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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыУрок английского языка 6 класс «A letter»

Урок английского языка 6 класс «A letter»

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"Описание материала:

Lesson Plan A. STUDENTS and SETTING Students Teens (12-13 years) 6 grade Setting  High school where students have been studying English three times a week for two years. Number of students is 10. Length of each class meeting is 40 minutes. B. LESSON BACKGROUND  Students have done a variety of exercises in Present Perfect Tense and Past Simple Tense. They will work to write their own letter, demonstrating what they have learned using Present Perfect and Past Simple Tense. Students will complete a set of tasks that will lead to the writing of a letter, using appropriate vocabulary. C. TEACHING OBJECTIVES  Students will apply vocabulary they have learned through their previous twelve lessons. They will need to write a letter. D. MATERIALS and SOURCES  Materials 1. Students need paper and pen to take notes. The teacher will circulate around the room to check their handouts as they are completed, and collect them at the end of the lesson. The handouts will be used again to put on the notice-board for other students to read. 2. Cards-stickers for the game (“At school”, “In the library ,”In the USA”, ”In Egypt”, “In Paris” and so on) 3. A letter (example) (attached).  Sources Derevianko N.N. (2011) New Millennium English 6 grade    E. PROCEDURES / TIMING   Option 1: Table format  Teacher says/does . . . Students say / do . . . Approximate Time Asks students to make a list of classmates, lets them write down their good pieces of advice. (This kind of work is an opportunity to check the vocabulary and spelling and give mark to every student). Encourages students and helps if they seem headed in a wrong direction.  Students make a list of classmates to ask and write down good pieces of advice. They go round the class and ask for advice.(peer/group work) 10 min. A game “Where have I been?” A teacher has cards-stickers. The teacher helps students use vocabulary and corrects them where meaning is interrupted. In turns students grab the cards and without looking at it, place it on one’s forehead, so that the rest of the group can see it. -Students ask questions until he/she guesses what is on the card. The other members of the group should say what this country or city is famous for. Set a time limit per person (1-2 min). Students should come up with questions like “Did I see the tower?” or “Did I visit famous museums?” “So, have I been to Paris?’etc. 8 min. Now we are going to write a letter from abroad. You work in pairs. Students write the first paragraph of each letter together, making sure that they have a good start. Ask students to finish the writing individually 15 min Calls on several students to read their ideas.  Encourages them to read good English. This reading can get a game if children read the letter without saying where it is from. Other students guess what place it is from. It’s fun! Makes notes and comments for evaluation and to decide who will need further help. Report back individually when called upon by teacher.  Partner may mention what was discussed in pair work. 7 min.   REFLECTION  This lesson uses integrated skills (writing, speaking, pronunciation, listening), and allows students to be creative as they write answers of the classmates in the first part of the lesson and while writing a letter. They use brainstorming, which lets them be more creative as they first develop ideas for their topic. They talk to each other about their ideas to help develop them. They will become more aware of the vocabulary that they need as they talk about their letter and then write.  There is a funny game “Where have I been?” Students are supposed to demonstrate their ability to ask and answer questions in Present Perfect and Past Simple Tenses.  There is pair and group work as all classmates take part in it. The learners are motivated by the teacher, material to communicate their knowledge, experience, opinions.   The teacher shows that she is delighted when the students are successful. This lesson plan has authentic material, peer/group work. Critical and creative thinking are used when students discuss the problems in a game and while writing. Learner feedback and assessment have been included. This lesson plan incorporates the required topic.

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