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Добро пожаловать в Шотландию!


Welcome To Scotland!

Presenter. Good afternoon, everybody. I am glad to see you. Today we are having an unusual sitting of our English Club. It is devoted to Scotland and I would like to introduce our teams. They will represent different Scottish clans. Let us greet them.

( The teams dressed in different costumes pass around the arena and take their places at the tables. On the tables there are Scottish flags, photos of bagpipers, checks , thistle, dolls, cards).

Presenter. Who are you?

The 1st student. Our clan has the name of MacGregors. If you look at the map of the world, you will not see a small Scottish village in the mountains we live in. We live in the Highlands. The Highlands are in the north of Scotland. It is a region of mountains and rivers, small towns and villages. The Highlands are a country of great sea-lochs and on the sides of some lochs there are farms.

The 2nd student. We have prepared a presentation about our country. Have a look, please.

(Показывается географическое положение Шотландии, Эдинбург, Глазго и другие города, их достопримечательности).

The word «clan» means «family» or «descendants» in the Gaelic language. In the past our clans were indeed similar to enormous families at the heads of which stood powerful chiefs. We live near Loch Lomond, one of the largest and most famous lakes.

Presenter. Which clan do you represent?

The 3rd student. We are the McHales. A lot of Scottish family names start with «Mac» or «Mc»- like MacDonald, MacMillan or Mc Kenzie. «Mac» means «son of» and people with this name feel that they belong to the same family or clan. A lot of boys are called by their parents Duncan, Donald, Angus. The girls” popular names are Fiona, Jean, Morag. Jimmy and Jock are so popular in Scotland that the English call any man from Scotland «a Jimmy» or «a Jock».

Presenter. Not everybody knows that a thistle is the symbol of Scotland. Who can explain it to us?

The 4th student. Let me try.

Presenter. You are welcome.

The 4th student. The thistle is really an unpleasant plant, never touch its thorns. But it played an important role for the people of my country in the past because it saved our land from foreign invaders many years ago. People say that during a surprise night attack by the invaders the Scottish soldiers were awakened by the shouts of the invaders as their bare feet touched the thorns of the thistles in the field they were crossing. This, of course, was a good reason to choose the thistle as a national emblem!

Presenter. Давайте подведём итоги домашнего задания. Вам надо было нарисовать символ Шотландии. Пожалуйста, покажите свои рисунки. Награждение победителей.

Presenter. Scotland is known to the world because of its traditional costume, the kilt. What is it?

The 5thstudent. It is a short skirt worn as a part of the dress of men. The kilt became popular in the 18th century. Each clan has its own tartan or coloured checks. Tartans are now part of international fashion. The kilt is also worn by women and children.

Presenter. Перед каждой командой стоит кукла. Оденьте её, определите, какой тартан должен быть на её килте. Нарисуйте его, раскрасьте, сшейте килт. Oписание дано на карточке.

(Образец карточки. «I am MacAlpine. The colours of my tartan are green, blue, black and yellow.»)

(Команды работают коллективно, потом представляют своих кукол).

Presenter. I want you to listen to a popular Scottish folksong. Its name is «My Bonnie».

( Выступление вокальной группы).

My Bonnie.

1. My bonnie is over the ocean,

My bonnie is over the sea,

My bonnie is over the ocean,

O bring back my bonnie to me.

Bring back, bring back,

Bring back my bonnie to me, to me.

Bring back, bring back,

O bring back my bonnie to me.

2. O blow, ye winds over the ocean,

O blow, ye winds over the sea,

O blow, ye winds over the ocean,

And bring back my bonnie to me.

Bring back, bring back,

Bring back my bonnie to me, to me.

Bring back, bring back,

O bring back my bonnie to me.

3. Last night as I lay on my pillow,

Last night as I lay on my bed,

Last night as I lay on my pillow,

I dreamed that my bonnie was dead.

Bring back, bring back,

Bring back my bonnie to me, to me.

Bring back, bring back,

O bring back my bonnie to me.

4. The winds have blown over the ocean,

The winds have blown over the sea,

The winds have blown over the ocean,

And brought back my bonnie to me.

Brought back, brought back,

Brought back my bonnie to me, to me,

Brought back, brought back,

Brought back my bonnie to me.

Presenter. Thanks for your nice performance.

( Звучит шотландская волынка).

I know that every year there are Scottish Highland Games. Can you give us some information about them?

The 6th student. I will do it with pleasure. Highland Games attract large numbers of participants and spectators not only from Scotland but from all over the world. They are held every year. All competitors wear highland dress, as do most of the judges. The Games take place in a large roped-off arena, at the same time there are pipers and dancers performing on the platform, the kilted men are showing their strength in the «tug of war» competition. Many athletes put the weight, throw the hammer, toss the caber. We want to show you a slide show. Have a look, please.

(Показ известных состязаний шотландских горцев).

Presenter. Thanks a lot. Our dancing group has prepared a Scottish dance.

( Шотландский танец).

The 7th student. While taking part in the tossing the caber, the athletes do not compete for the farthest throw. The winner becomes the man, whose caber lands in the 12 o’clock position after being thrown in a vertical semicircle. It is very difficult.

Presenter. I invite everybody to take part in our competitions. There are cards with answers in front of you. I am asking a question and you raise a card with the right answer. Ready? Go!

  1. What is the name for New Year” Eve in Scotland? (Hogmanay).

  2. What Hills mark the boundary between England and Scotland? (The Cheviot Hills).

  3. What river does Glasgow stand on? ( Clyde).

  4. Where does Nessie live? ( Loch Ness).

  5. How do English people call a man from Scotland? (Jimmy or Jock).

  6. What is a Scottish name for coloured checks? (Tartan).

  7. What is the Scottish name for «descendants»? (Clan).

  8. What is the name of the film in which the main character is William Wallace, a legendary fighter for independence of Scotland? (Brave Heart).

  9. Without what would all Scottish coronations be meaningless? (Stone of Destiny).

  10. What did the Romans build to protect the land from the fierce tribes (Picts and Scots)? (Hadrian Wall).

Presenter. Thanks again. The winners are… .

And now I invite the strongest among you to take part in our Games.

(Проводятся соревнования по перетягиванию каната, метанию бумажного молота, поднятию веса, армрестлингу. Подводятся итоги, награждаются победители).

Presenter. Our sitting has come to the end. I would like to thank everybody for your help and participation. Our next sitting of the Club will be dedicated to famous English writers.

And now I invite all of you to take part in the Reel.

(Все исполняют хороводный танец).


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