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Семестровая контрольная работа по грамматике для 7-9 классов (английский язык)

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Semester test in writing (7-9th forms)

I. a) Choose the correct variant.

1.  Tom usually ... football.

a) is playing   b) play    с) plays

 2.  What language he ... now ?

a) speaks     b) is speaking     c)speak

3.  It... snow hard tomorrow.

a) will      b) shall     c) be

5.  Mozart... more than 600 pieces of music.

a) writes       b) wrote      c) will write

6.  ... you have time to write her tomorrow ?

a) do       b)   did           c) will

7.  There ... many children in the hall last time.

a) are         b) were         c) will b

8.  I... to London.

a) never was b) have never been    c) never were

 9.  My friends ... to the theatre yesterday.

a) went     b) have gone      c)    had   go

 10. The children ... outdoors last night when it began to rain hard.

a) were playing   b) played   c) play

 11. Neil Armstrong ... to the Moon many years ago.

a) has gone      b) went      c)   had gone

 12. The policeman read the gentleman his wright after he ... him.

a) had arrested      b) arrested    c) arrests

13. Open the door. The postman ... a letter to you.

a) brings   b) has brought     c) will bring

14. There ... a lot of beautiful old buildings in Moscow.

a) is        b) are      c)  was

15.Look! Somebody ... in the river.

a) swim      b)   swims    c) is swimming

b) Open the brackets

  1. At seven o’clock I (to go) to the theatre.

  2. What (to do) your brother? – He (to be) a historian.

  3. By the time the firemen (to arrive), the house was burnt down.

  4. I never (to see) snow. I hope to see it when winter (to come).

  5. How long you (to read) this book? – For half an hour.

  6. By the end of the summer we (to complete) the greater part of our task.

  7. He got there sooner than we (to expect).

II. Open the brackets using Conditional I and Conditional II.

1. If you spoke English every day, you (to improve) your language skills.

2.If he (to come) to our house yesterday, he would have met his friend.

3. If he (not to pass) his examination, he will not get a scholarship.

4. I (to be) in a very difficult situation if she did not help me.

5.If my friend (to be) at home, he will tell us what to do.

6.You would not feel so bad if you (not to smoke) too much.

7.If I ( to have) time, I'll go with you

III. Tell about your travelling around Russia and visiting one of its sights.

Краткое описание документа:

Данная семестровая контрольная работа по грамматике английского языка рассчитана для учащихся 7-9 классов общеобразовательных школ.
Первые два задания разработаны для проверки качества знаний временных структур активного залога английского языка.
Второе задание направлено на проверку знания структур условных предложений.
Третье задание - творческое, предполагает проверку страноведческого материала по теме: «Россия. Путешествие по России и её достопримечательности.»
Время выполнения данной контрольной работы - 45 минут.
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