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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиДругие методич. материалыСценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку по теме «In the World of Books»

Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку по теме «In the World of Books»


Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия

по английскому языку

«In the World of Books»

I. Introduction.

Host1: Books play a very important part in our life.

Host2: There is practically no family that doesn’t have books.

Host 1: We can learn many things from books.

Host 2:They help us in self-education and in solving problems of our life.

Host1: In ancient times books were all written by hand.

Host 2: It took a very long time to write a whole book with the pen.

Host 1: Sometimes several men were needed to copy a book as the work was slow.

Host 2: The invention of printing changed a lot in history.

Host 1: Printing played a very important role in culture science and literature.

Host 2: Today we are going to talk about books.

Host 1: When we were little children our mothers read books to us.

II. Our first books.

(Сценка: мама накрывает на стол, дочь играет рядом)

Mother: It’s time to go to bed, Mary.

Daughter: Will you read to me a little, please.

Mother: What fairy tale would you like to listen to?

Daughter: “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs” It’s my favourite.

Mother: Ok Listen

(Мама начинает читать, дочка постепенно засыпает)

Everything inside the cottage was small and neat and clean. A white cloth was spread on the table. The table was laid with seven little plates, seven little knives, forks, spoons and seven little glasses, all set out in proper order. Against the wall stood seven little beds, each neatly made up and covered with a white bedspread.

(Мама встает, продолжает читать, дочка незаметно уходит. На сцене появляется Белоснежка, она подходит к столу, «пробует» из каждой тарелки, затем присаживается на каждую «кровать» и на последней засыпает)

Snow White was both hungry and thirsty but she did not want to take anyone’s supper. So she ate a little of the food from each plate and drank a mouthful of wine from each glass.

Then Snow White was so tired that she longed to sleep. She lay down on the first little bed but somehow she couldn’t make herself comfortable. She tried the other little beds but each one seemed too long or too short, too hard or too soft. none suited her until she came to the last one, which felt just right. Soon she was fast asleep.

(Под музыку появляются гномы, они дважды обходят стол, останавливаются и начинают говорить)

Dwarf1: Who has been sitting on my chair?

Dwarf2: Who has been eating from my plate?

Dwarf3: Who has been eating my bread?

Dwarf4: Who has been eating my vegetables?

Dwarf5: Who has been using my knife?

Dwarf6: Who has been using my fork?

Dwarf7: Who has been drinking out of my glass?

(Затем они замечают свои кроватки и вскрикивают по очереди):

Dwarf1: Who has been lying in my bed?

Dwarf2: Who has been lying in my bed?

Dwarf3: Who has been lying in my bed?

Dwarf4: Who has been lying in my bed?

Dwarf5: Who has been lying in my bed?

Dwarf6: Who has been lying in my bed?

Dwarf7: Look! Who is in my bed?

Dwarf4: What a beautiful child?

(Белоснежка просыпается)

Dwarf5: What ‘s your name?

SW: My name is Snow White. What’s your name?

Dwarf1: My name is …

Dwarf2: My name is…

Dwarf3: My name is…

Dwarf4: My name is…

Dwarf5: My name is…

Dwarf6: My name is…

Dwarf7: My name is…

Dwarf4: But how did you find our house?

SW: My stepmother sent a huntsman with her into the forest to kill me. The huntsman agreed to spare my life. I ran and ran all day through the forest until I came to this little house.

Dwarf1: If you look after us

Dwarf2: keep our house clean and tidy

Dwarf3: cook and wash and mend for us

Dwarf4: you can live here with us

Dwarf5: and we shall take good care of you

SW: Oh! You are very kind! I shall be glad to do that!

Dwarf1: Every morning we go off to the mountains to dig gold

Dwarf2: we are all day working

Dwarf3: and you will be alone in the house

Dwarf4: If your stepmother learns that you are here

Dwarf5: she may come and try to do you harm

Dwarf6: So don’t let anyone enter the house

Dwarf7: while we are away

SW: I won’t. I promise.

Гномы хором: Bye, then! (Уходят под музыку)

III. Cinderella

Host 1:When we became older, we began to read ourselves.

Host2: But fairy –tales were still our favourite.


Reader1: Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Cinderella, who lived with her stepsisters and stepmother.

STEPMOTHER: There will be a ball in the King’s palace.

1 Stepsister: Cinderella, give me my scarf.

C: Here you are

1Stepsister: It’s not mine. Give me another one!

2Stepsister: Bring me my hat and mirror.

Stepmother: Give me my fan!

1Stepsister: Tell us Cinderella, do you want to go to the ball?

C: Oh, don’t laugh at me. Nobody will let me in.

1Stepsister: Of course, not. You have no beautiful dresses.

2Stepsister: You are too dirty to go there. Well, let’s go.

(Уходят. Золушка садится и плачет. появляется фея)

Fairy: Why are you crying my child?

C: I cannot go to the ball. I have neither a beautiful dress nor glass slippers.

Fairy: My dear, I’ll help you and you will go to the ball. Here is a white dress and here are glass slippers for you. But remember: you must go home at 12 o’clock.

C: Thank you very very much.


Reader 1: When Cinderella arrived to the ball, the Ptince hurried to greet her. He gave her his hand and led her into the great hall.

Queen: Who is that young girl? How beautiful she is!

Prince: May I dance with you?

C: With great pleasure.

(Начинают танцевать. Часы бьют 12)

C: Oh, it’s 12 o’clock! I am sorry, but I must go. Good-bye!

(Золушка убегает и теряет туфельку)


Reader 1:

Next day a proclamation was issued the the prince himself would be visiting every house in the town to find the owner of the missing glass slipper.

(Золушка подметает пол. Мачеха и сестры разговаривают)

1Stepsister: You know, Cinderella, there was a beautiful lady at the king’s ball.

Stepmother: She ran home and lost her glass slipper.

2Stepsister: The Prince wants to marry her. He is looking for her.

(Появляется принц с туфелькой)

Prince: (первой сестре) Try on this glass slipper, please!

1 Stepsister: (меряет) It’s too small for me

2 Stepsister: Let me try it on! Oh, it’s so small

Stepmother: Let me try it on! It’s too small for me!

Prince: Who is that girl?

Stepmother: Oh, it’s our Cinderella. She hasn’t been to the ball.

C: But I want to try it on!

(одевает одну туфельку, другую достает и одевает тоже)

1 and2 Stepsisters: Oh, Cinderella, we beg your pardon!

C: I pardon you. Good bye!

IV. “Tom Sawyer”

Reader 2:

I like reading. One of my favourite books is “The Adventure of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain. His real name was Samuel Clemens. But he is better known by his professional name Mark Twain. He was born in Missouri in 1835. He never finished elementary school. He got his education mainly from his observation of people and events on the western bank of the Mississipi River.

(Начинает читать «Приключения Тома Cойера» )

The old lady pulled her spectacles down and looked over them (На сцене появляется Тетя Поли) about the room, then she put them up and looked out under them.


AP- Tom!..Tom! Where is the boy? Tom!

Tom: Here I am.

  • Oh, you’ve been to that closet. What were you doing there?

  • Nothing

  • Nothing! Look at your hands. And look at your mouth. What is that?

  • I don’t know, Aunt.

  • Well, I know! It’s jam, that’s what it is. Hand me that switch!

  • Oh, look behind you, Aunt.

(Тетя Поли оборачивается назад, Том убегает)

Reader 2:

Saturday morning came and all the summer world was bright and fresh and brimming with life.


- Tom, go and whitewash the fence.

- Oh, Antie, I can’t. I’ll…do it tomorrow.

- White wash the fence, I say.

(Том начинает красить, появляется Бен. он держит яблоко в руке)

Ben- What are you doing?

Tom- I am whitewashing the fence.

Ben-Do you want to say you like it?

Tom- Of course, I do. Does a boy whitewash a fence every day?

(Том продолжает красить , не смотрит на Бена)

Ben- Tom, let me whitewash a little.

Tom- No, I can’t. Jim wanted to do it, but Aunt Polly did not let him.

Ben- Tom, do let me. I’ll give you my apple.

Tom- All right.

(Том берет яблоко садится и начинает есть. Бен красит забор. Появляется Билли)

Billy – Hello! What are doing?

Ben – Tom and I white washing the fence.

Billy – You don’t think it is interesting, do you?

Ben – We do. Jim wanted to do it, but Aunt Polly didn’t let him.

Billy – Let me white wash a little.

Ben – No, I won’t.

(Начинают драться)

Tom – Stop that ! Now it’s your turn to white wash, Billy.

(Билли работает)

Tom – Now, it’s your turn to whitewash , Ben.

(Бен работает)

Aunt Polly – Oh, it’s all done! You are a good boy, Tom. You can work when you want to. Now you may go and play.

Tom- Hurrah! Let’s run to the river.

All the boys: Hurrah! ( убегают)


Sunday morning found Tom Sawyer miserable. Monday morning always found him so – because it began another week’s slow suffering in school.

It is morning and time to get up. But Tom doesn’t want to go to school. He wants to be ill. Then he could stay at home.


Tom – I don’t want to go to school. What can I do to stay at home? Oh! My tooth is loose. That’s wonderful!..No, it won’t do. Aunt Polly will pull it out. Oh, what a wonderful idea came to me! (Снова ложится и начинает плакать. Сид не слышит, продолжает спать. Том кричит громче) Sid! Sid!

Sid- What has happened?

(Том не отвечает. Продолжает плакать.Сид поднимается .смотрит на Тома)

Sid – Tom! Say, Tom! What has happened to you?

Tom- Oh, Sid! I am dying. I am not angry with you.

Sid- Oh , Tom! You are not dying, Don’t!

Tom- I am not angry with Aunt Polly. Tell her so. And, Sid, give my cat with one eye to the new girl at school and tell her…

(Сид берет свои вещи и выбегает из комнаты с криком)

Sid- Oh, Aunt Polly! Come! Tom is dying!

AP- Dying!

Sid- Yes, come quickly!

AP- Don’t say so! (Подбегает к Тому) You, Tom! What has happened to you, my boy!

Tom- Oh, Auntie, look at my right hand. It is re and hot.

AP- Oh, Tom, stop that nonsense and get up!

Tom- But Auntie, it is so hot, that I’ve forgotten about my tooth.

AP- Your tooth? And what has happened to your tooth?

Tom- It’s loose.

AP- Open your mouth. Well, you are right. Your tooth is loose. Sid, bring me some thread.

Tom- Oh , please, dear Auntie, don’t pull it out. It’s all right now.

(Сид приносит веревку. Тетя Поли привязывает один конец к зубу, другой к ровати. Затем она хлопает перед лицом Тома. Том падает назад. На веревке висит зуб)

Tom- Oh,Oh! My tooth was all right. But I didn’t want to go to school.

AP- Oh, Tom, so all this because you don’t want to go to school. You want to go fishing. Tom, Tom, I love you so dearly and you…Now get up quickly and get ready to go to school!

V. Poetry

Host2: There are different kinds of books.

Host1: We love poetry too.

Host2: Lermontov is one of our favourite poet.

Host1: Listen!

The Sail.

The sail is whitening alone

In a blue obscurity of sea

What did it leave in country own?

What does it want so far to see?

The wind is strong, the mast is creaking

The wave is playing with the wave

But not a fortune is it seeking

Nor from this fortune is its way.

By it a stream is bright as azure,

by beams of sun it’s warmed and blessed

But it is seeking gales as treasure

As if the tempests give a rest.

VI. The Flower Meeting

Host2: The Flower Meeting is a legend.

Host1: In the Queen-Rose’s palace all the flowers gathered to decide their turn to come on the earth.

Host2: The Queen –Rose is sitting on her Throne.

Host1: The flowers come up to her one by one and present themselves.

Snowdrop: I am a nice little flower in a white dress. I have no smell.

Q-R: Your name will be Snowdrop. You will be the first flower in spring.

People will see you on the places where the snow becomes water in the sun. they will like you very much.

Violet: I am a spring flower too. My dress is violet. I am very nice as you see.

Q-R: Your name is Violet. You will come after the Snowdrop, a little later. when there is no snow in the fields, the days are longer and it is warmer.

Buttercup: I am a little flower. I am dressed in a nice yellow dress. I like the sun, I like it when it is warm.

Q-R: Then you must come in summer, when it is warm and the sun shines all day long. Your name will be Buttercup.

Bluebell: I am blue like the sky and my dress is like a bell. I like the sun too.

Q-R: Oh, I know your name will be Bluebell. People will see you in the grass. You will make the fields beautiful.

Sunflower: Look at me! I am like the sun.

Q-R: Yes you look like the sun, so your name will be Sunflower. People will see you in the country in August and you will look at the sun every day.

Well, my dear flowers. Now you know that you are spring and summer flowers. You are not garden flowers. People can see you only in the fields. Spring and summer will come soon, and you must be ready to come together with them: first the Snowdrop, then the Violet, after them Buttercup and Bluebell and then the Sunflower. Now, let’s dance.


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