13.    Off14.    Off15.    Under 6. Proverbs and sayings 1.       In, in2.       Against3.       Between4.       Up5.       In6.       In7.       Over8.       From9.       With10.    Out of11.    Out of, out of12.    Out of, into13.    Before14.    On 15.    Without      
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Курс профессиональной переподготовки «Испанский язык: теория и методика обучения иностранному языку в образовательной организации»
Курс повышения квалификации «Специфика преподавания английского языка с учетом требований ФГОС»
Курс повышения квалификации «Специфика преподавания немецкого языка с учетом требований ФГОС»
Курс повышения квалификации «Специфика преподавания французского языка с учетом требований ФГОС»
Курс повышения квалификации «Специфика преподавания испанского языка с учетом требований ФГОС»
Курс повышения квалификации «Специфика преподавания итальянского языка с учетом требований ФГОС»
Курс повышения квалификации «Специфика преподавания китайского языка с учетом требований ФГОС»
Курс профессиональной переподготовки «Теория и методика преподавания иностранных языков в начальной школе»
Курс повышения квалификации «Организация кросс-культурной адаптации иностранных студентов в образовательных организациях в сфере профессионального образования»
Курс повышения квалификации «Специфика преподавания русского языка как иностранного»
Курс профессиональной переподготовки «Организация деятельности помощника-референта руководителя со знанием иностранных языков»
Курс профессиональной переподготовки «Организация деятельности секретаря руководителя со знанием английского языка»
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