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Проект «Пасхальная карусель»

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/Слайд 1/

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Мария Магдалена: «I can’t find the body of Christ in the tomb. It has been stolen!”

«Влетает» белый ангел. Подбегает к Марии Магдалене.

/Слайд 2/

Christ is risen, Christ is risen. Maria Magdalena, go and tell people that Christ is risen from dead”.

Ведуший 1.

The legend says that there was a great earthquake after Christ’s death. Maria Magdalena couldn’t find Christ’s body in the tomb. After a white angel appeared she went to the Emperor of Rome.

Сценка: сидит император. Вбегает Мария Магдалена.

- The great emperor of Rome. Christ is risen from dead.

- (император усмехается) I don’t believe you. It can’t be. A white egg in your arms will never be red.

/Слайд 3/

- Look. A miracle has happened and the white egg has turned into red.

Ведущий 1:

Since those days Easter has become a great religious holiday. Nowadays people repeat this miracle every year on Easter holiday and paint eggs in yellow, green and red colours.

Ведуший 2.

Dear friends! Today we are going to tell you about the celebration of Easter in Great Britain. /Слайд 4/

Ведущий 1.

Easter has its own beauty, traditions and symbols. In Great Britain Easter is celebrated every spring. It is always celebrated on Sunday. Easter has its roots in many traditions gathered from many parts of the world. /Слайд 5/

Ведущий 2. There are many symbols of Easter. German settlers to Pennsylvania brought with them the story of the Easter Bunny. Children believed that if they were good, the Easter Bunny would lay a nest of colored eggs. Because rabbits are known for producing a lot of young, especially in the springtime, they symbolize new life. As the Easter Bunny custom spread across the country, it led to other traditions such as Easter baskets and gift giving. /Слайд 6, 7, 8/

Ведущий 1.

Birds lay a great number of colorful eggs in spring which leads to the use of Easter eggs, egg dyeing and egg hunts. Long ago, the egg was honored during many springtime festivals. Egg dyeing was popular in ancient times and continues to be popular today. To the Christian, the egg represents the rebirth of the earth and of man. /Слайд 9/

Ведущий 2.

Ham is the traditional food of Easter. This type of pork is popular throughout the world. In many cultures, the pig is a symbol of prosperity. Other traditional food is simnel cake and hot cross bun. /Слайд 10, 11/

Ведущий 1.

There are other Easter symbols such as Easter Souvenirs, Easter Tree, Easter egg games, "Big Egg Hunt", Easter cards , Jobbing and Dressing up for Easter. /Слайд 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,18/

Ведущий 2.

Another Easter tradition in Great Britain is Royal Maundy. Every year on Easter her Majesty presents special 'Maundy money' to local pensioners in a UK cathedral or abbey. She is here to wish you happy Easter. /Слайд 19/


Dear friends! Our Christ has brought to this world the truth as well as love, joy and happiness. Let them always be with you! Let God keeps you away from evil tongues, sudden misfortune, clever enemies and small-minded friends! Happy Easter! /Слайд 20/

Ведущий 2.

Nowadays people tell each other “Christ is risen” and gift coloured eggs. /Слайд 21/ Звучит музыка

Чтец 1

This day will bring you happy mood,

And dishes with delicious food.

And kids are laughing all day long –

They play and run, and Easter song

Чтец 2

Will lead your soul to magic place,

You’ll find smile on your face.

The Lord just touched you, feel it now,

And stay him in your soul allow!


We want to wish you Happy Easter /Слайд 21/

Краткое описание документа:

Сценарий внеклассного мероприятияпо английскому языку среди 6-х классов.Тема: Пасхальная карусель.Цель: 1. обобщить лингвострановедческий материал по теме в неформальной обстановке;2. углубить и расширить знания учащихся о стране изучаемого языка;3. совершенствовать умения и навыки практического владения английским языком;4. повысить интерес к изучению языка.Участники конкурса: учащиеся 6-7классов;Члены жюри и ведущиеОборудование:Мультимедийный проектор;Праздничные открытки;Магнитофон;Оборудование для конкурса и игр.Музыкальное оформление:Песни на английском языке
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