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Конспект урока по английскому языку "How is the weather in?"

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How is the weather in?

The aims of the lesson:

  • to enrich the oral speech of pupils

  • to learn new lexics

  • to bring up pupils to love the nature

Method: tasks of degrees.

Type: fairy-tale

Equipments: pictures, lexical cards, slides, pictures of flower.

Plan of the lesson.

  1. org moment.

  2. a) greeting

  3. b) conversation with pupil on duty

2)Phonetic drill.

4) Checking up of the home-tasks

5) new theme

6) listening the text

7) doing exercises: ex 5,ex7 p 146

8) level tasks

9) conclusion: a) marking

b) giving home-tasks

good afternoon dear boys and girls! Today we have an unusual lesson. Because we have guests. You must show your knowledge.well, we is on duty today? Who is away?

Phonetic drill:

Over the river

Over the bay

Ferry-boats travel

Every day

Checking up the home task: by test



  1. тау В) өзен с)қыр


  1. тау

  2. өзен

  3. көл


  1. орман

  2. мектеп

  3. тау

New theme: A) with flower

b) with the map

New lexics: hot, frosty,foggy, rain,windy,cloudy. I’ll write their translation with the help of pupils.

Doing exercises: Ex 5,p 145 Reading

How;’s the weather?

It’s snowing.Its sunny. Its raining. Its cloudy.its windy. Ex 7

Complete the answers.

Whats the weather like in London?

It’s sunny.

What’s the weather like in Berlin?it’s hot.Etc.

Dear pupils, I want to read a text.Please, listen to me very attentively.then you’ll answer the questions.


I live in Beineu.It’s spring. March,April,May are spring months.It often rains in spring. In Spring it is cool and warm. The weather is fine. I like spring very much.

1) is it spring in Beiney?

2) Is it hot in Spring?

3) does he like Spring?

Dear pupils, I’ve forgotten to tell you that 3 pupils from Sarga went to Canada to spend tyheir holidays,When they were walking in the forest, they met a drakon who has 3 heads. Each head has tasks. They liked the idea of helping us to them. Can you help? Lets do the first level

    1. put the right letter:


a) u,b) e c) o


a) a) e, b) a c) i


a) u,b) I c) y


  1. e, b) o c) k


3. Circle the correct answer

1) where do bananas come from?

a) Im from Kazakhstan

B) They come from Pakistan

c) It comes from Canada

2) what is your name?


B) His name is Dad

c) Im ten

3. Do you like your mother?

a) yes, I have

b) yes I do

c) Yes I am

conclusion of the lesson: thank you, boys and girls! You were very active and very clever! Your marks are….

And you home task will be Ex 8 P 146

Краткое описание документа:

the aims of the lesson are to enrich the oral speech of pupils, to bring new pupils to love the nature. I used the method of tasks of degrees. equipments of this lesson was pictures, lexical cards, slides, picture of a flower. lesson started with the greeting,conversation with pupil on duty. after the phonetic drillI checked their hometask by test.new theme was explained with flower and with the map. then they did exercises,reading the text.when everything was clear they worked with degrees.conclusion.

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