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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Разработка урока английского языка в 11 классе "Кухни и рестораны мира"
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Разработка урока английского языка в 11 классе "Кухни и рестораны мира"


План урока «Кухни и рестораны мира» для 11 класса по УМК «Happy English.ru» под редакцией Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю.

Тип урока: урок-конкурс презентаций

Цель урока: Развивать монологическую речь. Воспитывать любовь к культуре и традициям страны изучаемого языка.

Задачи урока: Обучать умению работать в группах.

Развивать кругозор. Учит рассказывать об особенностях традиционных блюд разных стран.

Ход урока

  1. Организационный момент.

Teacher: Good morning, everybody! I’m glad to see you. Would you like to answer some my question at first? What is your favorite food? Do you prefer traditional Russian food or do you want to try something unusual? What do you like to eat for breakfast, dinner and supper? What do you like to drink?

(Ответы учеников)

  1. Объяснение целей, задач урока.

Teacher: Today we’ll have an interesting kind of lesson. We’ll arrange a competition of your presentations about different cuisines of the world. We’ll see whose presentation is the best and the most interesting. At home you have prepared your presentations in groups. So, let’s begin. Who will be the first?

  1. Основной этап урока. Обучающиеся представляют свои презентации.

Первая группа : We would like to show you the presentation about British traditional food. Traditionally, people in Britain have enjoyed a substantial hot meal for breakfast, featuring eggs, bacon, and sausage, accompanied by toast and tea or coffee. Many other items (kedgeree, grilled or fried tomatoes, baked beans, fried sliced bread, fried potato and mushrooms) may be included depending on taste and location. Tea is very popular among the English; it may almost be called their national drink. The English like it strong and fresh made. The English put one teaspoon of tea for each person. Tea means two things. It is a drink and a meal. Although many foreigners find British food disgusting, British teenagers in the survey enjoy eating bacon sandwiches, baked beans, cheddar cheese and curry (well, it’s not British but it is one of Britain’s most popular foods). Also, we know it’s a British stereotype but many British teenagers still like drinking a nice cup of tea in the morning.

A little about Eating Etiquette:

  • If you cannot eat a certain type of food or have some special needs, tell your host several days before the dinner party.

  • If you are a guest, it is polite to wait until your host starts eating or indicates you should do so. It shows consideration.

  • Always chew and swallow all the food in your mouth before taking more or taking a drink.

  • You may eat chicken and pizza with your fingers if you are at a barbecue, finger buffet or very informal setting. Otherwise always use a knife and fork.

  • Always say thank you when served something. It shows appreciation.

  • When eating rolls, break off a piece of bread before buttering. Eating it whole looks tacky.

  • When eating soup, tip the bowl away from you and scoop the soup up with your spoon

  • When you have finished eating, and to let others know that you have,
    place your knife and folk together, with the prongs (tines) on the fork

facing upwards, on your plate.

Your questions, please!

Вопросы обучающихся:

  • What do the English like to eat for breakfast?

  • What is traditional English food for Christmas?

  • Why do English drink so much tea?

Вторая группа: We would like to tell you about Mexican traditional food. Mexican cuisine - the kitchen, which is a synthesis of Aztec and Spanish culinary traditions. Themselves Spanish traditions were formed at the turn of the classical European and Moorish East. Basis consists of tortillas (corn pita) with herbs, among which the first place is the chili ("calling card" of Mexican cuisine) and salsa. Tortillas are made from a variety of rolls: burrito (meat pie) chimichangi (big cheese drizzled envelope of soft bread inside - chicken, meat, beans), and enchiladas (fried in hot oil rolls with cheese and tomatoes). They also baked eggs servos. They are served with salad of fruits and vegetables, the most characteristic of them is the guacamole (avocado paste sauce with the addition of tomatoes, onion and Serrano peppers). Among the meat dishes ranks first Fajita - Beef Blackstrap (cut from the lower portion of the carcass) grilled. Of the most common side dishes rice and beans. Typical spices: coriander, jalapeno peppers and Serrano. Famous Mexican drink - tequila. Mexican is a popular drink cocoa or hot chocolate.

Chicken with lime and tequila:
Gold tequila ½ cup
½ cup orange juice
Lime juice 1 cup
Chili powder 1 tablespoon
Jalapeno pepper 1 tablespoon
3 cloves of garlic
Chicken breast with skin, 3 pieces
Salt to taste author recipe
1. Mix tequila, lime juice, orange juice and chili powder, chopped jalapeno, chopped garlic and salt in a large bowl. Put this marinade the chicken breasts and leave in the refrigerator overnight.
2. Heat the grill or pan to the maximum temperature. Get the chicken from the marinade, pat dry and fry, skin side down, until a nice golden brown, then turn the chicken and cook until done. Transfer to a platter or plate and give constant.

Your questions, please!

Вопросы обучающихся:

  • What do Mexicans like to drink when it’s hot?

  • Why do Mexicans like to add to their food so many spices?

  • Would you like to prefer Mexican cuisine?

Третья группа: Japanese cuisine differs of the natural, minimum processed products, broad use of seafood, the seasonality, specific rules of registration of dishes, laying, table etiquette. Dishes of Japanese cuisine, as a rule, are the key sight for tourists from other countries. Main products of Japanese cuisine: rice, seafood, soy, haricot, noodles ,various plants - a wasabi horse-radish, daikon, a bamboo, a lotus, sweet potato, meat.

  • Sashimi

It is thin the cut slices of crude seafood, usually fishes, an octopus, a squid, are served on a flat plate with fresh vegetables, for example, the garden radish cut by thin straws daikon and sheets siso. As well as a land, move with wasabi and soy sauce.

  • Kusiyaki and Yakitori

The products strung by small slices on a wooden stick and prepared on a grill. Prepare from various fish and seafood, shrimps, quail eggs, chicken meat, beef, vegetables. There are a lot of versions of Kusiyaki.

Your questions, please!

Вопросы обучающихся:

  • What is your favorite Japanese dish?

  • Have you ever tried to prepare a Japanese sushi?

  • Have you ever orded anything at the restaurant “Eat out food”?

Четвертая группа: Thais prefer not to prepare at home and to eat at small restaurants. The menu in tourist places is usually duplicated in English, in Pattaye and on Phuket the Russian-language menu often meets. The local cooks like to lard food burning pepper therefore it is worth remembering the useful phrase "no spicy ".

Soups it is a basis of Thai cuisine, any Thai meal doesn't do without them practically. Tom Yam is the king of Thai cuisine soup - spices, ginger and lemon grass soup on coconut milk. The second dishes - rice and noodles.
Each Thai in day eats about 400 grams of rice. The most popular rice dishes is Kaw Pad - it is literally translated as fried rice, fry rice as with an additive on your choice.

Your questions, please!

Вопросы обучающихся:

  • How did you like a soup of snake?

  • Is a mangostin sweety?

  • Would you like to try thai food again?

  1. Заключительный этап урока. Подведение итогов. Выбор лучшей презентации.

Краткое описание документа:

Тип урока: урок-конкурс презентаций Цель урока: Развивать  монологическую речь.  Воспитывать любовь к культуре и традициям страны изучаемого языка. Задачи урока: Обучать умению работать в группах. Развивать кругозор. Учит рассказывать об особенностях традиционных блюд разных стран.  Урок состоит из рассказов учеников о различных кухнях мира. Приводятся в пример рецепты и показываются презентации. Презентации готовятся в парах. Остальные ученики слушают и задают вопросы по заинтересовавшим их блюдам. 
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