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Грамматический тест

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.  Write the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1    Kate was bored because she… (not/go out) all weekend.

2    We…. (walk) for an hour when it started to rain.

3     This time last week we... (lie) on a beach.

4     After Bill… (mow) the lawn, he collected the grass cuttings for compost.

5    I didn't sleep well last night because I… (worry) about my exams.

6    Daniel felt ill last night because he…(eat) sweets all day.

7     John… (wash) the car when it started to rain.

8     Paul… (not/watch) a DVD yesterday.

9     Wendy … (cook) dinner for over two hours before the guests arrived.

10    Jim … (not/finish) all his homework by the time he went to bed.


2. a) Complete the table with the correct past forms of the verbs.

find   tell   watch   stop  dive

cry  take   solve   call   go   try

drop   fill   feel   send



double consonant

+ -ed


(У) -ied irregular

b) Complete the sentences using verbs from the table.

1.     She… £10 beneath the sofa.

2.     James… to the police to report the incident.

3.  He… into the swimming pool  twice.

4. He… me the truth.

5. I… the last episode of my favourite TV series yesterday.

6. She… him a present by post.

7. Mary… a lot when she heard the bad news.

8. Brian…the train to London.

9. She… happy when she got her jewels back.

10. Peter… my mother's antique vase. It broke into thousands of pieces.

11. Laura … her mother as soon as she arrived in Paris.

12. He … talking when I walked into the room.

13. She… to stop the thief, but he got away.

14. She… the glass with orange juice.

15. Miss Marple… many mysteries in St Mary Mead.

5. Put the verbs in brackets into the past perfect or the past perfect continuous.

1. Tom was angry because he… (miss) the last train home.

2. Katie… (only/work) in her new job for a month when she got a promotion.

3. By the time we got home, everyone… (eat) dinner.

4. Sarah was angry because she…(wait) for the bus for over an hour before it arrived.

5. Harry… (dig) in the garden so he was covered in mud.

6. Alice… (not/finish) her homework by bedtime.

7. They (cook) for over three hours before the guests arrived.

8. I…  (just/decide) to walk home when the bus came along.


IV. Компьютерный тест.

Task 1. Choose the correct word.

1.  I was sleeping...Charlotte rang.

A as soon as    В  after      С  when

2.  She was a great detective. She always… the crime.

A solve            В  solved    С  solving

 3.  He…in five films last year.

A  appeared     В   appear   С  appearance

4. Please call me… you get home.

A as soon as    В  until      С while

 5. He bought a new car…

A tomorrow    В  now  С yesterday

  6. The actress… play the role of Agent Scully.

A don't             В   didn't    С wasn’t

 7. She stayed with him… he fell asleep. Then she left.

A as soon as    В  after      С  until


Task 2. Choose the correct tenses

1. Jane was angry because Mark wasn't calling/ hadn't called her since last weekend.

2.    Sophie had a headache because her baby sister had been crying/was crying all afternoon.

3.    Joanna switched/had switched the TV off and went to bed.

4.    Mike slipped and twisted his ankle while he was playing/had played football yesterday.

5.    Tony was shocked. He couldn't believe what had just happened/just happened.

6.    After John had parked/had been parking the car, he went into the house.

7.    This time yesterday, we lay/were lying on the beach sunbathing.

8. I didn't go out last night because I wasn't finishing/hadn't finished my homework.

9.    Jack had been working/was working at the company for ten years before he left.

10.  He was driving/had been driving for an hour when the car broke down.


Task 3.  Match the sentences with their uses (a-d).

1. He was having a bath when the phone rang.

2. She left the house at about 7 pm yesterday.

3. I was cooking while Tom was reading.

4. She was sleeping at 6 pm yesterday afternoon.


a. two actions that were happening at the same time in the past

b. an action happening when another action interrupted it

с.  an action which was in progress at a certain time in the past 

d. an action which happened at a specific time in the past











Task 4. Use the phrases to complete the exchanges.

watch a comedy    write mystery novels

buy a cape   live in France   study medicine   read an adventure novel

1    A: Did Jules Verne live in England?

B: No, …

2    A: Did Bill read a biography?

B: No, …

3     A: Did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle study literature? B: No,            

4     A: Did you buy a magnifying glass?

B: No, …

5    A: Did Bob watch a science fiction film?

B: No, …

5     A: Did Agatha Christie write dramas?

6     B: No,


Task 5.  Find the mistakes


1.   James(1) was having breakfast and (2)left for work.

2.   At 10 am yesterday morning, Sarah (1)was cooking while her  sister (2)tidied her room.

3. Tom (1) was waiting for Jessica for an hour before she (2) arrived, so he was upset.

4. After Charlie (1)had cut the grass, he (2) used to water the flowers.

5. Helen (1)used to live in London before she (2)was moving to Madrid.

6. Mike (1)bumped into an old friend of his while he (2)had jogged in the park.

7. When she came home Alice (1)fed her cat, (2)would make dinner and watched some TV.


Task 6. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct past tense.


Welcome to the Share Your Dreams page, where you can send in descriptions of any unusual dreams you've had, or read about them.

In my dream, I 1)… (walk) home from school, when I 2)… (realise) that a cute little dog 3)… (follow) me all that time. I 4)… (turn) around to give the dog the sandwich I 5)… (hold) at the time, and the puppy 6)… (start)meowing, just like a cat!

                                                                                                             Alice, 14

Two years ago I 7) … (dream) that I had a terrible toothache, and  had to go to the dentist.   But by the time I… 8) (arrive) at the dentist's, all my front teeth 9)… (fall out)! When I 10)…(get up),  I  11)…          (run) to the mirror to see it all my teeth were there!

                                                                                                                    Samanta, 13

I was in a big shop, and while I 12)….         (wait) in line to pay, I 13)… (spot) my old neighbour, who I  14)…(not/see) for many years. The funniest thing is that as I 15)… (go) to school the next day, I 16)... (bump) into her, at the bus stop!

                                                                                                               Maria, 15


Task 7. Choose the correct answer.

1.                  My brother and I… swimming almost every day last summer.

         A   went   B had been going   C were going   D had gone

2. We… when someone knocked at the door.

          A talked   B had talked   C were talking   D were talked

3. When the robbery happened, the security guide…

           A slept   B was sleeping   C had slept   D was slept

4. Jack…chess before, so I showed him what to do.

      A hadn’t been playing   B didn’t play   C wasn’t playing   D hadn’t played

5. I wanted to say goodbye to Jerry, but he…

A was already left  B already left  C had already been leaving D had already left


Task 8. Choose the correct word or phrase.

1.                  I… Maria for the first time at Ray’s birthday party.

                   A saw      B was seeing

2. Richard…TV when the phone rang.

                    A watched     B was watching

3. I…my homework as soon as I got home from school.

                     A did     B was watching

4. My cousin and I on the computer when there was a power cut.

                      A played     B were playing

5. A car came round the corner and I out of the way.

                       A jumped     B was jumping


V. Рефлексия.

Teacher: My dear children! You have worked very hard at the lesson, I am really proud of you. Let’s look at the register and analyze our achievements: 4 students have reached Level C, 6 students-Level B and 3 students have done their best.  So you see that still there is much to be done. I thank you for the lesson and wish you every success in your studies.


VI Инднвидуальное домашнее задание по карточкам.

Teacher: You can do some tasks at home. We will continue our work at the next lessons.


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